Actress Zarnish Khan is Doing Paragliding on Snowy Mountains of Georgia

Zarnish Khan is one of the prettiest faces on Pakistan showbiz industry. Zarnish Khan made her debut in drama serial Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi. She has played a small character in that drama. Later on Zarnish started appearing in supportive characters. Zarnish Khan has also appeared in leading characters in soap and dramas. Zarnish Khan apart from her acting gained popularity because of her transformation she underwent. Zarish has lost a lot of kilos and now she has turned into a skinny lady, even though she wasn’t a fat girl before. Zarnish Khan is married and her family lives in Dubai. Zarnish Khan is quite active on social Media she keeps on sharing details from her personal life on social Media. Zarnish is quite aware of the fact that how much does her fans wants to see her so she keep giving an insight into her life. Zarnish Khan is currently spending her vacations in Georgia. We previously shared details of her trip. Zarnish Khan has recently uploaded her paragliding video on Instagram. Zarnish wrote: “Okay so paragliding has to be one of my favorite adventure sports, absolutely loved flying over those snowy mountains like a bird feeling so damn close to sun!!Much needed trip!!” Let’s have a look at this video!

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