Nida and Yasir Nawaz Daughter Silah Yasir Latest Pictures

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz is a famous couple of Pakistan Media Industry. Nida and Yasir got married in 2002. Nida and Yasir are happily married and they have three children. Silah Yasir, Farid Yasir and Balaaj Yasir. Nida Yasir daughter Silah Yasir is all grown up now. She has got beautiful face like her mother. Silah style has been upgraded with time. Talent runs in blood in the Silah’s family, look at her mother who is a leading morning show host and her father who is a brilliant actor, director and producer or her uncle Danish Nawaz who is an actor and director. Silah has once appeared in a drama as a child star. It means Silah Yasir has already made her debut in drama industry. Silah has worked in Chup Raho , in which she played the role of Numair’s ( Syed Jibran) daughter. Her father directed that drama and also acted in drama. So now when she has already made her debut there will be no surprise if Silah will join Media Industry as a profession.  Here are a few latest clicks of Silah Yasir. Let’s have a look at these photographs:

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