Showbiz Celebrities Spotted at a Brunch Hosted by Adnan Ansari

Meet ups, parties, Get togethers are a part of Showbiz Industry. Almost everyday we are watching pictures from any such event hosted by someone. Recently Adnan Ansari who is a creative director, art director, producer and designer hosted a brunch in K-Town. Many models and celebrities attended the brunch. Here are pictures from the star studded brunch hosted by Adnan Ansari. Let’s have a look at these images:

Super models Rabab Masood, Nadia Hussain and Sunita Marshall sharing the frame.

Famous Television actresses Afifa Jibran, Zhalay Sarhadi, Sana Fakhar and Ayesha Toor sharing the lens at the brunch hosted by Adnan Ansari.

Model, actor and singer Rizwan Ali Jaffri, Fashion Model Fouzia Aman and Shahzad Noor posing together for a picture.

Model Bisha Abbas, Sunita Marshall and Nadia Hussain posing together with the host of brunch Adnan Ansari.

Model and actress Sana Fakhar posing for a picture.

Imran Qureshi and Nabila at the brunch hosted by Adnan Ansari.

Iconic Iffat Umar was also spotted at the brunch.

Hira Hussain posing for picture at the brunch hosted by Adnan Ansari.

BFF’s Hajra Khan and Maira Khan posing together for a picture at brunch hosted by Adnan Ansari.

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