Actresses Noor & Saba Qamar in Trouble for Tax Evasion

We always complain that our politicians cheat the country by not giving their due taxes and to be fair, it is not fair to not pay your taxes, especially if you are among the ones that have the reins of the country. But paying the due taxes isn’t just a necessity for the politician. Each and every citizen has to pay taxes in where he/she lives. That includes celebrities too.

However, two of our most successful actresses have been found out to be tax evaders. According to various local news agencies (Geo News, Dunya News, Ary News)  FBR has sealed the houses of both the actresses and has stated that Noor has defaulted on tax worth Rs1.5 million, while Saba Qamar has defaulted on tax worth Rs 3.4 million.

Saba Qamar especially has had a terrific year, with her film Hindi Medium being a massive hit and receiving acclaim from not only Pakistan but across the border too. She is also playing the lead role in the TV drama Baghi.

Saba Qamar, however, has denied receiving any notice from FBR while Noor has yet to make any comments regarding the matter.

Arsala Khalid