“Adhoori Aurat” to start from April 16th on GEO TV-Pictures on Set!

It is more than a treat for many old viewers of Geo Network that the channel is finally turning back to its own customs and traditions, leaving the Turkish craze behind. The channel is now working really hard to earn back its lost trust by bringing back the local content on screen and for that Faisal Qureshi is found working really hard. After a little success of Viraasat, it is now ‘Adhoori Aurat’ that will start from April 16th on Geo TV. Been directed by Furqan Khan, the drama comes under the production of A&B Productions and holds a cast that is expected to grab a huge audience. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the story is written by Samina Ejaz.

The story of the upcoming drama has been revealed on Geo’s official blog.

A woman is supposed to be a best friend of another woman. She unravels her heart to none but with her best friend to whom she unconditionally shares all her golden secrets but a friend can become a foe the same way a good woman can turn a vamp to destroy another woman utterly, Adhoori Aurat, an up-coming drama serial on Geo TV is a story of such woman rivalry.

The plot of Adhoori Aurat revolves around an innocent and educated girl, Maryam who lives happily with her parents and 2 siblings, brother Sultan and younger sister Aminnah. Brought up in an eastern family, traditions and cultural values always remained her first priority that is the reason when she gets proposal of Doctor Umair, she accept it as her parent’s will. Like all other girls, she starts dreaming with open eyes for her life with Umair but soon her fantasy cracked when Maryam and Amminah caught Umair red handed with a married woman Saira. Reality slaps Maryam so hard that she lost her trust on men and starts judging every man from same perspective.


Maryam moves in life to pursue her dream of teaching poor children and joins an institute where she meets Zayan, a civil officer and an only son of Nusrat and brother of Afshan. Though Zayan nurtured in a modern family but his views are totally eastern that is the reason he never falls in love with an ultra modern girl Faiza, Afshan’s sister in law who loves him madly but he falls for Maryam at first sight. When Zayyan shows interest in Maryam, the master mind, Faiza plays a trick and smartly forces him to marry her. In the mean while, Maryam starts believing in Zayan’s love. The love birds get married without other’s approval.

The marriage of Zayan and Maryam strikes directly on Faiza’s nerves, the egocentric girl tires to commit suicide but Doctor Umair saves her life and when reality disclose over Umair, he find it as a golden chance to take revenge from Maryam hence the mischief mongers collectively plans different plots against Maryam to destroy her wedding. Their bad intentions further supported by Nusrat and Afshan’s hatred. Will Umair and Faiza be succeeded in their plans? Will Maryam be able to get the status of daughter in law?  Will the women rivalry come to an end? To find out the answers stay tunned, Adhoori Aurat is coming soon only on Geo Entertainment!


Here are a few clicks taken on the set of “Adhoori Aurat”, Have a look!

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Lets us see whether the new drama helps to earn some ratings for the channel or not,


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  • Both Mr. Qureshi and Ms. Khan are superb actors and have so far given very good performances I look forward to good entertainment
    One thing that is now found common in most of the plays, including this one so far, is the brutish character of the husband or one of the male members of the family and their predilection of badly treating the women folk, there must be in our society many families where their women folk are treated with love ,respect and dignity which is their right -can we also show and indeed promote such relationship

  • i love this serial and i only watch this drama. I am wait only this serial in a week.

  • aiza khan is the best actress. i am his big fan.
    ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutstanding drama i love this.

  • i love this darma,,,,,bht bht a6a hy,,,maza a jata darma dakh k ,,mein apnik tentions bhool jati h n ye darma dakh k,,,,,,,

  • Pakistani t v plays are improving every second and now i am 100% sure we have left India behind keep it up guys.

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