Adnan Sddiqui & Maria Wasti co-starring in Telefilm

Maria Wasti and Adnan Siddiqui are both brilliant and very experienced actors of our Entertainment Industry. The duo working together, definitely guarantees some stellar results and we will be able observe this on our TV screens on this Eid in a telefilm they are starring in.

This telefilm features Maria Wasti in a comic role opposite to the talented Adnan Siddiqui in Geo TV’s special telefilm ‘Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo’. The plot of the show is that a husband and wife (Maria and Adnan) want to leave Pakistan and settle in Dubai. The comedic elements start to appear when Maria Wasti’s character asks Adnan’s to buy her an Eid dress and a bag mix up occurs. The couple ends up getting a bag full of money, instead of one that contains the dress. As expected, gangsters start tracking them down as they try to leave the country with the money bag. The entire exchange is promised to be hilarious by Maria Wasti herself.

In the past, Maria has usually worked on dark, serious and bold roles. She shined through all of these roles and proved how good she is as an actress in all the characters she played. Adnan Siddiqui, however, is no stranger to comedic roles.

Though, comedic genre will be a new genre for Maria Wasti, we firmly believe that the talented actress will do a great job here too.

Arsala Khalid