Afridi Deals With Reporter Asking About The ‘Naswar’ Fiasco In Lala Style

Shahid Afridi made headlines a couple of days ago but unlike him this time it was for wrong reasons. Boom Boom Afridi was caught on camera doing, what apparently looked like and was assumed to be, ‘naswaar’ during live ISPR Defense Day event.

Shahid Afridi Doing Naswar in a Live ISPR Function – Video!

Naturally the video went viral and the internet went berserk. In a recent interaction with the press Shahid Afridi was questioned about this viral video and what happened next is hilariously unbelievable. When the reporter asked what he’d like to say about the video that went viral Afridi found himself brainstorming thinking of what video the reporter was referring to. After a while he remembered the headlines probably and smirked a little.

After that he said he still has it on him and if any of the reporters want to try some he can give it to them. He further stated that if anyone wants the refreshing taste of ‘laung’ and ‘soonf’ they can come to him.

What happened after this is something we didn’t expect. Boom Boom actually took his favorite laung and soonf fix out of his pocket and made the reporter smell it. After which he asked him if he is sure it’s soonf and laung or does he need further proof. All the reporters present there had a good laugh at this after which Shahid Khan Afridi boarded his ride and left.

It’s only fair that this video goes as viral as the previous one Shahid Khan Afridi and his humour deserve that.

How’d you find the way Afridi dealt with this?

Mariya Haider