Ahmed Ali Butt in his Wedding Ceremony-Pictures!

Singer Ahmed Ali Butt, who is also known for his humor in the field of acting and hosting revealed few days back that he will be tying the knots with his UK based girlfriend by the end of March, and as per the news the singer is now married to Fatima Khan.

We did share the pictures of his Mehndi  ceremony where many celebrities were also seen in the event. Here are few clicks from the wedding ceremony. The official photos are still awaited on the social media and would be shared soon with the readers.

Have a look!

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May the couple lives happily ever after:


Nida  Zaidi

  • LubnaRashid

    Wah bhai Ab to dulhano k sir se b dupatta gya aagye aagye dekhte hain kia hota hai

  • CIS

    bride bride na lage to kahan ki bride..??

  • Ashi

    Tauba such a paindoo bride, shipped straight from Gujranwala

    • Mishi

      If you have not learned to respect others while living in "Cities" the paindoo is much better than you.

  • peekaboo

    lol she actually did act as a paindu in a drama called 'shashlik'. if u guys remember, it used to air quite lot of years back n was a comedy drama with nadia afgan and sarmad khoosat. At that time this paindu girl used to have yellow rotten teeth. Ah money changes everything! ,

  • saba

    basoooooore tareen bride i ever seen

  • larki ki doosri shadi hey pehley mian iss ka cousin tha wo bechara shareef the iss ko kaaboo nahi kar saka nca stundent kaffi wo hotey hain……

  • Sheesha

    she looks like the model Hira Tareen

  • Jawad

    Kanjri Noor Jahaan ka dalla grandson

  • zam

    at least sofa is wearing dupatta…;-)

  • Sad

    She looks hideous. What's with the tiara. Way too over the top in my opinion.