Dil-e-Muztar Episode 7 – Surrounded by Problems!

This episode was less exciting than the previous ones and a little slow at times but it was still very engaging. We got to see the entry of a new member in this show, Silah and Adeel’s son Affan and I must say he is adorable! Zoya stole the episode as she was the highlight of the episode. I am simply in love with her character. She adds a new dimension to the show and I always look forward to her lighthearted scenes. Her presence balances the emotionally charged scenes of the episode. The scene where she was looking at film star posters and listening to old songs made me laugh! Zoya’s character has a charm that makes you adore her and lastly, I love the music that plays in the background whenever she comes on screen. I personally do not think that she would turn negative. It seems like Adeel and Silah are her role models, she wants someone like Adeel in her life who would love her just like he loves Silah. They have set a standard for her and sometimes she cannot help but look at them and covet a life like theirs and maybe that is the reason why she refused the proposal of her cousin.

Adeel and Zoya have finally become friends and Adeel’s opinion about her has changed drastically after seeing how helpful and supportive she had been in such a bad time. Though, this did not prevent him from playfully taunting her about being at their house all the time. This time Zoya did get offended and stopped going to their house but Adeel finally excused himself and apologized and Zoya was back to her former self. I absolutely loved the scene where he apologizes to Zoya who seemed upset at first but let the matter go once he said sorry.


Silah got extremely upset when she woke up after her operation. She still was not able to accept that her father had died. She kept on crying and kept on repeating that her father was so upset with her that he did not even tell her how sick he was. He did not even talk to her once and passed away without forgiving her. She has a lot of guilt in her heart and Adeel and Zoya tried their best to console her. She misses her father and my heart went out to her when she was looking at her father’s photo but quickly hid it when Adeel called her as she did want him to see her upset.

Adeel has started taking extra care of Silah and I loved the scene where he made her have soup despite her protests. Another scene that I liked was when Affan was crying and Silah told Adeel that he has all your bad habits. He may turn out to be angry and stubborn just like you to which Adeel replied:

‘Mujhe Mein Kuch Achi Aadatein Bhi Hai


Yeh Ke Mein Apse Bohat Muhabbat Karta Hoon’



The cute conversation between Adeel and Silah is always a treat to watch as the dialogues always manages to bring a smile on my face.

Silah seemed curious to know where all the money came from for her hospital bill and rent. Adeel tried to avoid answering Silah but finally told her that he sold his mother’s bangles and Silah got upset at this as she knew that those bangles were invaluable to Adeel. It seems like Adeel and Silah are faced by one problem after the other. Adeel lost his job because his firm was downsizing and now he is jobless with no way to support his family. Silah seems optimistic and tries to console Adeel that he will get another job very soon but it seems like they will soon face some major financial crises. The preview for the next episode hinted that there will be trouble in their paradise very soon.

I am looking forward to the next phase of their story as we are in store for some major twists and turns. Imran Abbas, Sanam Jung and especially Sarwat Gillani were brilliant in this episode. Even though Imran is not paired with Sarwat, their chemistry is still very good and I loved all their scenes in this episode.

Keep watching!

Mariam Shafiq



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