Ahmed Ali Butt’s new comedy telefilm coming on eid

Ahmed Ali Butt has always been extremely impressive in comedy roles. He breathes life into comedy with his innocent face and original mannerisms.

This Eid, he is coming to entertain you once again with telefilm “saiyyan motor walay”. He is in the lead role and other characters are played by Tipu, Salma Hassan and Rabab Hashim.

Talking about the telefilm, Ahmed Ali Butt has told us that Salma Hassan is playing his sister who is dependent upon him along with her husband Tipu and their five kids.  She is insecure that her brother will no longer support her if he marries, so she tries everything to ensure he remains single.

Now, the twist is where the brother falls in love with a girl played by Rabab Hashim. In order to prove himself to her, our hero borrows his friend’s car, hence the name “saiyyan motor walay”. What follows is a series of comic flings that is sure to give us all some laughs this Eid.

Mehwish Mansoor