Aiman Khan Endorses A Fairness Cream

Aiman Khan is fast becoming a favorite of young drama watching viewers. She is liked for her natural beauty, talent and simple nature. Aiman Khan lost a lot of weight lately because of which she is more in demand. She has been seen in many popular dramas in recent times. Sometimes she has played the lead role and at other times she was seen playing an important supporting character. Aiman Khan hasn’t endorsed many products in her career but this time she is not only a part of Elmore Fairness Cream ad campaign but she also made a special video in which she asked her fans to use the cream to have fair flawless skin.

Aiman is naturally fair and many girls her age who want to have fair and flawless skin admire her skin color and texture so she is the perfect model to endorse this cream. There are many famous celebrities like Mahira Khan who are against endorsing fairness creams because they think that it is wrong to promote fair skin as a parameter for beauty. Aiman Khan however enjoyed this photo shoot and is happy to be a part of this campaign.

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