Aiza Khan’s Latest Pictures

With flawless features and brilliant acting, Aisa Khan is TV’s sweetheart. She has a huge number of fans that adore her and are always waiting to see new pictures of her. Currently, fans can see her on Urdu 1 where her chemistry with Imran Abbas is being appreciated.

RRecently, Aiza Khan is working with make up artist and stylist Akif Ilyas. Here are a few pictures where Akif Ilyas dolled her up:

IMG_20160608_214726 IMG_20160608_214657 IMG_20160608_214501 IMG_20160608_215156 IMG_20160608_214541 IMG_20160608_214520 IMG_20160608_214556 IMG_20160608_223528

Aiza also got her makeup and styling done by Akif Ilyas for a couple of pre-recorded Eid shows:

IMG_20160608_214934 IMG_20160608_214910 IMG_20160608_215001



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