Ali Gul Pir and SomeWhatSuper Collaborate For a Song Modi Teri M**

The India-Pak tension is at extreme and the celebrities cross the border are commenting on the situation. In this entire situation Ali Gul Pir has decided to make his come back with a song titled Modi Teri M**.

The song will be released on Sunday and in the song Pir  will be commenting on the friction between India and Pakistan. The Waderai Ka Beta singer has collaborated with Lahore-based electronic music band SomeWhatSuper.

According to sources Ali Pir said “I think whatever is going on is not a Pakistan-India issue but rather, it has more to do with Modi’s mindset. And then, there are people like Anupam Kher and Adnan Sami who are supporting his stance. The song mentions all of them” .

Regarding how the song will be perceived Pir said “I was constantly concerned about that. I made my friends listen to it and they said it didn’t make them angry towards India but rather empowered them in a way that they wanted to make peace and not war. It’s a satire but it doesn’t promote violence or hatred. I just thought Indian celebrities have been vocal about the situation and here we are, doing nothing. As an artist, all I can do is channel out my anger through music in a positive way.”

While the military deals with matters on the borders and famous personalities bash each other, Pir has taken a better alternative.

“With this song, I am challenging Modi to a rap battle. We have come up with it and now in response, they can release another song,” explained the musician. “The idea is not to make war. Instead, let us rap-battle it out.”

According to Pir the song is all about peace and he also wants the song to serve as a dance number as well.