Ali Rehman Khan – Arsal of Rishtey Kuch Adhoray Sey

Ali Rehman Khan is a new addition to our television screens, he is playing lead role of Arsal in ‘Rishtey Kucch Adhoray Sey’ on HUM TV. While Ali may be a new name and face for television audience, he is not new to acting. Ali belongs from Islamabad, and has graduated from University of London, UK. By profession Ali works as Project Manager at International Organization of Migration in Islamabad.


Ali started acting from theater in Islamabad and then he acted in films. His first movie Slackistan created much hype in media as it was denied censor certificate by Central Board of Film Censor (CBFS) in 2011, and eventually the film was not released in cinemas. Slackistan was produced by Islamabad based actors, cast of slackistan also includes Shahahbaz Hamid Shigri, Aisha Linnea Akhtar,Shahana Khan Khalil, Osman Khalid Butt, Khalid Saeed and Rafey Alam. The film was denied censor certificate as producer of the film refused to make cuts as requested by CBFS. The CBFS objected to strong language of film and ultimately film failed to receive a censor certificate.

Ali Rehman Khan - Arsal of Rishtey Kuch Adhoray Sey
Slackistan – featuring Ali Rehman Khan

Ali’s second film is Gol Chakkar, which is also produced by Islamabad based fellow artists. Gol Chakkar was completed in 2011 but its release date is still not clear. Ali has played the role of a guy with an unusual name “Candy”.

Ali Rehman Khan - Arsal of Rishtey Kuch Adhoray Sey
Gol Chakkar featuring Ali Rehman Khan
Ali Rehman Khan - Arsal of Rishtey Kuch Adhoray Sey
Ali Rehman in the role of ‘Candy’ in movie Gol Chakkar

Share your views on Ali is he performing rightly in the role of Arsal.

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali


  • Wow pretty good information….wese i dont like him much till now,he gives a look of turkish drama hero to me:) baad ka kuch pta

  • He has a nice and charming personality plus good voice. But he lags behind in his dialogue delivery and clarity of words he utter.

    I havent saw him before Rishtey Kuch Adurai Se and even when I saw him in promos of serial I discussed it with my mother that why they haven’t casted some other hero. He is not sounding fit for the role. But then after watching the show, I changed my opinion.

    Despite of bad dialogue delivery, his expressions bring life to the frame. Like in yesterday’s episode of Rishtey Kuch Aduray Se, I really liked his expressions and every bit of chit-chat he had with Gaiti.

    He is indeed a versatile actor; All he needs is a bit of more polishing in his dialogue delivery skills. After that, he will be perfect for every role.

    • i also thought him to be a naive in acting, but he is in acting for quite some time. In promos he seemed to be wooden only chosen for his good looks. But he is not much bad in acting.