Questions from Current Dramas which spin your head

Our drama industry is our pride and source of entertainment of millions of families across the country who religiously sit in front of their TV screens at 8pm to watch their favourite dramas and drama actors.These dramas have a huge following thus impacting our society in so many different ways.The drama makers should,therefore,be very careful about what they project especially since we live in an Internet age where you can longer take the audience for granted.However,many of the current dramas on air have left us with questions in which makes us audiences gape at them in wonder and think that why didn’t the long list of people associated with the drama thought about these questions.

1- In Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se inspired by Indian Soap Susral Simar Ka,we are shown that elder sister Gaiti is to be wedded off to Arsal.However,the Nikah is planned in emergency and since Gaiti is not at home,her younger sister Kiran dresses up as a bride and when the Nikah Khawan comes to seek Gaiti’s consent for Nikah with Arsal, Kiran merely nods her head and lo and behold the two are declared husband and wife.So what we get is that calling off the name is not important,when asked for consent to marry,any girl present at the Nikah ceremony can nod her head and become the wife of the guy.He can have multiple wives that way,what fun and what convenience! Perfect chance for those who are in love with someone who’s marrying someone else.Now no one can stop you from becoming his wife.


2- I was naive enough to think that in cases of rape medical examination of both male and female is necessary to prove that rape has been done and that too by the suspected male.Thanks to Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaeen Hai my confusion is clear now.I understand now that physical examination and DNA of male are mere accessories which don’t even merit attention.Even without physical examination,a report could be prepared and anyone could be accused of rape and wait that’s not all.In such circumstances,your self-righteous family including your father whose fake beard oscillates like a pendulum would be perfectly ready to accept you as culprit and would keep on hating you for that also.What a service to criminal and justice this play has done.You listening people and judicial authorities!As an after thought why not to rename this play as ‘Mujhe Common Sense Pe Yaqeen Naheen Hai’.


3- While Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai puts criminal science to shame,Aseer Zadi does the same with Biological Science.In the peer house hold ran by Bari Sarkar Sania Saeed,each Peer marries thrice.The first two wives are nothing more than accessories who do not bear any children to the Peer Sahab and not third wife is the real wife who also becomes the mother of Peer Sahab’s children.Can we know the exact science and methodology adopting which the first two wives are made infertile.If it’s magic or black magic,then I would also like to go to that Aamil Baba.If it’s science,then we have advanced so much in science that we can boast to the west that now Science Books would be easily written by our Drama Writers what to talk of researchers or PHDs.


4- How can I forget another master piece Numm which was to showcase the abhorring practice of Vani and its impact on the lives of the concerned but has since been turned into Fawad Khan sandwiched between two women,ah that’s a novelty,isn’t it people!So this novel show depicts Wali who could not have been more than 10 years old at most being married to Mahjabeen as Mahjabeen’s family murdered Wali’s father and uncle over an ‘honour dispute’ (read Mahjabeen’s relationship with Wali’s uncle).But according to our religion,a child can be wedded only once he/she is of sound judgement.Is a kid of 10 of sound judgement?How could this marriage be legal then?Doesn’t the very base of this drama then fall out and what joy!We would have been spared Kanza Wyne’s screams week after week and women who sigh and watch this drama just to look at Fawad again could have gone and bathed their babies which they were delaying for whole week as they were busy in catching Fawad in drama repeats.


Haseeb Ahmed


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • lol Haseeb, what a wonderful article! I agree especially with the last point, I mentioned it myself in one of the comments too. I find it strange that people get so sentimental about Mahjabeen not getting her due position as the bahu of the house and as Wali’s wife because technically Wali and her nikkah is not even valid! As for Fawad Khan, I think he owes his fans an explanation for choosing projects like Ashk and Numm.

    • thanks for liking my article,thought i would put my satire skills at use here especially when our drama makers are making such big mistakes and yes Wali and Mahjabeen are not husband and wife but apparently all the Geo people and Numm makers landed here directly from Mars so they did not know that

    • Fatima Awan,
      Well said…..”people getting sentimental about Mahjabeen not getting her due position”.
      I feel cheated, do they take viewers for granted?
      FK may be a good actor but I doubt his higher mental faculties.

  • Haseeb,
    Wonderful Article. You have made my day.
    Numm has been a great disappointment a fiasco.
    It’s Saturday evening, and loads of ladies and few men will be drooling over FK at 8pm.
    Thanks again for thoroughly enjoyable piece.

  • I’m sorry Haseeb but your English level is atrocious and it makes it very difficult to understand what you’re talking about. When I’m reading an article, I don’t want to spend hours on it scrutinising what you might’ve meant with each and every line.

  • On point 4,as far I knew nikah can be done even before reaching sound judgment, even nikah can be done in infancy normally the father of bride or groom show their approval for such nikah, it is considered totally valid.

    • u r wrong such a Nikah cannot be done,it is a verse of the Quran which says that children can be wedded once they reach sound judgement and consent of bride and groom is essential for a lawful Nikah,their parents cannot give consent on their behalf

      • on a polite ending note, i will disagree as i have personally seen nikah of childhood as a common practice in 70’s and 80’s even in urban centers like lahore, rawalpindi. But the trend gradually decreased and now it is mostly practiced in rural areas. And religious scholar consider it valid.

        • u can read the Quran u would know it for urself and politely i also say that religious scholars can be wrong

          • Aapko patah hai Hazrat Aisha R.A ka nikah kis age main howa tha?? Agar bachpan main Maa-baap nikah ker dain to yeh jaiz nikah hota hai..buss baligh hone keh baad yeh larki aur larke ki apni choice per hota hai keh woh yeh nikah rakhna chahte hain ya nahi..agar baligh hone k baad larki yeh nikah nahi chahti toh woh tallak le sakti hai..lekin aise nikah per tallak lene ki sorat main larki per koi “iddat” wajib nahi hoti..jaise normal nikah k baad koi baligh aurat divorce leti hai toh usper “iddat” wajib hoti hai…

          • Aiman although mein religious scholar ya religious authority naheen hoon per meree research yeh kehtee hai k Hazrat Ayesha shadee ke time utnee young naheen thee jitna hamain bataya gaya hai.Allah mujhe maf karay if I am wrong

          • “Humain bataya gaya hai”???? kisne bataya hai?? Ahadees se sabit hota hai yeh sir..aur aapki research kia hai batainge mujhko plz… aap keh rahe hain “MERI research”..but ya is baat per confusion zaror hai..aaj tak koi bhi exact age nahi bata saka bcuz confusion hai…sub apne apne Ilm k hisab se apni apni rai dete hain..but koi yeh nahi kehta keh aise shadi ghalat hai..balkeh iske kuch kaide hai usool hain..jaise humari life k har kaam k liye Allah ne usool mukarar kiye hain….

          • mein ap ko woh Hadees bhee quote kar doon ga jahan aik aurat Nabi SAW ke pass ayee aur bataya k nikah mein us kee marzee nahene lee gayee thee us nikah ko Nabi SAW ne null and void qarar diya tha bataya ka maltab jo religious scholars ne hamain text books mein likh kar diya tha,aur aisee young age mein shadee is i don’t think allowed by islam,here is the link for you to read out and see for yourself


          • Sir aik baligh aurat aur na-baligh larki main fark hota hai…baligh aurat janti hai k woh ‘nahi’ karna chahti nikah…yani ‘marzi k khilaf’..jabkeh aik bache ya bachi ki ‘apni marzi’ nai hoti…woh jo bare kehte hain woh waisa karte hain..yani baro ki jo marzi wohi bache ki marzi hoti hai….so cases hi diff hain..har case ka alag solution hota hai aur alag background..
            Aur jaise mene pichle comment main bataya
            k baligh hone k bad agar larki ya larke ko aitraz hai to divorce li ja skti hai..aur chonkeh nikah bachpan main howa tha is liye larki per iddat wajib nai…har ayat or Hadees ka aik background hota hai..koi si bhi ayat ya Hadees ko uske context main parhna chaiya..kahin se bhi utha kar kahin or kisi aur case main copy -paste karna achi bat nai..matlab badal jata hai baat ka…

          • mera ap sub ko yeh mashwara hai k ap khudh ko religious scholars na samjhain na judgements pass karain.that’s all i will not further comment on this issue

          • i hv said repeatedly keh MAIN SCHOLAR NAHI is liye is baat per behas nahi kerni chahiye humko…

          • Yeh jo link aapne post kia hai na..yeh ‘one sided view’ hai…iske counter main jo batain hain woh nai is main…us poore artical main buss un Ahadees ya Ayat ka zikar hai jo is baat k favor main hain k Hazrat Aisha R.A 18 ki theen..bcuz woh is artical k zariye prove hi yeh karna chah rai hain…..jab dosri side ki kahani suni hi nai to isko ‘sahi’ nai karar dia ja skta…as i said k confusion hain is mamle main..agar main chahon toh iske counter main woh Hadees keh sakti hoon jo Hazara Aisha R.A ko shadi k wakt isse choti age ka zahir karti hai but hum dono main se koi scholar nai jo hum isper behas karain..woh bhi apni research k bajai dosro k research jo apne favour main jati ho usko post kar dain…but aap Plz Hazrat Aisha R.A ki life k barain main koi book zaror parhiyega kabhi..

          • Huzoor S.A.W.W aur Hazrat Aisha R.A ki life jo unhone aik sath guzari uske baare main kabhi perha hai aapne?? agar nahi Perha..toh Perh lena aap..Aapko Patah lag jaiga…

          • HAzRAT AISHA kee apni ahadees hain jesay kaay woh shadi kaay baad bhi gurion (dolls) saay kheltee theen, aur HUZOOR (SAWW) un saay unkee umar kay mutabiq shafqat bhara salook kartay thhay unkay saath khhailtaay thhay,So yaqeeni taur per woh kam umar thheen, mein naay 6 yaa 9 saal kee umar kaa mutaliq matric kee islamiat mein parha thha, jo ZIA-UL-HAQ kaay daur mein ulema saay approve ho kar syllabus ka part bani. Agar yeh umar kee baat ghalat hoti to yaqeeni taur per kucch protest hota aakhir hamary ulema, jamat-i-islami aisi baat ko syllabus mein kyon rehnay detay.agar yeh theek naa hoti.

          • its not about our syllabus..yeh Ahadees ki baat saari dunya main aapko same hi milengi….

          • thats what i said..keh Hazrat Aisha R.A ki life keh baare main perhain….phir patah lag jaiga…even mene aik wakia yeh bhi suna hai keh aik moke per Huzoor S.A.W.W ne Hazrat Aisha R.A ko apne kandhe per bitha ker khel bhi dikhaya tha….Allah mujhe maaf kare agar main ghalat baat keh rahi hoon….but dono batoon 9 ki theen ya 14 ki ya aur bari theen..ahadees hain..toh koi exact baat nahi kahi ja sakti..but one thing for sure..bachpan ka Nikah jaaiz hai…as far as i knw…

          • aap nay bilkul sahih likhha hai, bachpan kee shadi kee ijazat hai, magar baligh honay per larka yaa larki donon isko khatam kar saktay hain aur iss soorat mein larki per iddat lazmi nahin hoti.

          • Agree with you Haseeb. We must seek reference from Koran. What happens in so called literate urban centres is not relevant.

          • no offence..but Hukum hai keh Quran ko kissi Aalim ki tafseer k sath perho..warna bohat andesha hai keh BHATAK jao ge…..Quran ki ek ek line se 10000 matlab nikalte hain..jinko koi Scholar hi bata sakta hai..bcuz woh apni poori life yehi perhte hain….aam insan aur scholar k ILM main bohat fark hota hai..wesa hi diff jaisa aik physics main PHD kerne wale aur 2nd year main physics main top kerne wale main hota hai…aur wese agar scholar k pass na bhi jao toh atleast Huzoor Pak S.A.W.W ki life hi kafi hai hidayat k liye…aur yeh nikah sahi hai ya ghalat Aap S.A.W.W ki apni life se hi patah chal jata hai..jaise k Aap S.A.W.W ka Hazrat Aisha R.A se nikah….

          • I ve gone through the wholearticle and comments. there is a big confusion about your points in the above article and users comments. you say..”.nikah k valid honay k liye baligh hona or niyyat ka hona zarooori hay” yeh point tub kyun nai uthaya gaya jab “Rihayi” serial chal raha tha? Noman Ejaz got married to a 9 year old girl who is not aware of Nikah’s importance and married life coz she is “naabaligh”. nikah bhi dikhaya gaya… bachi k sath taluqat bhi dhaye gaye..os say honay wale bachey bhi dikhaye the Qs. is this? what was that? kya wo islami tha ya ghair sharai tha?? agar nahin thou kyun nahin? I want ans from Mr. Haseeb. or agar wo sab jayez nahin as you say that nablaigh ka nikah nai hosakta to phir wo dram ab is list main shamil kyun nahin ya tub us ar bola or likha kyun nahin gaya jab wo on air tha? this is big ??

        • You may have seen such nikahs in Lahore, Sialkot and gujranwala.
          No one denying that. But these nikahs are not I repeat they are not valid. Thanks

          • not valid,its Quran which says marry children when they are of sound judgement,are little kids of sound judgement?

          • Pehli bat toh aap mujhe plz reference dain..dosri baat again wohi kahongi..har ayat aur Hadees ko aik context main kaha gaya hai…aur main scholar nai jo is bat ko deeply bata sakon..but aik choti si bat karongi…agar main kuch ghalat kaio Allah mujhe maaf kare..
            Islam nazil hote wakt Pehle hukum aaya k namaz ‘farz hai’..kisi bhi halat main namaz nai chor sakte chahe kuch bhi ho…then hukum aaya k agar mustakil safar main ho to namaz k mamle main thori si choot di Allah ne..k safar main namaz ‘farz nahi’ (kuch sharait hain sath main)…ab koi pehli hukum pakarle magar dosra na parhe ya dosra parhle aur uski sharait na dekhe..aur fatwa dede k iske ilawa kuch aur kia to ghalat hai woh bcuz Quran ki yeh ‘particular’ ayat to yeh kehti hai….toh woh ghalat kar raha hai..
            Wat i m trying to say is k har ayat or Hadees k agey peeche aik waja aik kahani ya aik reason hai…har Hadees ya ayat ko har case main jo aik dosre se diff ho copy paste nai kia ja sakta..

          • Mr haseeb I think this is not the forum to discuss such things u can not write such articles just to criticize. before criticizing others kindly give me an answer how much knowledge do u have about Islam?

        • now this is the main problem in our society that we have been never united on a single note. “koi kuch kahta hay or koi kuch yani jitnay moon utni baatain” this is the reason i think we should not criticize on such issues because we are a confused Muslim nation. writers to chalo jahil hain, buray hain lekin hum khud kya ek nuktay per ittefaq kertay hain???????

      • btw don’t u know that such marriges happen in our society especiallly in feudal system, although our islam not allow this … so thats not writer mistake this z reallity.
        think abt it

        • i am not saying it doesn’t get done but if wali and his father want to get Mahjabeen out of the pic they can easily do as Mahjabeen is not his wife in any case

          • this z not abt wt they want or mahjabeen want… bady sahib z taking revenge from mahjabeen nd her family so he never want to get mahjabeen out of pic while wali also know this fact but at the same time he get addicted of her presence nd may be started liking her.

          • wali is a grown up man,he should know better that mahjabeen is not his wife plus neelum who’s dead set against mahjabeen can also point this out but for that common sense is required

          • ahhh i’m feeling u’re just criticizing for no reason…
            wali also doing all this coz he can’t leave his luxrious life which he can get only if he follow bade sahib’s rules and decisions.
            n this happens in feudal system…
            there must be some end for which u’ve to watch the drama n i’m sure eventually wali mahjabeen ko azad krde ga n let her go to her family…
            well i agree that numm pace was slow in previous episodes n have some editing problems as well but here ur criticizim z just point less.

          • i am not criticizing it without reason,i have a valid point,if u find nothing wrong with it then its ur opinion and i respect it.just don’t force it on me plz

  • Haseeb !! wat an awesome article… :D i laughed till the end … luved the name “Mujhe Common Sense Pe Yaqeen Naheen Hai” :D keep writing like this in future as well… really looking forward… :)

    All the best!!

  • A very nice article indeed haseeb…I was delighted at the points being raised by u especially the ones about rishtey kuch adhooray say and aseerzadi…these points are really valid……on the other hand I didnot even bother to watch numm after first episode…it is really an irritating drama..I mean…we can’t torture ourselves one whole hour just to see a glimspe of fawad khan in the show..
    Keep writing such lively and enjoyable piece of work.

    • thanks for liking my article :) but there are so many women who drool over Fawad and watch Numm religiously, when they come back to senses after an hour they say to themselves ‘what was it that i watched’

  • Sarcastic yet 100% tru.. I myslef believed the samecase on point 2. They are just protraying a whole new idea as to how to get your own way.. Just put a fasle accusation, become the “bechari” and whola, you have everyone around your finger..

    Plus also Aasmanoon pai Likha.. They are literally showing that nikaah is just a contract, there is no link between husband and wife until there is a “proper shadi”..

    • In APL, it is shown that only Aaliyan (the husband) doesn’t think much of the nikkah as a marriage and more of a contract. Everyone around him including his own family members as well as Qudsiya’s (the wedded wife) family take it seriously. So I dont think you can group APL in with these dramas as it only reflects the views of the main character and his immaturity versus the whole world who realize the depth and gravity of this marriage contract. (Can you tell i’m a big APL fan? Lol)

  • great article bro…:) i really liked the part..i really agree wid u about RKADS…i wonder what so special in the indian soap SASURAL SIMAR KA that they adopted the storyline…even i hated that drama…khair indian dramas tou wayse hi CHALAKI ka majmooa hota hai…but ye nikah situation nd chnging of brides luks crazy in indian dramas too…REFERRING TO THE INDIAN SOAP, UTTARAN, just the way girl sends her frnd at the end time by putting ghoongat and putting her in the mandap….i just watched this scene of the drama nd felt PATHETIC that HUMTV is showng such crazy drama…! back to RKAS….i really agree on the point that nikah mein name dont varries but only the yes no of any girl..ayse tou koi bhi ladki kisi se b shadi karlee…nd really i dont get if they want to copy sasural simar ka thats y they are keeping GAITI in so much make up all time..i m even annoyed by her cryng face all the tym..!! my Commnts towards this drama is endless…i really lyk the name u proposed for MKPYH….lolz…mjhe common sense pe yaqeen nahi hai…haahha..! great article…!

    • VERY RIGHT this is not acceptable from HUM we certainly want some thing better than this rubbish.shame on you HUM.

  • Is it jus me or was “Mujhe khuda pe yakeen hai” actually inspired by “Meri zaat zarra-e-benishan”? Even the OST playing at times has the same tune :o A poor mimicry of MZZB, the drama is literally senseless! i wudnt mind if it ended right here, quite sad to see some of my fav actors in such a pointless serial!
    as far as RKAS is concerned, jus one fact: a mother in the real world can’t be as stupid as giti’s mom!

  • I have laughed out after so much time, thanks you made my night. Can’t say day. All I can say is a very intellectual and insightful piece of art. And you added the pictures for the added humour. Reading it while watching the sober pictures made me roll with laughter. Thanks. I want to reward you with a million bucks, dude

    • thanks Allo Tamatar,it was just a humble effort and credit for pics goes to admins of this website :) and Insha Allah i will keep coming up with more

  • Lol father whose fake beard osscilates likea pendulum such a nice phrase used to describe shakeel’s weird beard

  • very nice article Haseeb, plz write an article of those dramas as well as that are based on just conspiracies, daughter or son misbehaving with parents, brother hating brother, sister hating sister and flirting own sister’s husband… this is so disgusting.. just to get ratings the script writers and directors are ruining our values…

  • I thought that only few people would know that rishtay kuch adhoray say has same story as sasural simar ka! shukar hai sab ko pta chal gya ke copy ki hai story

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