Humsafar Soon to Go On Air in Saudi Arabia


Surprise!! Our very own Humsafar will now soon be making all the Pakistani proud as it is all set to make its release in Saudi Arabia. The drama starring Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Naveen Waqar,  Atiqa Odho, Behroze Sabzwari and other popular celebrities is now a days been dubbed in  Arabic so that it can then go on air on a Gulf Channel, under the banner of ‘MBC Bollywood’. The name of the drama is also changed to its Arabic translation ‘’رفيق الروح’ [Soulmate]’.


Humsafar has been a remarkable piece of entertainment in the history of Pakistani dramas and also enjoyed a huge applause by the Indian audience when it went on air on Indian drama channel Rishtay.

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Let us now see how the KSA audience take this Pakistani venture.

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  • Humsafar haters, where r u guys????
    Kher I wonder humsafar apne ost k baghair kesa lage ga..aadha charm to uske music aur lyrics ka tha..will watch it takeh patah chale…aur Khirad,Ashar,Sara ki dubbed voice bhi sunni hai..uff m so excited!
    Go Pak drama!! Let the world knw u exist!!

  • humsafar is an outstanding drama nd m very excited to see their response..
    nida are mahira nd fawad doing any drama named mol or its noman ejaz as male lead??

    • Hey Noor, Pleasure to hear from you.
      Though I try keeping myself highly updated about the important celebrities, I am really not sure about this news. As per any official news, there is NO such project been lined up!

    • Hey, in Mol Nouman Ejaz is casted with Mahira.
      The cast was made official a day or two ago.
      Fawad won’t be seen on TV for at least a year because he has to shoot for two movies next year.

  • A pleasant surprise, Arab world is caught under the magic of Turkish drama, which are quite popular in whole arab world, same like craze of indian films and dramas in pakistan. Our pakistani dramas lag behind in production and entertainment values, lighting, camera work, focusing, zooming, sound recording, background music, styling are not always the best. The main focus is on story, the rest are normally compromised. Only HUM TV takes cares of these matters its production value is the best, its picture quality is bright and refreshing, sound recording, camera work everything is best when compared to others. Whereas if we see GEO and ARY,their picture quality is dull, just watch Asmanon pe likha on GEO and Sheharyar Munawar looks a bit dull and dark as compared to his other dramas on HUM TV (Kahi un kahi and meray dard ko zuban milay). To compete at international level these are the aspects our drama producers have to look into, only working on story and script is not sufficient. One reason for turkish drama success is its high production and entertainment value.

  • Hey, not fair! Why is it under the name of MBC Bollywood?? How will the Arabs know tht its a Pakistani drama and not an Indian one. And if the drama is a hit (which is extremely likely) then Pakistan ka naam roshan naheen ho ga, India ka hoga naan :(

    • MBC Bollywood is the name of channel of Saudi broadcaster MBC, it is mainly for content from india, and other sub-continent countries.

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