Ali Zafar At Farah Khan’s Birthday Bash – Pictures

Ali Zafar has done many films in India by now and it is very evident from all his statements that he feels very happy working in India. Ali Zafar thinks that it is not easy to prove one’s worth on foreign soil therefore people who are able to do that should be appreciated. Ali Zafar is also well loved by the film community in India. He has made himself many friends in the film fraternity. Farah Khan is one of many such friends. Farah Khan recently celebrated¬† her 50th birthday. The party she hosted was a grand affair and Ali Zafar was one of the many celebrities who were invited to the party.


The birthday bash was disturbed by policemen according to Hindustan Times who turned up at Farah’s door step because a neighbour complained about the loud music. Farah was also fined for playing loud music in the party!


Here are some pictures of Ali Zafar from the party:

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Ali Zafar also attented Hrithik Roshan’s birthday last week. Here is a picture: