Ali Zafar’s Cover Of Junaid Jamshed’s ‘Aitebar’ Is Just So Beautiful

Ali Zafar happens to be one of the best musicians and of course an actor of recent times. Zafar, as they say, is a complete entertainer, knowing how to deliver what and when.

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Over all the years that Ali Zafar has been singing, we have absolutely loved his unplugged versions. Be it Coke Studio or live performances, Ali Zafar has always sung to please our souls.

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Recently Ali Zafar sang a cover of Junaid Jamshed’s very popular song Aitebar and we have to give it to Ali for giving an amazing unplugged performance.

We thought nobody could have sung it better than Junaid Jamshed but Ali Zafar recreating Aitebar is just so beautiful you’ll be mesmerized.

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The tune, the way Ali sings and his emotions, Ali Zafar nails Aitebar so beautifully that he makes it his own.

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