Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 08 Review – Slow But Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was a bit slow but still came with a few developments in the story. I enjoy the treatment that the director has given to this drama & also the way the actors have portrayed their characters on-screen. Alif Allah Aur Insaan has a very unique, mystic feel to it which makes it a treat to watch.

So, finally Shammo came across Raani & what I loved about that entire scenario was how we got to see that Shammo not only loved her but also understood her. Just by reading the expressions on Raani’s face Shammo knew that she wasn’t going to comfortably communicate with him in front of Nigaar, therefore he made sure that he gets a chance to have a word with her in Nigar’s absence. Raani obviously couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Shammo in such a different avatar but then again even she has changed, so similarly, Shammo was taken aback too & more so with the fact that she was in a brothel, taking care of a courtesan.

It was heart wrenching seeing Raani thinking about her family in the rain whereas Nigaar on the other hand was celebrating it not only by herself but by also treating her fellow courtesans. Nigaar is a control freak who loves controlling other people, if she is happy, she believes in making others happy too but if she is not, she doesn’t mind making others’ lives miserable as well. It was interesting to see Raani & Nigaar on a different tangent where Raani was concerned that her family would lose their home in this rain & Nigaar was seeing it as a blessing. Raani definitely never saw this coming that in such a short span of time, she will be time & again reminded of the fact that she & Nigaar were two different people belonging to two different worlds & no matter how hard Raani would try to close the gap, she’d fall in a deep pit.

Nazneen & her friends got a bit more coverage than I felt was required. Nazi’s friends literally covered 60% of this episode which I found unnecessary. I must say I don’t really understand her friend’s fixation with Nazi & Basit’s love story, it’s like they are making sure that Nazi falls in love with him & doesn’t let go of him. Basit on the other hand seemed a bit affected by Nazneen’s behavior but at the same time he was conscious of the fact that Malik Hashmat trusts him more than anyone, so he can not violate his trust. Seeing Nazneen trying to find ways to meet Basit made me feel bad for him, because Nazneen being thick-headed & self-absorbed can not understand Basit’s situation. Even though Basit clearly told Nazneen off but she still didn’t get the hint that he was drawing a line & for very obvious reasons. I think in stead of following the lead of her friends, Nazneen should think things through herself & analyze her situation on her own as she hasn’t told her friends that she is engaged, so they have a different perspective about her & Basit, but Nazneen is fully aware of the fact that she is engaged to someone else, so not sure why she is bent on putting Basit in an awkward position, that too for her ridiculously selfish reasons!

I would’ve liked if they had shown us something more about Shahzeb, like so many episodes have gone by & we still don’t know much about him except that he has a good relationship with Baba Jee, his mother cares for him & that he is in love with Nazneen. I say this because at this point I have started seeing his character as a filler & I don’t see much personality in him like I do in other characters.

Overall, this episode had some developments but the overall pace was a bit slow but I still had a good time watching it. I wish Nazneen’s friends don’t get much coverage in the upcoming episodes because they are pure fillers & not to forget, their dialogues are quite cringe-worthy. All the actors are doing a good job & the director deserves full marks for giving such an amazing treatment to this script. I had such a great time watching Imran Ashraf as a confident makeup artist in this episode, he has added so much of depth & dimension to Shammo’s character & has made him a treat to watch. Can’t wait for the next episode as looks like Rani & Shammo will get to have another conversation. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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