Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 18 – The Transition!

Ohkay so, this episode showcased how everyone’s life was transitioning & how they were adapting to the changes. Though this episode’s pace was a bit on the slower side but it still didn’t take away the charm that this drama has because it is still quite evident that there’s a lot more in store for the viewers. Everyone went through a drastic change & now we have to see how their lives are going to shape up. I must say the phenomenal performances & the brilliant direction have elevated the level of this drama & it just takes you to the world of its own. It is a treat watching such strong dramatization of such an intense story, love it!

Reena Begum who only had big dreams never really imagined what it would be like to get closer to her dreams so easily, therefore now she is flying high, so much so that Chaman Begum felt the need to remind her that she needs to think realistically & stop in order to reflect upon her choices. The sky’s the limit for Reena Begum & since she has given all that she had, since she has put everything on the line, she is not going to stop because like she clearly said, she doesn’t believe in holding back due to the fear of losing. Nawazish Ali really wanted to work with her therefore he approached her again & Reena thinks there’s nothing that would come in her way. I liked how realistically they showed that after facing the bitter realities of this ‘new’ life, Reena has once again stepped into the dreamland, it’s like she has come to terms with every territory that came with this life & is now at a happy place because at least it is rewarding enough for her. Reena really has shown some mental & emotional growth there because after going through so much, after literally coming to the verge of breaking down, she now has understood that she needs to get her act together & enjoy what life is offering her & she is doing just exactly that without thinking too much. Chaman Begum can clearly see that Reena can fall prey to her own desires in worst way possible, that is why like a dutiful servant, she warned her!

I am not sure why Baba Jee always becomes uncomfortable whenever he hears something about Shahzeb’s marriage. I know he is not a psychic but may be because he saw Shahzeb’s silent suffering ever since he got engaged, Baba Jee has this idea that this relationship is not going to give Shahzeb the peace & harmony that he desires & deserves. Just because Baba Jee knows Shahzeb in & out & most importantly he understands him, he could see that despite not saying anything, despite not complaining, Shahzeb’s heart wasn’t at ease, so may be that’s why he feels for Shahzeb as he can foresee that this marriage is going to test him & his patience further!

I was surprised when I heard Shahzeb say that he already had an idea that Nazneen didn’t want to get married to him, like he isn’t too naive & analyzed the situation well but just because he loves her so much, he ignored the fact that Nazneen wasn’t into this relationship. Shahzeb really has some confidence in himself & his love where he thinks he would mould Nazneen but only time will tell because Nazneen really knows how to push someone to the limit. I found Qadir, Razia & Samina’s conversation about Nazneen spot on, like they know her & her shortcomings, that is why everything that they said made so much of sense as they are well aware of how far Nazneen can go.

I really felt for Basit, he is going to suffer much more than Nazneen & now sadly he has committed to love her even more than before, so it obviously means he is going to make himself suffer due to the guilt of giving up on her, it’s like Basit will punish himself for not being able to stand by her & most importantly for not being able to go against the elders. Tough times ahead for Basit. Oh well, just when in the commercial break I was thinking about Shammo, they gave us a flashback scene of Shammo trying to assure the viewers that he is not forgotten, but I really wish he still has a considerable role to play in the story & I want to see him as he is being missed.

I must say the note at which the episode ended was quite interesting, Shahzeb did get to know what was in Nazneen’s heart & looks like he will find it hard to accept it because for the first time he’d be complaining in front of Baba Jee. Reena slapping her fellow courtesan, hmmm looks like she now in literal sense will become Nigar Begum, tyrant like her, a dreamer like her but will she meet the same fate as her? I really want to know. Loved this episode even though it wasn’t as intense as the previous episodes of Alif Allah Aur Insaan but I guess this was much needed since there was a lot of drama happening in the past episodes that this one had to be a bit less dramatic & intense. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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