Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 29 Review – Drag!

Ohkay so, what a drag this episode was. It is beyond ridiculous to see that a drama which started off on such a good note has come down to this where nothing makes sense anymore & most importantly, its purpose is lost. I think the team of Alif Allah Aur Insaan got a bit too complacent after garnering so much appreciation for their efforts that it got to their head & they assumed that the viewers will still love this drama even if they will stretch it like a chewing gum but I am happily bursting the bubble here, we are not thrilled!

So, Reena chose to stay at the brothel but still on her own terms. I think it was quite wise of Chaman Begum to show Reena the real picture of what it will be like if she will give birth to a child in this environment but Reena is choosing to ignore the reality as per her convenience, as usual. Reena definitely did the right thing by choosing to keep the baby but she needs to be wary of the future too because more than her emotions, her practicality will play a part in her child’s upbringing. What Chaman said was based on what she has seen during her life at the brothel!

To be honest, the cheapest scenario in this drama is the love triangle of Zimmal, Arsalan & Shaheer. I know it will sound quite typical but in teeno ko dekh ke ye soch ati hai ke ye university parhne atay hain yan ishq laranay. Seriously, Zimmal’s character got introduced 8 episodes ago & she is still tangled between her pathetic philosophies related to ‘mohabbat’. Also, the way Zimmal talks & the way she is dressed up, is all so contradictory because she is supposed to be the mod-scot, the cool kid but her fixation with ‘mohabbat’ & its ‘afsanas’ makes her look like a heroine from some Punjabi movie from the 80’s! Her character is so flawed & there is nothing about her that makes sense or is likeable!

So, Basit found out that his parents were murdered by Hashmat & that is definitely going to take its toll on his relationship because he was already feeling guilty for deceiving Shahzeb & now losing his parents will mean that he will never be able to give this marriage a chance. To be honest, Basit’s character was known to be composed & sorted but to see him behaving so unlike him is hard to digest!

Reena’s is going to be forced to join back & take the responsibility of the brothel after her baby is born, let’s see if that baby will change anything in her or not. Shammo & his Baji/Ma’s scenes were again fillers. I remember Shammo promised himself that the day he will start making money, he will take his master & colleague with him, so not sure why he hasn’t done that till date because to see Nargis & Firdous yearning for him defies the purpose of why Shammo wanted to do well financially in the first place. He doesn’t have much going on in his life anyways, so he should move his people with him! Uf, can someone please tell Shaheer to leave his ‘school bag’ at home when he comes to university because 1) it doesn’t go with his image 2) he doesn’t come to the university to get educated anyways & 3) I wonder how does he fit all the art related materials/tools in that choti si bagri. Ugh!

Anyways, this episode was again quite boring, so much so that I didn’t even feel like paying attention to it because there was absolutely nothing special happening whatsoever. Please share your thoughts about this episode & say a little prayer for this drama to end ASAP!

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