Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 34 Review – One Good Episode!

Ohkay so, after weeks, this was one good episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan, I am sure it was because the focus was on the main characters & their tracks moved forward too!

The most heart wrenching scenario in this episode was of Rani’s mother finding the truth about her daughter. The way she was still holding onto the money that Rani gave her showed that even after so much time has passed, she never lost hope & always believed that her daughter will come back. The way a passerby told Rani’s mother about her again made me think how Rani’s neighbour couldn’t recognize her because she was in the news & was everywhere. Later when the mother told her younger daughter to take care of herself was a beautiful reminiscent of what she used to say to Rani & that is why the way she broke down in disappointment because she couldn’t believe what she heard was heartbreaking. She finally found out what Rani did after she left her parents’ place & I definitely want to know if she will ever come across Rani? Will she be able to meet her grand daughter? I’m definitely interested to see that!

Shahzeb’s prayers were answered & that boy recovered. Even though Zaitoon didn’t appreciate what the servant said about forgetting the idea of Shahzeb’s marriage, later the way she praised her son & seemed happy with what she heard went to show that Zaitoon loved her son unconditionally, that is why she was standing by side once again, showing her support for his new journey!

Basit tried to approach Shahzeb & he turned his back, which was a natural reaction because Basit reminded Shahzeb of the bad phase that came in his life, that is why it was an impulsive reaction where he chose not to give him any chance to explain himself. Later when Shahzeb introspected, he realized that he was forgetting what Baba Jee taught him & how it was his responsibility to let go of any harsh feelings that he might have towards anyone.

Nazneen was faced with another trouble & sadly, her own friend started judging her the moment she realized that her own marriage would be called off if Taimur would get married to Nazneen. Even though Nazneen did say that she will nurture the love Taimur has for her, I think she will turn his proposal down, but let’s see!

Zimmal & Arsalan got engaged & it was suggested that Zimmal’s parents would gift her a house so that she can still live a comfortable life but I think the first thing they should gift Arsalan is a shampoo because he is in a dire need of one. Even though Zimmal’s parents accepted Arsalan & his family, they couldn’t stop judging his mother. At least they should know that she comes from a very different background so there was no need to be so upset over her demeanour. Well, the more I get to watch this track, the more I get to see the flaws – Zimmal was very clear that she would keep her marriage with Arsalan a secret & she specifically mentioned it to him but now the news of their ‘baat pakki’ was already circulating the university?

Oh, Shammo called Rani & he was always in contact with her even when she shifted to her new apartment & it was now that he found out about her daughter? Rani was emotionally dependent on Shammo, so it doesn’t make sense that of all the people, she wouldn’t tell Shammo about her daughter? Anyways!

Overall, it was a decent episode & Rani’s mother made it better. I really think they should end this drama now by wrapping all the tracks decenty. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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  • I am sorry i am randomly commenting here after two years but I finally managed to watch it when HUM TV digital decided to host the episodes on their YouTube channel. And your comment about shampoo and Arsalan cracked me up!
    I however have a great doubt and would be glad if someone could help me . Basit keeps on saying that everyone died/ everything got destroyed vis a vis his family but his sister was not at home when nazneens father shot the parents down…where is she what happened to her…why is no one not even mentioning her..