Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 38 Review – Yawn!

Ohkay so, even though they are wrapping things up but the way things are being unfolded is not making sense anymore. It looks like no one in this drama is going to have a happy or normal life & everyone is either going to remain sad or unhappy.

Even though I am not saying that Shahzeb’s dua would have changed anything but the way he refused to say a prayer for Arsalan was so weird. All Shahzeb had to do was raise his hands & pray for someone’s recovery but in stead, he chose to give Zimmal a long lecture about Allah’s Decree only to later regret it. The way Shahzeb takes impulsive decisions & then regrets after speaking to his mother is becoming monotonous. Yes, it is understandable that all this blind faith & trust of people in him is quite overwhelming for Shahzeb to handle but saying a simple prayer for someone should’ve come without a second thought to him because it is something very basic & didn’t require such brainstorming that he did. The way Shahzeb immediately returned Basit without giving him a chance was justified as he couldn’t curb those ill feelings immediately & upon contemplating he then realized that he did something wrong but when it came to Zimmal, he really didn’t need to be so egoistic!

Well, Arsalan died & Zimmal ended up blaming Shahzeb for it which again was something absolutely forced. It was like she had no one to blame to she saw Shahzeb as an easy target whereas she should’ve blamed the one who actually hit Arsalan with his car. Obviously Shaheer thinks the coast is clear & he can now get married to Zimmal but I now have a feeling that she will end up with Shahzeb & this ghunda will be left with gandasa in the end!

Nazneen’s one dimensionally dheet character is beyond me. To be honest, I don’t even care if something bad happens to her now because the way she chooses to remain ignorant of her shortcomings & selfishness really makes her prone to misfortune. Also, looks like the producers were at a crunch of money because Kubra Khan has been sporting the same Kurta for last 4 5 episodes (or more, who knows). She got proposed in the same kurta, got married in the same kurta, she spent the first fews days of her marriage in the same kurta & as the preview suggested, she will get parted with Taimur in the same kurta too! Tauba!

Anyways, this episode was just alright but the overall purpose of this drama is lost. It now looks like a story of bunch of unfortunate people who failed – some failed at love well most of them actually failed at love & others failed at life. What a failure! Not that anyone else is being exceptionally amazing at acting but the one who was exceptionally bad at it was Nimra Khan, matlab itni buri acting dikhanay ke liye ye drama drag kiya tha? Uf! Also I am sad that Arsalan didn’t get a chance to score a shampoo bottle as a wedding gift, bechara oily balon ke saath hi chala gaya! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan aur Daal se Dua karain ke ye Daal se Drama jaldi khatam ho!

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