Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 41 – Review!

Ohkay so, this drama is getting the much needed closure but since things are being wrapped up after 40 weeks/episodes, it is not making any impact that it should or would have if they had ended it at the right time!

Nazneen realized her mistake & understood that because she hurt Shahzeb, she failed at love, while completely forgetting that she once hurt Shammo too & got cursed by him. Anyways, Nazneen’s father once again got a chance to over-act now that he got some screen-time after ages! Nazneen met Shahzeb & also Zimmal. It is amusing how easily Nazneen enters everyone’s house as if the world owes it to her? Seriously, she should’ve refused to go to Shahzeb’s place because she is not a bechari anymore seeking shelter, she now has a chance to go back to her parent’s place after being forgiven by Shahzeb!

Shahzeb & Zimmal got married & found their happy ending/beginning. Zimmal got 3rd time lucky & Shahzeb the 2nd time. Finally!

Roshni making a pass at Basit is the most cheap & cringe worthy scenario of this entire drama. I thought Basit would accept her feelings but since he refused, Roshni should’ve let him be but looks like she picked the habit of being annoyingly clingy from Shaheer, considering she spent so much time with him before he hit Arsalan & went to jail. Not only this track is forced & unnecessary, the girl playing the role of Roshni makes it annoying to the core as well!

Rani went to see her mother but didn’t get the apology that she needed. Sad that Guddi got married at such a young age. Not sure why Barkat kept on crying for her daughter the whole time when she couldn’t bring herself to forgive her. Rani’s track & her supposed ending doesn’t interest me anymore. Shammo continues to be a filler & his flashback scene was also poorly done!

If they had cut down on the flashbacks, they could’ve easily wrapped this drama in this episode but oh well. I must say the producers should ask themselves as to what they achieved by ruining & dragging this drama? Nimra Khan, please take some acting classes if you want to pursue a career in acting because you’re really bad at it. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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