Alif Episode 21 Story Review – Momin’s In Love

Ohkay so, how do they do this every single time? Giving the viewers one amazing episode after another. This episode for me was like a full fledged, complete, wholesome package where they covered so many aspects thoroughly. The lowest of Husn e Jahan to a similar situation that Qalb e Momin & Momina are faced with. The thing that I have always loved about the story of Alif is that in every single situation, there’s a similarity between the characters & their tracks & it rang true in this episode as well because just the way they showed Husn e Jahan’s downfall, they were also showing the downfall of the personal equation that Momina & Momin shared. Brillianttt!

This Episode Belonged To Kubra Khan & Saleem Mairaj

I usually give credit to the actors & performers at the very end of every review but I feel like I can’t wait any further, therefore I will start by saying that this episode belonged to Kubra Khan. In every single scene, she conveyed the emotions of Husn e Jahan & took the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions – from emptiness of a mother to half-hearted attempts of an actor – they showed it all & Kubra Khan conveyed all the emotions phenomenally. As much as I was getting irked by the coverage Mumtaz Begum was getting in this episode, I was totally in awe of all the scenes of Kubra Khan because she showed what Husn e Jahan was going through. Well done Kubra Khan!

Sultan started off by filling new pages for Momina & he decided he had to close the chapter once & for all. Husn e Jahan made the right decision because as a mother & as a selfless mother at that, she once again put Momin ahead of her. She never wanted to part from her only son, but she had to because she knew this was what’s best for him. The entire conversation covering the concepts of Halal & Haram earnings were impeccably written by Umera Ahmed – those dialogues were not only realistic but soulful & the kind which actually is going to leave every single viewer pondering upon them.

Sultan always had an answer to every single question of Husn e Jahan, sometimes he would give her a false hope, sometimes he would uplift her morale by encouraging her & negating the general notion of people around her but for the first time, Sultan couldn’t figure out an answer to Husn e Jahan’s question ‘beti ko Husn e Jahan banaoge Sultan?’. Indeed! Sultan could not even think of it but yes, it did highlight the fact that for Sultan, this field & everything related to it was purely based on hardwork & for him, he got paid for his expertise – therefore he never really put much thought into it & did not approach it with the same perspective as Husn e Jahan because he never felt the need to. As far as Husn e Jahan was concerned, she had an awakening & this is why, everyone around her was finding it hard to understand where she was coming from because they were stuck in a rut & were pretty satisfied with the kind of life they were leading. That entire conversation, I repeat was soul-stirring & simply perfect!

Alif Episode 21 Story Review - Momin's In Love

The scenes that covered the pressurizing of Mumtaz Begum were very important to showcase how Husn e Jahan’s mother did not leave any option for her than to go into hiding by faking her death. As much as I did not enjoy those scenes, I totally understood their purpose because nothing in Alif has been purposeless or has been included without a reason. Those scenes showed the build-up that was making it very hard for Husn e Jahan to survive in that environment. Husn e Jahan’s mental & emotional state was deteriorating, she was already traumatized by the fact that she had to send Qalb e Momin far away. The scene that came right after Qalb e Momin left where Husn e Jahan spoke about doing few scenes in the film to earn some money caught my attention because it was so evident how empty Husn e Jahan’s eyes were, like she was done crying for her son, however she was not over it yet she was just trying to move on & do what was expected from her.

This entire episode also showcased the pressures Sultan faced & how he stood by her side, through thick & thin. That one moment where Sultan invites Husn e Jahan to his place, it was as if he almosttt confessed his love to her but he couldn’t bring himself to say that & the way Saleem Mairaj acted in that scene, especially those minute expressions – this episode actually belongs to Saleem Mairaj as well. At that moment I felt for him a lot, it was like he knew Husn e Jahan was already in pain, so he didn’t want to add more to her woes. He was enduring everything coming his way but nothing could waver his support for Husn e Jahan. Surraya’s conversation with Sultan was actually very sweet too because it showed how big hearted she was to not only acknowledge as well as accept the fact that her husband was in love with another woman & she didn’t have any problem with that because she could see how hard things were for him as much as they were for Husn e Jahan. It is interesting how the journey of Sultan started off as someone who was just a side character but it has now evolved into one of the most substantial characters at this stage of the story because he is the only person who can untangle the ties of the past & give a clear picture. It looks like Sultan is still keeping his promise, even after so many years of Husn e Jahan’s death. He is still not letting anyone know that Husn e Jahan didn’t die & he didn’t kill her – she chose to go into complete seclusion so that she could live her life on her own terms.

I am so glad after covering so much of Husn e Jahan’s journey & showing such an intense scene of Sultan & Momina where he broke down in front of her, they immediately changed the mood & then the rest of the episode focused on Momin & his feelings for Momina. It was such a shift in the mood & kind of made things easy because the scene was strategically & intelligently placed right after such an intense scene where Momin’s misunderstanding was cleared. I loved how there was a tone of humor in that scene too because Daood was hesitant but still decided to be blunt about Momin’s behavior & Momin was probably for the first time embarrassed at his irrationality

Momin’s In Loveee

The entire scene which showed Momin’s developing feelings for Momina was absolutely beautiful. While listening to the soundtrack, he couldn’t get her out of his mind, those flashbacks – the way they were used actually brought a smile to my face. It was so sweet to see how Momin was missing Momina & couldn’t stop thinking about her – about all their interactions from bitter ones to the good ones & those moments where she took his breath away because she looked absolutely gorgeous. For all the hopeless romantics or probably hopeful romantics too – that scene definitely is going to be their favorite – it was my favorite from this scene as well.

Alif Episode 21 Story Review - Momin's In Love

One Word: Brilliant

This episode of Alif has changed my mood completely & I am actually feeling so happy, I don’t know if this is how I should be feeling after seeing Husn e Jahan’s pain but I am glad that the misunderstandings are clearing up. The preview also promised a meeting between Sultan & Momin, which I am sure is going to be intense & will be making everyone await the episode eagerly. This episode was not only brilliantly directed but the crisp & to-the-point editing has also added more charm to Alif. The way they play with the emotions of the viewers by switching between the scenes, changing the mood is absolutely brilliant & makes it such a wholesome experience. The dialogues overall in this drama have been meaningful & soulful but the ones in this episode especially were on some other level. Thank you Umera Ahmed for shedding a light on these sensitive yet important subjects in your dramas. This episode definitely belonged to Saleem Mairaj & Kubra Khan. Yes, at times it is very difficult to understand & decipher the dialogues of Husn e Jahan but while watching this episode, I thought to myself that this kind of dialogue delivery sets Kubra Khan apart & it makes her acting unique. She is very much in her element but has given her absolute 100% to this character. Saleem Mairaj won the viewers over with his measured acting, especially those minute expressions which showcased Sultan’s despair & his helplessness of not being able to say a word to Husn e Jahan about his feelings for her – simply brilliant. One beautiful episode of Alif. Please share your say.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • It’s a very good drama but I fail to understand why would husne jahan marry a second time and not live with momin and Abdul Ala.

  • Can I add another word,for this episode plz: OUTSTANDING!!
    This is what u call a script—written, directed, enacted—in the most perfect way possible, the likes of which we need to see more often.

    But this episode definitely belonged to Kubra and Saleem. One look at Kubra and u could see the pain Husne Jahan was going through as a mother, daughter, and a widow. One look at Saleem and u could see the longing, regret, hints of forotten love and the emotional turmoil which Sultan was going through. I may not know many things, but for one thing I can say that this was not fake or stage. It was as natural and effortless as it gets!!

    However, the inevitable question is that what actually happened to Husne Jahan? Which version of her story is true … Or is there actually a true version? And, supposing she did commit suicide, was it before or after her marriage with Master Ibrahim? Anddd, if that’s what happen, will that be how Momin and Momina’s story will also have a tragic end, as both of these tacks have been going in parallels up till now?!!
    Nooooo I am not ready for this💔💔
    BTW, Zahra really enjoyed reading ur analysis… It made me consider things in a whole new light 👍👍

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for your kind words. :) Indeed, this episode belonged to Saleem Mairaj & Kubra Khan. What I love about all the performances is that the viewers get to read between the lines & see the emotions through intricacies of their expressions, simply outstanding.

      Yes, I am also looking forward to finding out the truth. Now Master Ibrahim will be able to fill in the final pages of Husn e Jahan’s life because he was with her after she went into seclusion. It will be such an interesting ride. I am sure Momin & Momina will find their happy ending, the life has already been harsh on them for so long, the destiny will give them some relief in terms of love. :)

      • I so hope that’s true… But in one of Aif’s trailers, Momina at the end says to Momin,” Mein Taha aur Husn e Jahan ki Kahani dubara nahi duhrana chahti. Mein aur tum kisi aur jaga milein gay..”

        I haven’t read the novel, so I don’t know the validity of this statement… But yes I do think that this is not going to be an all-happy ending😬

  • Don’t you think Zahra that umera ahmed’s dialogues of halal and haram will stir up a controversy in our showbiz industry

    I mean sare actors and actress bash na karna shuru kar dein number 1 Pakistani writer ko

    Un ko bohat jalan hoi ho gi
    Kiunki sach tu kerwa hota hai


    • 1)So naqli ibrahim, mujhe samajh nahi ati ke ye sab ko film industry ka kaam haraam q dikhta h. Aise bohat se profession hai jahan pe roz haraam khaya jata ha. Naqli dawayian banana, doctors ki hartal, wakalat ka shauba, construction field, education field, har shaks rozana halaal haraam ki jang lar raha hai. Ye hai karwa sach. Har profession ma rozana halal haram ki jang hai. Agar ap apni job sahi se nahi karoge wo haraam hai.
      2) Alif is preachy from start
      3) Umera Ahmad is not no. 1 writer of Pakistan.
      4) Koi controversy nahi hogi, ye soyi hui qoum hai, so chill.

    • A: That dialogue was told from the perspective of a “typical” man regarding the showbiz industry. If u remember, in the previous episode, when Momin is telling his story, a man tells Momina the same thing that ‘ghar to khandani aurtain bana sakti Hain”. That doesn’t make these dialogues true or right. They are a realistic representation of this unfortunate part of our society.

      B: Again the perspective. This is Husne Jahan speaking. A woman who fell in love with a calligrapher becz of his connection to Allah . A woman who was forced to dance, please directors by her beauty. Are u saying this is okay? Isn’t this Haram? In addition, see from her perspective….Any one who has recently found a strong connection with God will always despise these acts.

  • Such PALPABLE poignancy….an episode that moved me to tears….up till now, I used to wait eagerly for Momin and Momina’s scenes but for sure Zahra, I agree with you….this episode was Kubra Khan’s episode ALL THE WAY! You reviewed it just as wonderfully…..the pain of a mother at her son’s detachment….at the instance of being separated from her child….and then the cruel conflict of fate and values that the poor soul got hopelessly tangled in…….the way she stood firm on her stance while being hurt at her family’s perfidy….the resolute helplessness was expounded by Kubra Khan with such heartfelt candor…..full marks to Umera Ahmed for such powerful, hard-hitting dialogues….up till now I still had a faint proclivity towards Sanam Baloch playing Husn e Jahaan (as it is, I am a huge Sanam Baloch fan) since she was the first choice for this role but Kubra Khan has definitely proved that she is the MOST perfect Husn e Jahaan that there can be…..thanks again for the yummy review, Zahra…’re a sweetheart!

    • Aw thank you so much Mehreen for such kind words & I loved reading your beautiful thoughts about this episode. :) Oh, I have always been a fan of Sanam Baloch too & I didn’t know she was being considered for this role, however I am glad it is Kubra who is playing Husn e Jahan because Sanam Baloch can take things a little too far when it comes to depressing scenes. :/ Kubra Khan has kept it very very realistic where she has been able to do justice to all the emotions & didn’t just let it all be about her depression & failures. Even in such tough circumstances, one can actually see how Husn e Jahan was struggling & trying to do what her family expected from her. I am glad you also felt that this episode did belong to Kubra Khan. :)

    • I agree with you 100% Mehreen. Sanam has portrayed an Umera Ahmed heroine brilliantly in the past. I even imagined Sanam Baloch as Husn e Jahan while reading the novel, and because of that screen test photo they uploaded of Sanam as Husne Jahan. When I got to know Kubra is playing it I was disappointed but MAN!! She has proved us wrong. Also I think that it is good she didn’t do it because she was having difficulty delivering dialogues in Khaas.

  • I am truly in awe!!
    & I must commend you because I don’t think anyone could have written about this roller coaster ride episode, better than this!!
    Kubra Khan’s expressions were just phenomenal. You can clearly see the emptiness and the pain she is going through in her eyes!! I never could have imagined she would be this great playing Husn e Jahan. Saleem Meiraj was brilliant too. And the scene between Sultan and Surayya, the expressions on Lubna aslam’s and saleem’s face were like ahhmazzingg..
    I love the way they shift the scenes. i laughed at ‘to beth k karo ab dua’ so hard. 😂😂 That scene ‘aap muhabbat pay yaqeen rakhti hain’ was phenomenal. Sajal’s shyness after this question and the way she was smiling ❤️❤️❤️!! Just WOW!!
    Aliffff Basssss!!!!
    PS: KRQ also loves alif and he has said that ‘it was a very unfortuate and bad decision putting Alif in the same slot with MPTH and agar pehlay hit ho chuka hta to main MPTH na lagne deta. He said Alif is a wonderful drama.’ And this made me so happy! LOL! 😂

    • I still dont beleive in this same slot theory. MPTH na hota to Jhooti hota.
      1)Alif is a critically acclaimed classic from the start and is immortalized like Doraha MZZB. It will be a cult.
      2)MPTH was just a fluke that mainly worked after ep9 after all that extramarital affair controversy. Nobody remembers it now (largely) and like DoBol hysteria, it’s now over.
      3) Agar numbers ki baat ki jae to Jhooti abhi bhi bohat aage hai.
      4) KRQ ki baton ko dehan se nahi sunna chae. Afterall uske women equality wale comments, Iffat Omar, Saba Hammed pe criticism, aur KaafKangana jaisa classic, unki zehni halat ka munh bolta saboot hai.

      • I don’t think so. Alif would have gathered more popularity if it wasn’t for geo’s stupid ideas. They put it in competition with MPTH (that BTW didn’t get popular after 9th episode, it was getting huge ratings even before that, after 9th episode the ratings got bigger.) and the number of commercials they add to now make up for their money makes it difficult to watch on TV, that is why Jhooti is getting ratings and Alif has more views on YouTube than Jhooti. Geo should have moved Alif to Friday with lesser commercials , with Jeeto Pakistan and Jo Tu Chahay on the other sides, I believe it would have gathered huge TRPs too.

        I disagree with him on his’Mard Kay paas naa ki taaqat nai hti’ but He was misinterpreted about that rape thing. All he was saying was that women can’t stoop low to men’s level because men are the rapists, so, women are higher in rank than men and thus can’t be equal.
        He didn’t say anything wrong about Iffat Omer. Iffat Omer was the one bashing him continuously. And the irony is that Both Iffat Omer and Saba Hameed are working in his next film.

        • Well
          1) Krq said that he wont work with both ladies and Urwa everrrrr……
          2) why on Earth Geo would put lesser ads to please people. It is putting same more or less ads on Deewangi and stuff and they are topping. The friday serial is paying dividends for them why would they destroy its slot.
          3) Before 9th episode it was getting just 9trps (MPTH). Even Ary soaps like MDMD (9pm) are getting 10trps. If not for pinky nighty and 2taka, it would have railed in the same range.
          The basic idea is ALIF is good but it is not for broad audience. So Alif fans should stop complaining competition.
          As I said Alif is a cult now and nobody talks about MZZB & KAM1’s nos or competition now, but the quality of these serials. I see Alif going this way.

          • hey your phupho, dont get me started. You are the among the crowd who cried upon Danish’s death, that explains your mental sickness and acceptance towards life.
            You have a sick mind which allows a woman to be confronted slapped and constantly abused just because she tried to end her marriage. For you women should be like Miss Hania who constantly lure men but are not on the defensive because of their hypocrisy.
            And your sick mind doesnt allow you to accept your identity either. First have the courage to see the world through your real name, apna acha nahi lagta kya ya kisi ne naam rakha hi nahi…

          • Your definition of courage is just as lame as your comment. I can post comments with any name I want honey. You are no one to tell me what name I should be using. If courage means spewing the kind of venom sick headed morons like you do with your own name then darlin I am better off without a name. Your parents must be so ashamed of you. You are a sick mess. Or did daddy abandon you, is that what is bothering you?

          • well first you need to have a parent, who names you, then comes the abandoning part, I guess you dont even have one (to name); & your definition of courage is as lame as your basic principles and concepts of life.
            You are just a fan boy who will just smash into any discussion and will go lengths to spit his trashy concepts and views.
            not welcome, here!!!

          • Fan boy is better than certified crazy boy who trolls day and night. What u mean not welcome here? Who are you to tell what runs here? You are a messed up sick piece of trash that is all you are. You live on feed on sleep on the trolling you do. Your dad really messed you up hun. Come up with your own arguments do not copy.

          • Well phupho you are into copy mode and if you have the capacity to see actually you are running on zero arguments.
            It trolling is my key, calling people names by hidding behind snide names is yours. Some really unamed moron you are.

    • Thank you so much PP, it indeed was a rollercoaster ride of emotions watching this episode of Alif. All the actors are so phenomenal in Alif, like not even a single actor that can be pointed out for not acting perfectly, just wow. Isn’t it great to notice that not only the writer & the director did justice to their roles, the actors also didn’t leave any stone unturned to make Alif perfect- what dedication I must say.

      Oh accha, it’s interesting that KRQ likes Alif, I hope he takes some pointers from Umera Ahmed though. ;)

      • Waqaee it’s interesting that he likes Alif yanay hairat hai k is ko apney kaam k ilawa kisi aur ka Likha drama pasand hai. Pgrm host Waseem Badami was also bit shocked to hear his liking. 😄

      • Rightly said Shaz. Like watching Alif makes you the best person on earth and liking mpth makes you the worse. Sick of the comparisons. Krq is a different genre, Umera Ahmed different no one needs to take notes from anyone. Both of them are good at what they do. Sometimes these reviewers give the silliest statements full of biased. It is cool to not like krq and criticize him. Joining the crowd to get attention. Alif is a phenomenon but half of the world is not watching it even because for weeks it was slow like hell. Over exaggerated remarks of die hard umera ahmed fans whose faith depends on dramas.

      • So many Alif haters overnight, whew
        I tried to make sense with more balanced and well approached reasoning from initial episodes
        I am no more seeing Alif as a soulsearching or rohani drama, I am simply seeing this as a story of a dancer/actor who was emotionally abused in her marriage by a weak and an insecure husband. that helps!!

      • When did I ever say that reviewing Alif has made me a higher being? Please don’t turn reviewit into another IG/FB/YTwhere unnecessary enthusiasts twsit everything & start picking on words to give them a different meaning. I am not the one drawing comparisons between Alif & Mere Pass Tum Ho, not now, neither when it was on air.

        Did you even know the context when I said he should take pointers. You can be pro KRQ or anti UA, I am not going to get into it & judge you for your choices but please, let everyone here be free of what they want to speak or talk about. Preaching & Ignorant…words like these show how judgmental you can be. Please let go of your bitterness.

        • Of course people can only do that if they are supporting zahra mirza’s stance otherwise it is not allowed. Peace out to sarmad who is talkin crap and lecture to me because I don’t agree with you. Look whoz talkin!! The person who deletes comments and blocks people when they disagree with her. You are little miss morality now. So cute and so convenient.

          • Mr Shaz you actually have sticked your head here for no reason and started bashing everyone.
            And I am not supporting anyone, nor defending some1, thats not my game. I only wish you had some valid reasoning rather than overnight bashing. Enjoy your crap discussion

          • As far as I know, I was replying to Pakistani Po but you swooped into the discussion to call me ignorant & twist my words regarding KRQ? Who’s sticking where is pretty evident. Also, make no mistake, Sarmad is not lecturing you because of me…well anyways, you can believe whatever you want to, this is also not the first time you have shown up with your moral & intellect baton in hand to bash me!

            The people who get blocked/banned are those who troll unnecessarily & go personal using sick & abusive language. You’re still here isn’t it? Continue to attack me personally because that seems to give you some sort of satisfaction, lol.

          • “you are still here…continue to attack me personally.” The reply shows your maturity Zahra. Is tarah kon treat kerta hai fuzul behs kernay walay bandoan ko? Block kia aur bas.

          • Bashing you? I was simply commenting and questioning you. Are you god on reviewit? No one can question you but you are free like a bird to bash any actor director producer you don’t like. If you can bash all of them visitors on reviewit can criticize you too. If you cannot handle criticism then do not dish it out. Everyone knows who gets deleted and blocked. Most visitors stopped coming to this website because of your attitude problem. Even if someone points out a flaw in your review your big fat ego can’t handle it.

          • Tauba Astaghfar, what did you have for breakfast today, lol? Call someone ignorant, preacher, higher being, god of reviewit in a condescending tone & when called out, start acting like a victim. Bohat purani strategy hai bhai, last 7 years se app jaisay victims se kafi deal kiya hai. App kiss baat pe QUESTION karne aa gai hain pehle ye batain? Lol, one generic comment of mine rubbed you such a wrong way? Bhai wah! You clearly have an issue with me personally, why waste so much of your time on bashing me? Move on in your life.

            Also, you’ve gotten enough time of mine today, not anymore! Drink a glass of chilled water & take a deep breath. Attitude problem…hmmmmmmmm seems like a perfect case of projection.

          • And when start writing your autobiography in your sixties, you must quote an example of Shaz Noman as a special case of irritation. 🤦

          • Let me save this ‘pointer’, since this word triggers her quite a bit. ;)
            Thank you so much for recommendation, when I will write it, will make sure you get the copy of it too. :D :)

          • You’re actually going to write it. Better buy all those copies yourself and distribute them. You are so transparent no surprises ever. You are forever triggered. Look at you coming back to check if I have commented. Poor you. Not easy being you, poor zahra.

          • But who is going to read it? Will she be buying all the copies herself and distributing them LOLz.

          • Hum khareed Kay parhain gae bhaee. Jis tarah aap Umera Ahmed ko nai parhtay ye bhi nai parhna.

          • Zahra how can you call this pathetic exchange fun? Any other person would think that it is disturbing. Having arguments is never fun for anyone. You should delete such comments and not sink to the level of such people because then there is no difference between you and them. Be mature.

          • Your big ego won’t allow you to do any introspection. Your tauba does not surprise me. Watching too many dramas has made you a drama queen.

          • Aw you know me so well, or is it that you’re just seeing yourself in me? Projection like I said!

            Swooping into someone else’s conversation & when replied back, jumping down on people’s throats. Yourself coming back to fight & when I am replying that is also being twisted to use it against me that why I am checking? How twisted are you exactly, let me ask a simple question since so many questions are being asked! LOL! You’re funny. I pray for your inner peace which seems to be clearly missing from you life hun!

            Triggered & me? Oh I thought the word ‘pointer’ triggered YOU!
            *P P P P P pointer*

          • I think, enough pointers for Shaz today by you Zahra. They will help her stop pointing fingers at others, make a list of good points in her life to act upon with main point “stop uncalled intrusion and starting poitnless discussion.”

          • Thank you Urs, absolutely. It is highly unlikely for her to be paying heed to what has been said to her but yes, she’s not worth my time.

            Like they say potatoes gonna potate. ✌🤣

      • If a writer does not want his script to be changed, where is the problem in that? Not just changing a line, changing a word can even alter the meaning.

  • Thank you for the review. I agree with you. When Husne Jahan asked Sultan if he will Momina like her, I had a recap of all that Momina has been through. The scene where she gets letter from dada and say Allah has sent help was a strong and inspirational. I feel when Husne Jahan left for Turkey, Makhmod or Mumtaz must have got Sultan arrested and there was when he must have got his foot injury.
    Another strong message was regarding lawful earning. It was not just limited to showbiz but to all walk of life.

    • You’re welcome P. Yes, Husn e Jahan raised some valid points while talking to Sultan, I could feel that she had been through so much & after such an awakening, she must be feeling so suffocated in that atmosphere where no one was understanding her or even willing to do so for her sake. I think Sultan had already gotten the leg injury, which they didn’t cover because after he drops Momin off & has a conversation with Dada Jaan, he leaves & while walking towards the station he was limping.

  • no need to say anything as u have already said the right things for this lovely episode, hopefully we will get to see more of the present in next weeks episode

  • Perfect review.
    But i still can’t understand what is the similarity between husne jahan life and mominas life .why momina keeps on saying that she’s husne jahan because momina is calligrapher herself and was god conscious from the start, i didn’t understand the connection .

    • Thank you so much. I think Momina relates to the pain that Husn e Jahan endured in her life, she lived her entire life for others & this has been the case with Momina too. Husn e Jahan saw fame, money, success, Momina is getting to experience it as well being a famous celebrity, she sees a lot of similarities in Husn e Jahan’s personal life experiences as well as hers because she has grown up listening to her stories.

  • Hi @Zahra I came back after so long to this website just to check the reviews of drama ALIF. This is so close to my heart and I am so glad to see that you are reviewing it.

    Like always, your review is on spot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    • Aw thank you so much Kushbo. I am glad you are enjoying the drama & taking the time out to read the reviews too, it means a lot. :) Thank you so much.

  • It is very slow paced and the scenes are very repetitive.The same thing going on and on for so many episodes.They should move the story forward.Otherwise viewers will lose interest.

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