Alif Episode 22 Story Review – The Revelation

Ohkay so, this was one of the most important episodes of Alif. This drama has been executed with precision & brilliance. They used their sweet time in establishing the plot for what we’re getting to see now, which goes to show how the drama makers were strategic as well as intelligent with their approach towards Alif. Every episode now has important developments, some pivotal revelations & explanations that are needed to change the course of Qalb e Momin’s perspective & his narrative. Umera Ahmed has done it yet again. It is interesting to note how she made Husn e Jahan the central character and based the rest of them around her & her story. For me, more than anyone else this is purely Husn e Jahan’s story & how everyone around her was affected by her, she was blessed in her own ways & she was one of a kind!

The Film

Shelly’s entry in the picture was actually interesting to see, it was like she broke the monotony of coming across similar characters throughout the past few episodes. Shelly not only came to pitch in for herself but she did what she could do the best; break the story to the media about her association with the project. She being an opportunist obviously couldn’t let go of this golden chance but sadly, she fell flat on her face when she spotted Momina in Qalb e Momin’s studio. I felt a lot for Aqsa because she wasn’t left with any other option than to ask Momina a favor. Aqsa & Daood have always been with her through thick & thin, therefore it was nice of Momina to do what was right, not for anyone else but for her best friend & support system.

The few scenes which covered Momin’s developing feelings for Momina were once again beautifully done. He was missing her, he was constantly thinking about her, all the interactions that he had with her; he was unable to take them out of his mind. Momina had left an impression on him, imprinted his heart with her love & now when she was not around, Momin was finding it hard to deal with it. I think it has been quite a while that the viewers got to see the portrayal of love in such a unique & classy manner – no cheesy confessions, no fake promises, just pure feelings which have been showcased through Momin & Momina’s actions.

So, Momina decided to make some changes in the script. This was exactly what brought Momin to her home, although he wanted to apologize & start afresh but he was curious to know how Momina knew those minute details about Husn e Jahan, because all this while Momina had tried to change Momin’s perspective especially concerning Husn e Jahan’s role as a mother, this is the reason Momin once again tried to ask her. The interactions Momin had with Surraya were also heart-warming, the way she was not letting go of him once again shed a light on how lonely she was, therefore when she saw someone around, she couldn’t stop welcoming him.

The Revelation

The showdown between Momin & Sultan was intense, it was powerful, meaningful & done so well. Every dialogue, every expression, every confession, every single tear that was shed was so impactful that I am sure not even a single viewer would’ve been able to look away from their TV screens. The performances of Saleem Mairaj & Hamza Ali Abbasi were flawless. So, Momin didn’t even take a moment to recognize who Sultan was, he has hated that man for years, therefore it was imperative that Momin could never forget his face. Momin did find Surraya familiar but seeing how he immediately knew who this man was, went to show how Momin didn’t allow himself to forget & probably forgive him all these years.

Alif Episode 22 Story Review - The Revelation

To be honest, I felt bad for Momin, as much as I was happy that Momin was getting the answers that he was looking for & he was getting to understand the unconditional love his mother had for him, I felt sad because a child, no matter what age doesn’t deserve to know that he was the bone of contention between his parents. For now, Sultan did make it seem like that, but when Momin will process & analyze, he will understand that his parents were two flawed people tangled in their own failures & emotional struggles that they couldn’t come to terms with their realities. Momin will also understand that for his mother, this was the only option left & whatever she was not because of Momin’s innocent desires, she did all of that because as a mother who loved her son unconditionally, she felt bound to do that. For Momin, it was quite a lot to deal with what he heard, this is the reason all the incidents, all the conversations started running through his mind & the past played like a reel in front of him because he was trying to put two & two together. Finally, the secret was out & Momin learnt the truth that Husn e Jahan was not wrong, she never was, she couldn’t be because she loved him with all her heart. Momin had already brought a lot of changes in himself, the last change that he needed was to let go of the bitterness & resentment in his heart, now this is going to help him achieve that!

Impactful & Perfect

This episode was power packed & impactful. Brilliant performances are a part of this drama right from the beginning. Lubna Aslam also deserves a special mention for portraying Surraya’s deteriorating mental health to perfection. The way she broke down after finding out about Qalb e Momin being Husn e Jahan’s son was so heart-wrenching. Husn e Jahan one way or the other has impacted their lives so much, this entire family not only feels indebted to her but have immense respect for her, this is why, seeing her son standing in front of Surraya was overwhelming for her. The way Surraya referred to Husn e Jahan as ‘hamari’ Husn e Jahan was also surprising for Momin because he never imagined that these people would have so much love for her & they owned her like their own. Saleem Mairaj & Hamza Ali Abbasi were beyond brilliant in this episode, their acting was phenomenal – they literally breathed life into this scene & made it unforgettable. The way Sultan put the entire blame on Qalb e Momin also explain why he was always cold towards him when he was young, because Sultan also held Momin responsible for ruining Husn e Jahan’s life, which actually is not right or justified on Sultan’s part because the Husn e Jahan he knew was just an actress, but after becoming a mother, she was not the Husn e Jahan that Sultan knew & what she did for her son was what any mother would do, but Sultan fails to understand that. Direction, editing, background music, lighting, ambiance that they have created, the vibe, the mood, the feel, the script, dialogues, acting, expressions, costumes – just everything is perfect. Please share your thoughts about this perfect episode of Alif.

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  • Having praised the storyline everytime, today I just want to praise the MAJESTIC direction of Alif. Yes! That’s the word. It’s absolutely so nice to see our directors, editors step into the next level of visualization and camera work. Just take that scene when Momin enters his dark studio, or the time when Momina finishes her flashback !! I just cannot appreciate the producers and the director enough for such beautiful aesthetics. This definitely made my day!!

    However, this marks the 22nd episode of Alif. And following the novel, just 20 pages are left. So probably the next ep would be the 2nd last one. I’m really not ready for this… And I don’t know why but I have a feeling that there is bound to be some sort of tragedy 💔💔….😬😬

    • I dont think so that there will be any tragedy. If you have read a novel then you must know how it ends. I am not going to give any clue of its ending.

      • No, I haven’t. But I saw ShehreZaat and although there was no tragedy, it ended on a melancholy note. Being written by the same writer, I just thought that Alif might end the same way…

        • I think, Umera Ahmed will give it same ending as novel. It would be more appropriate

  • I am afraid I didn’t find the ep to be the great. I mean it was important , yes, but I don’t feel the fan feeling I did when alif first came out. I found, never thought I’d say this,omina sajal slighly boring and momin and her interaction too not that amazing
    The music was too much. and I found the whole thing ” You are responsible ” Childish.
    Taha was anyway upset with husn e jahan and selling of paintings was only a trigger. If not this, could be hve been that. No doubt mominas mother did a great job lubna aslam and that was the most interesting part to watch. Also sulta and momin confrontation. Another thing is it conceivable that sultan wud say he killed her and momina wud not insist how. .. Or believe his words… Found tht odd too… Then when he yelled i didn’t… Also found it odd… Does momina not have curtains in her house…
    Haha what’s with me being so critical of alif. I like it. I guess I am. just comparing it to Its own standards..still no doubt a good watch..

  • TOP NOTCH! Hamza Ali Abbasi was ON FIRE tonight….this is the first drama that I am seeing him in and he is beyond perfection….what a comprehensive depiction….be that the portrayal of his yearning for Momina (I absolutely agree with Zahra when she says that the whole scenario of him missing her was not at all cheesy….it was heartfelt and simple…..and what added to the charm of those scenes was the usage of minimal dialogues), his smugness with Dawood regarding his no-dearth-of-options (I laughed at his stubborn streak), his sweet connection with Momina’s mother or his ultimate fallout with Sultan, he nailed every single scene with flying colors……this was Hamza’s episode all the way…..his classic portrayal of guilt mixed with disbelief left me speechless.

    A great review, Zahra. I totally agree about what you said about the perfect strategy of the makers to execute the story so as to build up steam for this final showdown….and what a showdown it was…..OUT OF THE WORLD!

  • ‘I think it has been quite a while that the viewers got to see the portrayal of love in such a unique & classy manner – no cheesy confessions, no fake promises, just pure feelings which have been showcased through Momin & Momina’s actions.’ This! This!! This!!! Thank you sooo much for saying this, Zahra!! What an apt review!!

    ‘Handsfree hon gae aap kay paas’ the expressions, the background music.. It was all so FEELSY !!! ❤️❤️❤️ Aah this subtle romance🥺

    Now coming to the confessions part, Lubna Aslam, Saleem Meraj, Hamza, Sajal outdid themselves!! Wow man Wow!! This was EXACTLY how I imagined it to be while reading the novel and I just can’t explain how happy I am the way it has been executed.

    Tina’s expressions when Shelly was with Momin were so great!! Made me laugh 😂😂

    I will just say that it was a perfect, mesmerizing and Spell binding episode.

    I think the next one will be the 2nd last now. I am so going to miss Alif, it’s acting, it’s bg music😭 I am gonna miss every single thing about it 😭😭😭

  • Hi,

    Blaming a child because he had childish wishes is plain absurd. Even if we accept this logic. What made Husn e Jehan send Momin back to his grandfather while she stays in Pakistan? She was alive but separated from his son. Momin’s grandfather or Husn e Jehan did not put effort into giving clarification to Momin – a child who helplessly wanted to love his mother but was forced to hate because of a misconception. To add further, Husn e Jehan decided to live in secrecy from his son.

    What kind of self-imposed agony is this?

    No comments on Momina’s acting. Too simple, too boring, wide and helpless eyes. Its just Hamza who breathes life into his character.

    Momina’s mother and Qalb e Momin’s scene was a treat to watch. Hamza’s love is pouring out from everywhere:p

    • Nailed it! Thanks for articulating so well what has been bothering me. Loved the “What kind of self imposed agony is this”

    • Correct observations. Your comments about self imposed agony are exactly what was going through my mind while watching this episode. No reason to dislike this comment.

    • Mrs Imran you took words out of my mouth. ever since i have started watching this play i could not buy hate which momin had towards his mother secondly when Sultan used to say momin was responsible for separation and later downfall of Husne Jahan. Sultan arguement against Momin were completely absurd and baseless which a sane mind can not absorb. I think this is the biggest flaw of drama. i never expected such weak story line from Umera Ahmad.
      Moreover i feel strange that reviewers never pointed out this biggest flaw around which story revolves. either reviewers are giving paid reviews to us or they are in love with this stupid story of Umera.

  • I looove the drama and all the actors! BUT i have to say one thing; if my husband was as obsessed as Sultan is in his first love, i would have left that sucker a long time ago! Another thing, Husn E Jahan was not a saint, but they sure are trying hard to portrait her that way🤓🤭

    • I agree about Sultan’s ‘love’ for Husn e Jahaan…if his wife would have had feelings for another man, would that be taken just as lightly or even glorified to a certain extent….these double standards are annoying to the very core. I like Husn e Jahaan but I can’t stand Sultan’s harkatein. To top it, his wife is actually supporting this nonsense.

      As much as I love Alif, this is one thing that I am not able to digest. Also Momina’s parents fixation with their late son is also irksome….they do it to the extent that they ignore Momina and her feelings. Ridiculous obsession with Jahangir because he is a son.

      • Actually they are quit bad parents. Dad is obsessed with his «ex», mom is fixed on her husbands «ex» and their late son, no one cares about Momina and what she goes through.

      • I don’t think it is obsession with Jahangir . His illness occupied most of their lives and now with Momina working and a new home , they have no internal supports left .

  • The most perfect and spiritual drama I have ever seen after Sir Ashfaq Ahmed’s drama. The class of Alif is far away from that of MPTH but I could not understand why it is not much praised? Hats off to the writer, director, actors, producers and specially to Shuja Haider who did the OST. The song is very beautiful and its words are so spiritual ‘qalandari uraan bhar kia hua gar par nhi’. Outstanding

  • I loved the vibe of Alif from day 1 but I have to say that for me at least – it has lost its magic in the last two episodes. I loved all the scenes with dada and now those are gone. And I also loved the Taha and Husne Jahan romance and tragedy. It is one of the great paradoxes in life when love is just not enough to sustain a relationship. But since then – I have felt that the same things have been stretched slowly.

    I didn’t find anything new in this episode other than Momin getting to know that Momina was Sultan’s daughter. Even the revelation that it was the paintings being sold and not an affair – well that was already alluded to by Momina during the script discussion and in fact he had remembered his mom packing the paintings even then. I think what should have been a big deal in this episode is how he feels about Momina being Sultan’s daughter and her knowing all this all along.

    For me, there is no magic in Momina and Momin’s relationship because it is never about them – there are no real interactions or real discussions. I would have loved the showdown to have been between Momin and Momina. The whole idea of seeing everything through the lens of Taha and Husne Jahan really deadens the romance between M & M imo. No amount of wistful silent moments thinking about each other build up that kind of strong connection between them – as compared to actual scenes showing them talking or bonding.

    Another thing that was troublesome to me was how Momin seemed to go back to his old arrogant self. What is the point of anything then if he hasn’t eveolved? He doesn’t accept that it is his zyaadati, boasts of having other options to Dawud and is even ready to replace Momina with Shelly. And if he doesn’t seem penitent in his private moments with his staff, then I really doubt his sincerity when he apologizes to her.

    In fact, he should have gone to her to apologize – regardless of her coming back to the movie or not. But no, it was she who had to go back to him on the pretext of Aqsa and suggest the script changes which finally made him seek her out. And even when he finally apologized to her – he made the incident seem more about his getting a thappad rather than the fact that he accused and disrespected her. Again it was such a lost opportunity – I would have loved for Momin to have said “I am sorry, but I just got jealous and it made me lose my mind in that moment”

    Oh and story wise – I agree with one of the previous commenters who rightly pointed out that holding a child responsible for that situation is silly. And also I agree that Husne Jahan forsaking her son so easily, and the dada never clearing things up etc – all are very shaky. I think the same story could have been way more effective if handled more subtly. They could have shown HJ trying to reach out to her son but him not letting her have her say and shutting her out till she gave eventually gave up. They could have had him slowly learn the truth about his mom while making this movie and realizing the irony of him blaming her when she in fact did all this for him, and then seeing his mother in a different light and wishing he hadn’t pushed her away.

    The sort of over-dramatized showdown in the end of this episode with Sultan telling him that he is the reason his parents marriage broke and Momin accepting that nonsensical premise – did not work for me at all. Again, I am sad cuz there is such missed potential – although hats off to Umera Ahmed for coming up with such an amazing story. I just wish some things were more realistically handled in the build up to the end

    • I agree with u that Momin’s apology could have been better and less self-centered. However, I can completely understand Sultan’s attitude towards Momin. It is quite natural(not justified, though) for Sultan, a silent lover, to regard Momin as the sole reason for HeJ’s destruction and the ultimate failure of his undying love.

      However, the paradox in this case is that neither Momin nor Sultan are right. Blaming a child for wanting petty things is too much to ask for, but if u see this from Sultan’s perspective, he would quite eagerly give responsibility to someone for his own shortcomings of not expressing his feelings to HEJ earlier.

    • Completely agree with De Nada. Usually I end up typing my comments in the middle of the night, on a phone, unable to type properly, but still eager to quickly share… So I never do justice to what I wanted to express… But de Nada has expressed everything I wanted to say. As I said before, didn’t see how the “kid” Is responsible. And spot on abt lack of magic and true interaction between momin and momina. As well, I had the exact same thought: wait a second. Instead of apologising, he has gone back to being arrogant. He did go for mazrat, but that was later, afterwards i think. Also I found it a bit unnatural how he patiently heard Mominas mom. He is not that type of guy. And the way they shot that, hoping to retain mystery…. Only seemed false to me… I don’t know.. I think if they tried less hard to be cinematic, they’d be more effective. Agree – story had great potential. Last two episodes… Lost their charm a bit.

  • I agree Zahra as much as I’m glad he’s getting to know the truth I feel for Momin.

    Now I get it why Dada was keeping things from him coz nothing was going to bring HeJ back so he didn’t want to hurt his Momin.
    As Momin was already in a state where he was breaking from inside everyday because of the realisation that he had caused his relation with Allah to weaken like that. Now if he got to know that him losing his parents and HeJ facing tribulations was because of him it would’ve caused him much more pain.

    But Momin had it coming even though HeJ and Dada kept everything from him and they made life as easier as they could for him.
    Let’s hope he finds peace and for that he starts off with forgiving himself.

    Hamza And Saleem Mairaj were beyond brilliant!

  • Hi zahra, it was another nice episode and your reviewed it very thoroughly. My favorite parts from your review is;

    1. The portrayal of love between Momin & Momina is really very unique, no cheesy feeling, absolutely unique.
    2. Surayya’s overwhelming response for Momin considering they all owe Husne Jahan a lot.
    3. Also Momin’s suprise to hear & see “Hamari Husne Jahan” kind of respect. Really the scene is to watch in pin drop silence for the reactions of both sides.
    4. Lubna Aslam’s deteriorating mental condition.
    5. The story is concentric to Husne jahan and all others were revolving around her.

    Regarding blame, I would like to put all blame on Taha for ruining the family. How can a breadwinner of the family, makes only excuses of his failure professional life, borrowing money from all town, blaming his failure on his wife, instead of looking for alternatives to make both ends meet at least.

  • Why there are so many things related to indian actors on this website?
    I really hate it.
    We are not at all interested in knowing about aamir khan or his son junaid khan. If someone wants to know they can google it. If you people will continue posting indian stuff i will not visit this site again.

    • I am Indian and I agree. We come here to read and see Pakistani content and not Indian. We are anyway bombarded by Indian content at home.

  • gr8 review zahra. but i do agee with all the comments pointing out a few negative things abt the drama. u just cannot blame the child for their seperation, sultan was totally wrong. it was taha’s mistak and then it was husnejahan who asked taha to leave the house, even after being disapp, taha was just angry but he didnt leave the house himself. last episode had excellent performances by kubra and saleem, and this week its dominated by hamza, he was outstanding, and suraiyya was excellent in her scenes.

    there are few loopholes in this episode and everything has been mentioned here so wonr talk abt those. also i feel that just like few episodes in the beginning, the first half of this episode was terribly slow without any reason. the pace of this drama is the worst part abt it, and that where this couldnt be the classic that it deserved to be.

    always waited for mumin and momina scenes, but they were very few, mostly the show was having flashback scenes. lets c how it ends now

  • I dont get why monina’s mom had such a strong reaction towards momin. I don’t think she ever met husna-e-jahan. and it’s not like HEJ did any favors/sacrifices for her either. I felt the same when I was listening to the audiobooks too. I understand why everyone is emotional abt HEJ but not surayya. Always I kept asking in my mind was had she ever hugged momina like that, ever in her whole life. She just tolerates momina in their lives.

    I also don’t think HEJ is a saint as surayya and sultan are trying to portray her as. She was a human being trying to live a normal life and provide the best for her kid. I understand why husna’s now husband praises her and loves her. He has seen another husna but surayya and sultan didn’t see that either.

    Should have wrapped up the show in 20 episodes. Now it’s dragging

    • I also find HEJ quite selfish towards sultan. She calls him only when she is in trouble. She knows sultan has feelings for her and will do anything for her. So she exploits it. Even sultan said, he knows she was happy after she got married 2nd time, why? because she doesn’t send letters to him anymore to complain about her lives. That shows how selfish she was.

  • lovely review just like the drama, i wasn’t expecting Sultan to accuse Momin like he did after all he was just a child, after all once he explained how it was Momin would have thought for himself that it was because he was asking for things that they never had money for

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