Alif Episode 23 Story Review – Mystery Solved

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif once again unveiled a lot of secrets from the life of Husn e Jahan. It is interesting to note that Qalb e Momin thought he had all the minute details to write the story, but little did he know that there were a few more who knew about her more than he did. Qalb e Momin was a child, he was young, he was immature to understand the struggles of his mother, but it is basically a favor happening to him that there is Sultan as well as Master Ibrahim who can tell him all that he did not know about Husn e Jahan!

Husn e Jahan & The Mystery Surrounding Her

Sultan finally revealed everything & told Momina that he did not murder Husn e Jahan. I guess after facing Qalb e Momin & seeing the look in his eyes, Sultan knew that he was not doing anyone a favor by holding onto this secret. Husn e Jahan chose to go away in seclusion herself. It was interesting to note that she did mention Qalb e Momin, because it was her plan to spend the rest of her life with her son. She obviously didn’t know that Abdul Ala had something else planned for her but the moment when she took that decision, it was purely because she wanted to be with her child. Husn e Jahan did experience some days of her life by distancing herself from her son, but with each passing day, she realized she could not fool herself anymore & could not carry on by being ignorant of the fact that her child needed her the most. It was nice to have a clarity that Qalb e Momin’s love forced Husn e Jahan to take this decision.

It was heart wrenching seeing Qalb e Momin holding himself responsible & accountable for everything that his parents go through. It was definitely unfair of Sultan to say all that to Qalb e Momin, yes his love for Husn e Jahan once side but he isn’t oblivious of how hard things were on Qalb e Momin too as a child, that too a child of movie star Husn e Jahan. Sultan gave away those letters, not with an intention of helping Qalb e Momin change his perspective about his mother, but because he wanted her character in the film to be painted differently. In this entire scenario, it was nice to see at least Momina being by Qalb e Momin’s side & showing some sort of support to him because of all the people, she does understand that things have always been hard on Momin too. He never led a peaceful life, did not even have an ideal childhood, therefore if there’s someone who deserves care & affection is Qalb e Momin.

Momina found out yet another secret & it was related to Master Ibrahim. This does explain the reason why Momin was looking for him. He had no idea whatsoever but because he saw Abdul Ala being in touch with him, he assumed Master Ibrahim is going to be the only person Abdul Ala must’ve chosen for Husn e Jahan. Momina couldn’t help but recall all the discussions she’s had with Master Ibrahim about his wife, the paintings, the way she decided to come back from Turkey & settle in Pakistan. It was obviously very easy for her to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Even Master Ibrahim didn’t take much longer in figuring out that Momin was here to ask some questions. It showed that he saw it coming, ever since Momina started working with Qalb e Momin, he knew there will come a time when she will get to know about him & Husn e Jahan’s connection. Master Ibrahim also knew about Sultan being Momina’s father, so it was like he knew everything about Momina’s family too, he must’ve heard everything from his wife Husna!

Phenomenal Performances

This episode of Alif belonged to all the actors because of their phenomenal performances. Each one of them poured their heart & soul & the way all the actors elaborated all these emotions, it actually showed that they have lived these characters for so long & now when the drama is about to end, they were right in their element & there was no other way than to do justice to these characters & their journeys. The attention to detail that has gone into making Alif has played a huge part in its brilliant execution. In all the flashback scenes of Momina & Master Ibrahim, I couldn’t help but notice how young & simple Momina looked, with the help of makeup, they gave her such a look which suited her before she became a famous star. They also justified the time that has lapsed since she has had those conversations with Master Ibrahim. It is brilliant how much attention the makeup artists as well as the director paid to this little aspect because it added so much reality to these scenes & made a great visual impact.

In the discussions under previous reviews, some of the readers did say that all that we were getting to see about Taha was basically through Qalb e Momin’s eye, that too when he was young but considering that it was the 2nd last episode & the fact that the last episode is going to focus more on Master Ibrahim & Husn e Jahan’s relationship, I feel the viewers who have not read the novel were not wrong in drawing a conclusion about Taha’s character such as him being a coward who ran away from his responsibilities. As much as I am glad that Momin understood Husn e Jahan’s struggles as a mother, I hope he doesn’t shy away from holding his father responsible for not doing justice to his roles as a husband as well as a father. Saife Hassan, Sajal Aly, Hamza Ali Abbasi & Saleem Mairaj, they all made this episode impactful with their phenomenal performances & the direction was like a masterstroke that made this episode a masterpiece. I will honestly say that I am so not ready to see Alif ending so soon & going by the preview, I wish they don’t give an open end to Momin & Momina because their love story needs a proper closure & the viewers deserve that too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif.

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ps: I apologize for the late review, I was really unwell & I still am but decided to review it because I couldn’t keep the lovely readers waiting. Hope I was able to do justice to this episode of Alif. Thank you for understanding!

Zahra Mirza

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  • I have read novel therefore i have not watched drama but last night i saw last episode teaser and they have shown what is in novel and coming in last episode. Without any spoiler end of Alif as per novel is fully justified. Loved your review sister. May Allah heal you sister have fast recovery

    • Thank you so much Waqar. Yes, I did go through some comments which did say that as per the novel, the ending won’t be too satisfactory for the drama-viewers, let’s see. :/

  • Get well soon! This gave me goosebumps, particularly the scene where Master Ibrahim gave the painting from quoting that Alllah chooses whom He wills and pull them towards Himself. Indeed Allah pulled Master Ibrahim, Husne Jahan, Momina and now Momim. I will surely miss this drama. It will remain my all time favourite. Script, direction, background music, OST, acting everything is brilliant.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani. Yes, this drama is surely going to stay with the viewers for a long long longggg time. Absolutely beautiful. :)

  • gr8 review Zahra. I too noticed that there was so much difference in the look of Sajal as if those scenes were from some old drama. Performances were gr8, and I hope that there is a happy ending. If its an open ending then it will really not be satisfactory

  • No blame on you, Zahra. For such an episode and an even more heart-wrenching teaser, no one could have written an instant review.

    I have not read the novel, and I know that it is more important to discover yourself and you connection with God first before embarking on a new journey, but Momin and Momina deserve a happy ending. They have been through a lot… They both have suffered enough pain.. they deserve to be together and share some happy moments. Plzz😭😭

    And one last question: Did u notice that when Momina shows Master Ibrahim the paintings, he remarks, ‘ Kash tum kuch saal pehle le ati..mein kuch Kar sakta..’ Was he regretting his decision of marrying HeJ? Or did he just wanted to make her happy?

    • That was because Husna aka Husn e Jahaan was alive at that time and he wouldve gifted it to her again :)

    • Thank you Ibrahim, but in my defense I will definitely say that I have reviewed all the episodes of Alif right after watching them, no matter how heavy-hearted I felt right after. This time, I couldn’t even watch the episode, hence the delayed review.

      Yes, Momin & Momina deserve a proper happy ending. I really hope they don’t just give an open ending by showing Qalb e Momin ‘mai intezar karoonga’. I think may be Master Ibrahim wanted to give them to his wife when she was alive? This is what I felt.

      • Yes, I got the same idea. I really appreciate your dedication to your work and wish you get well soon InshaAllah:-).
        Will you be reviewing Muqaddar after Alif? What about Sabaat? I don’t like the look of it, partly because of Mawra’s OTT acting, but probably Usman Mukhtar can add an interesting element to the serial…

  • I don’t watch Alif. But as you know you have fan following who wait for your reviews avidly, I am one of them. Wanted to ask which drama you are going to review after Alif finishes?

    • Thank you so much Urs for taking the time out to read the reviews. :) Ia am thinking of reviewing Faysal Qureshi’s Muqaddar? Are you watching it, what do you think of it? :)

      • I am not watching so can’t say anything except k promos se typical feudal ki story lag rahee thee.

      • Nice review Zahraa, Muqaddar is a simple story and I am yet to see its magic, (its director is good). But there are a number of other big ticket dramas that might be worth reviewing.
        1) Yumna Zaidi, komal aziz khan & shehzad sheikh drama directed by SirajulHaque, to soon start on Tuesday
        2) Bandhay ek Dor se (Faiza Iftikhar, Ali Faizan, Ahsan Khan, Ushna), that expectedly starts Friday
        3) KhudaAurMohabbat-(Abdullah)- that either starts Thursdays april or after Eid
        Ayeza drama will take time and will start after Eid I guess, and no drama replaces Alif and slot remains empty atleast till Eid

      • Muqaddar looks gr8, it has a powerful combination of Faisal Qureshi and Madiha Imam. The last 2 episodes were a little slow, but rfom the promos we know the concept, so its worth it, pls review it.

  • No doubt all the actors gave phenomenal performances in this episode , but I have reservations regarding flashback scenes in which qalabe momin parents didn’t look or act specifically belonging to that Era in all episodes leave aside sultan character and nida mumtaz. For this blame has to be put on director, may be for wrong selection of actors to play momin parents especially mother and child playing him as well. Give umera script to somebody like shayam Bengal and then see the results. Nobody create old Era better than him so believing and real. Alif on the whole was engaging after the story focused on momin and momina but initial episodes were quite stale due to long flashback scenes less impactful and convincing.

  • Like always Your review did complete justice to the episode Zahra. As usual all the actors did phenomenal job. Sajal with tears in her eyes looked so beautiful in that close up shots in the car, I was in awe of her beauty. Take care and get well soon

    • Thank you so much Shifa for your kind words of encouragement. :) Jazak Allah. Yes, Sajal Aly looked so beautiful, she has looked gorgeous throughout the drama. :)

  • Perfect review Zahra!!
    My favorite scene was Momin with letterbox. Hamza naileddddd it. It gave me goosebumps ❀️❀️
    Sajal, hamza, Saif e Hassan, lubna Aslam, Saleem meiraj were all brilliant as usual.

    Abhi aik mystery rehti hai. Momin aur Dada ki shart ki. Alif Kay hit ya flop wali πŸ˜‰

    Haseeb Hassan has given the perfect treatment to this script.

    Dont worry about the ending. It will leave you completely satisfied (I hope so).

    Aww Zahra, Get well soon ❀️ Allah Ta’llah aapka shifa e kamila ataa farmaen.(Ameen)

    • Thank you so much PP for your kind words. Jazak Allah. :) I really hope the ending is going to please the viewers because ‘mai intezar karoonga’ is not going to be enough for those who have been rooting for Momin & Momina. :) I am sure Alif is going to be a superhit, especially if Momin will announce it being a story of Husn e Jahan, let’s see. :)

  • who remembered mehwish and shawar when momina took off cigarette from momins mouth

  • Get well soon zahra
    Allah pak sehat de apko.
    Alif thori der to or chlta. I m definitely gonna mis this one. My most favorite drama.

  • Hi Zahra, Thanks for the review in the time of sickness, hope you will get well soon. I was the one who told last time about Taha running away from the responsibilities and i still believe that he is the one to whom Momin should blame. I am not expressing critics on writer, i don’t dare to be, but a boy or later mature young man should have given one thought that the actual breadwinner of the family should be his father, who could have avoided such miseries. At least now, he should be thinking of that. Anyways, I too enjoyed Momina-Master Ibrahim flash back scenes as well as Momin-Abdul Alaa flashback scenes for joining the puzzle pieces. Tremendous efforts by Saife Hasan to express himself in different eras through proper body language. phenomenal performances by all and it is sad to see this masterpiece ending so soon.

  • Thank You Zahra Mirza for your microscopic review of Alif , it’s one of the drama which is to be there for decades . Each n every scene , dialogue is mesmerizing n the actors acting is icing on the cake . Going to miss dearly Alif once it’s over .
    Read Z.M. You are not keeping well , may you get well soon . Prayers for you dear !

  • Beyond words seriously. Har Raaz Amanat hota hai, Har bhaid apne waqt per khulta hai. This is so real and then one can only say “Hamesha dair ker deta hun main”.

    Thanks for the review Zahra.
    As much as I don;t like sequels to my favorite dramas/novels. I’d love to see the bond and interaction between husna and Master Ibrahim. Maybe an episode (written would be preferred) :P.

    Well I think Momina refers to her journey on Sirat e Muqtaqeem where momin has reached and momina is still on the way. I’ve read the novel and everyone has done complete justice to their roles.

  • u have said everything to say about the episode so i will say no more apart that it was another brilliant episode to watch

    • bye the way don’t worry about us, we can wait for a bit longer as long as u feel well to write the review

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