Alif Last Episode Story Review – Full Circle

Ohkay so, the journey of Alif has come to an end tonight. It is a bitter-sweet moment because as complete as the ending of this drama was, it could’ve easily been extended to a couple of more episodes. I think it was very intelligent on the drama maker’s end where they decided to wrap it up without delaying much because the viewers always come across such dramas which get ruined due to unnecessary dragging & that didn’t turn out to be the case with Alif, this is the reason those who loved tuning to Alif feel the need for a few more episodes because we’re still not done with it.

Full Circle

Everything came in full circle for Qalb e Momin when he got the paintings of Husn e Jahan that Master Ibrahim left for him. He or even Husn e Jahan would’ve never imagined that Qalb e Momin will once again get the possession of his father’s paintings, something that solely belonged to their family & no one else.

Master Ibrahim & Husn e Jahan were married for 5 years. Husn e Jahan died young but in the last years of her life, at least she was in a presence of someone who cherished & appreciated her the most. They did not go much into details but it was hard to believe that Master Ibrahim didn’t know about Husna being Husn e Jahan & on top of that, Abdul Ala’s daughter in law. She used to come once in a while to see Qalb e Momin, so not sure how all these years, Master Ibrahim never really got to know about her son. Also, in one of the previous episodes, the teenager boy they showed as Qalb e Momin looked older to be a 14-15 year old. However, keeping these minute details aside, it is commendable how all the questions were answered because when the previous episode ended, there were quite a few things that were answered, therefore they used this opportunity to leave no loose ends.

Alif Last Episode Story Review - Full Circle

All the things that Abdul Ala said about Husn e Jahan went to show how regretful he was for judging her wrongly & also how keen he was to make things right. He wanted to do good by her that is why he got her married to the man he trusted the most. Master Ibrahim revered Abdul Ala, therefore he could not question him. Another beautiful aspect was how even after finding out about Husn e Jahan, Master Ibrahim never mentioned it to Abdul Ala because he knew, that will put him in an awkward position. The thing that I have loved noticing the most throughout Alif is how they have depicted the respect students have had for their mentors & how they have this beautiful relationship that they share with one another. Master Ibrahim & Abdul Ala’s relationship being one, similarly Momina & Master Ibrahim also shared a special bond where Momina would share everything with him. His death left her devastated but Qalb e Momin found a complete closure because he got to know that the man Abdul Ala chose for Husn e Jahan was one of a kind.

Momin & Momina

Momina & Momin finally found their purpose in life, Momin had to go to Turkey because he made a promise to Abdul Ala, however Momina had to stay where she was because of her parents & the self-assigned duty of carrying the legacy of Master Ibrahim & Husn e Jahan forward. They both decided to go about their own orbits but Momina knew that Momin was always going to wait for her. This part of the ending was bittersweet, because as much as I wanted them to have a happy ending, this one does make a lot of sense. Momina has never believed in rushing things & this is why she decided to take her time. It also showed that she had developed this strong trust in Momin to know that he was going to be there for her. Momina also wanted him to explore his path on his own a bit more, he needed this time to himself, to rediscover & realign his priorities. The bottom line is that they both were at peace after a long time & just having each other’s support was all that they needed at this point to go about their lives.

Alif Last Episode Story Review - Full Circle

The way Momin came to Momina’s house after reading all the letters, it also showed how he had started relying on her for emotional support, he knew she understood him like no one else did, therefore just by telling her what’s in his heart made him feel at ease, it was a very short scene but it showed how in such a short span of time, Momin had grown comfortable around Momina & her presence meant so much to him.

Alif Is A Magical Journey

Alif was a beautiful drama. It spoke about spirituality, judgments, regrets, consequences, thing spinning out of control & then everything falling in its right place – each & every character & its journey had so much to offer. Umera Ahmed once again wrote a perspective altering & thought-provoking script, which allowed people to look into their hearts & just ask simple questions about the purpose of their lives. The most beautiful part – it never ever got preachy & all the dialogues were carefully written which were precise & to the point. Despite being a story of a filmstar, Alif ended up being a story so relatable to general audiences because these are the spiritual & religious struggles everyone is faced with at certain point in their lives. All the characters were not only beautiful but very important to complete the story, therefore all of them contributed in making it a wholesome experience. Each & every character was carefully placed by Umera Ahmed to convey what she wanted to, be it Jahangir or Aqsa, or Neha & even Husn e Jahan’s mother. Coming to the main characters; Abdul Ala, Master Ibrahim, Husn e Jahan, Qalb e Momin, Momina, Sultan, Taha – they were so complete in their own way & when interlinked, they gave us Alif. Manzar Sehbai, Saife Hassan, Saleem Mairaj, Kubra Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan, Pehlaaj Hussain, they all contributed equally towards the success of Alif & the way they breathed life into these characters was phenomenal. All the supporting actors such as Hina Ashfaq, Lubna Aslam, Fareeha Raza, Musaddiq Malik, Yashma Gill, Sadaf Kanwal & Nida Mumtaz also did justice to the roles that were assigned to them. Special mention goes to Pehlaaj Hussain for making all the scenes of young Qalb e Momin so much special with his adorable personality & brilliant acting.

Alif was a team effort & it actually makes me proud as a viewer that we still have such drama-makers who are capable of creating something as magical & beautiful as Alif. The dialogues were some of the best that we have heard, the background instrumental musics were beautiful & hit the right emotion in every scene. The locations were beautiful & the attention to detail paid to create the era of 80’s was a masterstroke. Taha & Qalb e Momin’s homes were my absolute favorite & it also helped in depicting the kind of personalities they had, which goes to show how much attention was paid while making Alif. The flashbacks were used in an apt manner to convey the story brilliantly. Editing, camera work, the overall vibe that the director Haseeb Hassan created was perfect & added more aesthetic value while watching it. The producers, writer, director and all the actors should be extremely proud of themselves & take a bow for a successful project such as Alif. Please share your thoughts about the last episode of Alif.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


    • So true. I cried my eyes out throughout the episode. It’s so hard to believe that such a beautiful journey has come to an end now. This might be the first drama I’ve seen where in all and I mean ALL the characters were so good. They portrayed every emotion they were going through in such a realistic way. Every character made us think. And the part that I loved about this drama was the way they’ve shown that every person can make mistakes. Be it HNJ or Abdul ala. Everyone had their own flaws and regrets and that’s what made Alif so beautiful. the background music was so soothing, the OST was penned down beautifully, the production, direction, make-up…just everything was on point. I don’t think I’ll see a drama this beautiful again. At least not in a very long time. :’)

  • I don’t know any words in any language to describe the plethora of emotions I ( and definitely every other person who felt this story) are feeling.

    Indeeed, Alif has been a journey. I may not be a huge drama buff but according to my knowledge and viewership, I haven’t seen a drama which had such an enormous impact on me.
    I cannot even imagine what my Saturdays will be like from the next week..

    I’m sorry but I’m too overwhelmed with emotions to write further.. but thank you, Zahra. Reading your reviews was an equally integral part of watching Alif. It has been delightful to discuss and comment on this thread. Will surely miss the analysis and conversations we used to have. Until next time!

  • What a soulful journey Alif is!
    So much heartbroken from the fact that not gonna see this masterpiece from next Saturday onward. This is surely the perfect ending where viewers have some questions to think about.
    Kudos to most underrated Haseeb Hassaan for flawless direction. Hamza, Sajal, Kubra, Ahsan, all the actors, in short entire Alif team for making Alif a masterpiece.
    I’m surely gonna watch Alif at least every year, and gonna do it for a decade minimum :)

    • You said it, Hamza. I was thinking to start watching it again from the next week. It is a journey u cannot forget for sure.

    • Hope Mr. Hamza will read my comments……it is the second best drama of your I have seen. The first is Maan mayal n now Alif. I have learnt many good things from these dramas. It has changed my thinking towards life. Alif tought me to keep our deeds in life good ,we will be close to God like a straight line. different religions have different Gods by their teachings r same. Thank you. Hope I get reply.

      • Thanks Maam. I started visiting this forum since Alif first episode. Andi must say all the reviews were rightly justified and our small community of Alif here is just awesome. Stay blessed!

  • Oh !!!! Can’t believe there will be no Alif, next Saturday !!!! Is the ending unexpected ? I mean Momin and Momina moving on with their own missions !!!! After all it is Umera Ahmad and I personally believe that no one handles end as well as her. Also there was ultimate praise of Husne Jahan’s character by both Lala and Ibrahim, but didn’t substantiate with reasons!!!

  • Hope you are doing well now.
    Thank you for the review. The drama delivered great messages and forced us to think and reflect upon all around us. One major takeaway is we should not judge others.
    This will remain my all time favourite show. I will miss this drama. The entire team worked so well. The actors, leading and supporting cast, performed so well. Umera Ahmed wrote such a master piece. The director and remain team also delivered well.

  • Why do good dramas have to end so early!! I felt so heavy hearted thinking of no more Alif from next week and the ending even though was perfect, was shattering. But first, I must commend Umera Ahmed for bringing such a deep drama after such a long time for us. Drama as deep as this is rare due to overload of trashy content these days. And her talent in writing spiritual dramas so effortlessly is beyond amazing and her dialogues even though situational is better than any. And the actors tau ik dum perfect thay apne roles ko jis tareeqe se ada kiya hai wo ik dum zbrdst hai. Kubra Khan was the best she literally was Husn e Jahan. Now Saturdays are going to be boring since no Alif.
    Thank you for ur amazing reviews as they were the cherry on top and were absolutely brilliant they clarified the drama even further.
    Thank you

  • Honestly, this drama deserves more awards than any other drama. The ending was so beautiful and so was this versatile journey.

    • Here Yumna Zaidi does not even get nominated for a performance like she did in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and Iqra Aziz gets two freaking awards for over acting and shrieking at the top of her voice. Better not get your hopes too high :/

      • I agree, we have to make our award shows free and fair for all, especially in recognizing outstanding content. Alif got nominated in almost all categories at PISA but at the end of the day, MPTH walks out with all the awards. Even the Best Writer’s Award!
        Hoping Lux Style Awards do justice to Alif this year and at least recognizes Umera Ahmed and Sajal Ali for the gems they are.

  • It ended…. But left with so many lessons, best part is that every character in this drama taught us something, regret, respect, love, sorrow etc but most importantly never judge anyone by their appearance and only Allah knows the best. It hurts to love and lost but it’s all about courage to stand up and follow right path. Very easy to go with the flow but difficult to go against it. Only Allah swt chooses right people and they passes all the rest hurdles. All the actors were phenomenal. Respect. Feel so heavy hearted as I watch one of the best drama where ending was complete and all questions were answered. Already missing alif.

  • An end of an era! What a bewitching excursion this turned out to be….and this was my favourite episode out of all….the overall theme was sublime and the direction did total justice to the essence of the theme……never OTT…..the subtlety of Alif was its real strength….accentuated the poignancy of the underlying message even more….its hard to tell what was the best aspect about this drama……the acting, the story or the direction…..basically it was a wonderful teamwork…..CONGRATS TEAM ALIF! You really raised the bar high for future dramas…

  • “tumhen taufeeq mil gae hai .. tum jao .. main abhi rasty me hun”
    All that matters is that she’s on her way. Everybody these days is so lost that finding the way is all we need. Phir taufeeq b mil he jani hai..

    Alif hasn’t ended for me. This journey has been so beautiful and pure that it is going to stay with me always.
    I feel a different connection with alif team, the viewers, commenters and you. I’ll keep coming back and experience Alif again.
    Lots of prayers for Alif team and you. Keep reviewing :)

    • ““tumhen taufeeq mil gae hai .. tum jao .. main abhi rasty me hun”
      All that matters is that she’s on her way. Everybody these days is so lost that finding the way is all we need. Phir taufeeq b mil he jani hai”
      …. A very good comment

  • “Hum sab yahi kartay hain na, insanon kay baaray main apnay gumaan par chaltay hain. Yay mannay ko tayar hi nai hotay k agar hum ghalti kar kay badal saktay hain to dusra bhi ghalti sey seekh sakta hai. Tobah kay darwazay par kisi aik insaan ka naam to nahin likha hota”
    So, Alif ended tonight but it will remain in my heart FOREVER!! I can never get over it. The bg music, the acting, lighting, everything was a perfect. Hamza, Sajal, Saif e Hassan, Kubra, Ahsan, Manzar sb, Lubna Aslam, Fareeha, Sadaf kanwal, Musaddiq, Saleem Meiraj, Pehlaaj and the actors who played Shakoor, Jehangir and Jhoomar everyone was just brilliant!!
    The ending scenes and everything was just PERFECT!!
    The scene when Momina comes home after premiere of the film and sees Momin with her parents and then goes into her room and sees ‘safaid gulaab’, SAJAL nailedddd it!!
    Also when Momina said no to going with momin and the way Hamza said ‘KYUN’ 🥺🥺 Alif is one of those rare dramas that has made me cry.

    I think Master Ibrahim didn’t know anything aboutt Husn e Jahan because he wasn’t living in Pakistan at the time of Husn e Jahan’s ‘urooj’ in the film industry. And he came back to Pakistan only when she said that they should move to Pakistan and by that time every one had already forgotten Husn e Jahan. And Husn e Jahan never met Momin in front of Ibrahim. She used to come to Turkey but maybe Master Ibrahim thought that she goes there just to meet Abdul Aala.

    In the end, Thank you so much Zahra for being a part of this journey. Alif is surely going to be remembered as a classic for a long time and has raised the standard for the dramas so high. I have never been able to connect to a drama of recent times this much. I will miss watching Alif and reading reviews and then having the discussions here. Alif was self realization. Alif was something else. Alif was out of this world. ALIF BASSSS!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Exactly, PP. Master Ibrahim was in Milan when Husne Jahan was a big shot actress and then when he came back, he was influenced by Abdul Alla which would account for his aloofness from the entertainment world.
      Another question which I had in mind was that how come HEJ agreed to marry someone whom she didn’t know, when she had come to Turkey for Momin?
      But that thought brought me to Momin’s attitude towards her mother. No mother can endure those taunts, cold looks and hatred. Can u blame her for hoping to find happiness through this wedlock?

      In addition, maybe HEJ married to hide her real identity. People might come to know of someone new living in Abdul Alla’s house but would rather avoid suspicions of Master Ibrahim’s modest wife. I think that’s why HeJ married.

      • Exactly Ibrahim! Also I don’t remember exactly as it has been a year since I have read it but I think there was a scene in novel where Dada tells momin to not to come in front of Husn e Jahan and Ibrahim.
        Yes Husn e Jahan was heart broken and I think she deserved someone who would value her. Momin’s behavior told her that he is not going to love her because he thinks Taha went away because of her.

        • Yess I just read it.. Master Ibrahim also clarifies to Momina that while he was in Italy, he knew nothing of the Pakistani industry, that’s why she didn’t know of HeJ.

  • Beautiful beautiful review for such a beautiful Drama (Y).. Every scene is so perfect and beautiful..
    But I feel there is something missing or may be we want to see more episodes of this outstanding drama.. although it’s so complete and beautiful ending..
    &Have they showed (when did they showed) a scene of teenage Momin, Husne jahan and Dada at Turkey (outside dada’s house), where Momin throw a box towards Husne jahan &Husne jahan left crying from there … this scene is showed in Alif OST but is it missed in drama ???

    • they showed that scene a good while back, it was the boy that played Kinza Hashmi’s brother in the drama Wafa Lazmi To Nahi

  • Loved this drama but I really don’t understand why husn e jahan had to remarry? Why couldn’t Abdul ala support her and have her be Momin’s mom? She would have been happier if she was allowed to be his mom.

    • I felt the same.. although ending is so beautiful, specaily between Momin and momina, but why 2nd marriage in this way is necessary, isn’t more painful for Momin &Husne jahan too that they have to live separate and husne jahan couldn’t meet Momin easily as his mother.. or dada can ask master later about Husne jahan’s son .. as Master start loving Husna as wife, and He does respect Ala shb so that after Husna died, when he came to know about that husna is husne jahan , he never asked Ala shb to embrace him..

    • Actually in the novel it was shown that when husne jahan went to Turkey at abdul alas place momin refused to meet her. And threw all the gifts she had brought for him.therefore abdul ala decided to get her married so she would be able to lead a normal life even after losing momin and taha

      • She was married to Master Ibrahim at that time because her son says you only care for the person you have married

        • Shahnaz you are thinking to the scene when she went to see him 5 years later when Momin was a teenager, but i don’t know why they cut out this scene which would have been when she escaped from her mother to go to be with Momin

      • In ost there is also a scene that teenage Momin throw some stuff but are they not show this in the drama

  • What a wonderful journey Alif has been. In addition to the story, the acting by each and every cast member, and the director’s attention to details has been amazing. What I loved about the ending was the completion of painting “Allah Noor us Samawate Wal Arz ” by Qalb e Momin, the same painting left incomplete by Taha implying the journey left incomplete by Taha was completed by QeM.

  • I am at a loss for words. But what an intelligent,soulful and spiritual journey this drama took us into. First time I was completely at peace with the not “so called” happy ending. The reason being it was on a level above the mundane.👏👏👏

  • ہم سب یہی کرتے ہیں نا، انسانوں کے بارے میں اپنے گمانوں پر چلتے ہیں۔ یہ ماننے کو تیار ہی نہیں ہوتے کہ ہم غلطی کرکے بدل سکتے ہیں تو دوسرا بھی غلطی سے سیکھ سکتا ہے۔ تو بہ کے دروازے پر کسی ایک انسان کا نام تو نہیں لکھا ہوتا۔
    Alif is a masterpiece ❤️ Applause for the team of Alif!
    Your reviews were equally amazing!

  • Loved the review – well written.

    Yes, agree what a beautiful drama!! Alif had so much to offer. So, well scripted and portrayed too. Each character had a role to play. The friendship of Aqsa, Suraiya’s love for Sultan and his decisions, Dawood’s care for people around… these characters shared small portions on the screen, yet so powerful. The other main characters!!!! Phew! Each one had an impact of their own.

    The story around Momin and Momina connecting with the various characters is really well captured. The dialogues are subtle and impactful. Loved the way they have wrapped the last episode. Huge take away – this serial shows us that if you are satisfied from within, then nothing really matters. Brings out the various forms of love and the turbulences that love brings along. Team Alif, well done!

  • Good review.
    You did an amazing job.
    But for me the loose ends didn’t meet each other.
    Husne jahan left Pakistan to live with her son for whom she struggled so much but instead she ends up married the reason for which was not shown, she could have happily lived with abul alaa and momin all her life.and nothing was shown about taha, something should have been cleared about the fact that how he was remorseful about leaving his wife and kid on their own.
    The only part i liked about the whole script was momina’s story, she was a strong confident and intelligent girl and i think they should show more and more characters like momina in the dramas unlike the roti dhoti characters which are getting annoying day by day.
    Please i would like you to review pyaar ke sadkey as it is one of my fav dramas these days different from other cliched dramas.

  • Gr8 review of a gr8 drama, im sad like others that it has ended, this was one of my most awaited dramas , it started with a bang, somewhere in the middle lost the pace, and got back towards the end. Im not 100% satisfied. It was excellent story, excellent cast, outstanding performances, gr8 chemistry, gr8 dialogues, but I felt that some loose ends were left, a few things were not convincing and the slow pace was not needed at times, a few repetitive scenes in the middle could’ve been avoided to give more space to Momin-Momina scenes, I always waited for Hamza-Sajal scenes, whatever were got we magical, but needed more, and the background music could’ve been better specially during romantic scenes.

    Hamza and Sajal make u really emotional in the last episode and their scenes together prove that they have one of the best chemistry ever. Its ok, atleast there is a hope at the end that Sajal will someday go back to hamza, so it was fine, but not very convincing of her to stay back. Liked the scene where they show Sultan, his wife and hamza enjoying together, watching the movie, and having a nice time. Showed the special bonding between them.

    Don’t understand why Sajal while talking to Momin abt his mother addreses HEJ as HEJ, , also Abdul Alaa as Abdul Alaa. She should show respect, as Abdul Alaa Saab, or, your mother…. A few scenes, or 1 episode should have been dedicated to HEJ’s good deeds, ok it was proved that she had pure character, but how do we believe about her greatness, what special she has done in her life, she left her world and loved Taha selflessly, fine, and she must have taken care of Master Ibrahim too, a few scenes were needed to depict that. If Abdula Alaa got HEJ married to Master to save her from the world, then he could have easily convinced Momin and after some time, he could have sent him to Master too, or atleast he could have changed Momin’s mind about his mother.

    Anyways the performances by everyone was a highlight. Wish the editing and the non linear format of past and present was handled better, bcoz everytime a good scene came in present, they broke that flow and took us back to past.

    I would love to see Hamza-Sajal in another drama for sure, they were magical to say the least. And Kubra Khan was a revelation in this drama, she played the main protagonist in such a multi starrer and she handled her role very well. Abdul Alaa and Sultan got the biggest and most important roles apart from the lead, and they were also amazing.

  • I never understood why Momina’s character had this unending streak of sadness. All through the drama Momina comes across a sad person. I had hoped that with good times Momina would become a bit happier but she stays the same sad girl till the end. There was an undercurrent of sadness in her. One word about Sajal Ali – I will remember her for Alif, portraying Momina so beautifully. This should be her best performance so far. The sadness in Momina’s character is so akin to Sajal Ali’s own personality. Her eyes exude that sadness and vulnerability. When she says in the end that she needs to complete her journey – it left me moist eyed.

    • Momina get way to Allah. I don’t think any other thing give happiness and peace more than that. Alif is more like a journey of each individual for finding his/her way to his/her creator. Sajal is always phenomenal in every drama. I still remember Sassi of O rangreza, she made me cried there too.

  • A very apt review as always. Your attention to detail leaves nothing further to add to the review.
    Brilliant performance by everyone. Sajal & Hamza just nailed their characters to perfection along with everyone else.
    Great work team ALIF!

  • Nice review. Momin did not go back to Turkey as per promise but out of his sheer own wish. The promise he made to Abdul Ala was that he would go if the film flops which did not happen. There are two little critics; one when they showed the tombstone of Jehangir, it had جانگیر written on it instead ofجہانگیر۔ . It was written in bold and shown repeatedly. The other one is HSJ and Abul Ala pronounced the word بڑھائی instead of بڑائی of Allah. Another point that I found confusing was, how did Taha’s paintings ended up at master Ibrahim’s house? When Husn e Jehan had given them to Sultan to be sold off.
    It was a heart touching drama. One of the best I must admit.

    • In previous episode they showed momina gave those paintings to master ibrahim so that he can sell them to get money for jahangir’s treatment.. sultan gave it to momina to get them sold..

    • Another thing I noticed was that ‘طہ’ (correct spelling of Taha) was written as ‘طحہ’ (incorrect spelling) occasionally, like on Husn-e Jahan’s letters to Taha shown in the last episode … don’t know how these mistakes were made, but drama was superb so I can look past these mistakes. Also, in the novel I think I remember seeing ‘السلام علیکم’ written as ‘السلام و علیکم’, which is wrong.
      Despite being an excellent drama, the last thing that bothered me was some of the innapropriate dressing, like in an earlier episode Shelly’s dress that showed her knees or two episodes ago there was a poster in Momin’s studio that showed the bare back of a woman. Even if they were trying to show that many people in show business nowadays dress contrary to Islamic modesty, these inappropriate dressings should not have been shown in a strongly religious drama whose focus was man’s journey back to Allah SWT. Another very minor thing in the same fashion was some of the hand holding and hugging between Momin and Momina, although this is very very minor in comparison to the other things.

    • I think because when HEJ gave the paintings to sultan to sell, and when he tried selling them and realized they were mostly worthless, he kept them and instead sold his house and borrowed money from his wife to give to HeJ and lied saying they were sold so she could have the money. Then later when sultan really needed the money, gave them to momina to sell, who ended up selling to master ibrahim.

  • Tootta hai roz dil kaise jorun mai ise
    Basta umeedon ka hai roz kholon main ise ❣️
    Best lyrics saved for the end

  • Hi Zahra, though you don’t reply to everyone but to selected few or replies only on first day of your review which i miss each time, i decided that today i will not reply to your review at all or just say “very superb episode & very nice review”. However i turned down my inner voice because doing this way i will do injustices. Injustice to the beautiful episode containing brilliant closure, great performances and excellent direction. Injustice to my own self who liked to comment very detailed when something like me most. And lastly injustice to your beautiful review where you notices all minute details perfectly and puts your own view about the things; for example in this review you mentioned about the interior of the two houses. Very keen and really praise worthy observation. Anyways, let my complaint aside, i can’t resist myself to express about last episode.
    I liked the closure for Momin and Momina not together for now, because Momina live the life of Husn e Jahan, not only through the script & shooting but also through the real life characters related to her. She knew how exactly her relationship started in haste & without a second thought with Taha and that’s why she chose for not rushing with Momin like that. The distances and planned approach from either sides will help in building a stronger & last longing relationship. Another good point from your review was about Teacher-student relationship, you noticed and detailed very well. I liked the change in film title to “Husn e Jahan se Husna banne ka safar”, because just the title like Story of Husne Jahan will depict that you are telling the story of a rise & fall of an actress called Husn e jahan, but changed title showing that becoming Husna is actually a Blessing. The story was also about being faithful to someone so much that you die but secrets will not be out; i mean here Sultan & Master Ibrahim.All the lead cast Sajal, Hamza, saleem Meraj, saifee and manzar sehbai & Umera ahmed were far excellent beyond the word itself. Thanks Zahra for excellent reviews throughout the journey of Alif and allowing us to share our thoughts. See you later with some interesting drama.

  • Nice reviews Zahra. You had a special dedication towards this play.
    Ending was exceptional and truly filmsy. Marriage is not always the last resort. For me ending was complete as there was nothing to stretch (momina & momins track was already not explored enuf and stretching it to their marriage only would have been a disaster).
    I started with negative feelings for this play and I still have average feelings nonetheless. It was supposed to be a soul stirring slow burning play but all it did was building the mystery slowly and then slowly slowly reveal it for those who hadnt guessed by then. It would have been altogether different game if they focused on present situations of Momina or HusneJaha either rather than building a mystery for nothing. These lessons would have been far better fetched if the centre point wasnt the mystery.
    Rumis idea of “I will meet you there” is also suddenly misplaced.
    Despite all its flaws it remains a special play and atleast a decent attempt in these times with highly cliched plays. Umera can write much better hope she gets in full form again for her next drama series. Also eager to read your next reviews for another play.

  • i loved this ending, it was perfect just like the rest of the drama & of course ur beautiful review was brilliant as always

  • Husne jahan was married off by Abdul Aala bcoz that was the best way to prevent her from being exploited at the hands of vultures.

  • Alif was a beautiful beautiful play. Loved Watching it. It was so satisfying to see it’s execution as a novel reader. All the actors the directors and every one else did a brilliant job.Hamza and sajal were brilliant today! I loved the premire scene and ocfcourse the last momina momin scene. The very last scene was my favourite though! The while reading the novel i was not really satisfied with the end but drama mai it made sense . But i still wish momin and momina went together and we got some more scenes of them .Any ways Alif was indeed a masterpiece and one of the bestt plays of the decade. Loved reading your reviews throughout!❤

  • Rooh ko azaad kar, jism ko sukoon de
    Qalandari uraan bhar , kya his agar par nahi
    Not only drama, but this ost will also remain in my list forever. What a beautiful composition 👏👏. Alif is soul stirring drama, it made you cried, it give you sleepless night. You will be thinking that what were you doing with your life. What is the purpose of your life? Hatts off to every actor.

  • Why can’t we have more plays like Alif?! What a soulful journey. It certainly made one sit down and reflect. Umera Ahmed is a wonderful writer with several brilliant plays to her credit but Alif is in a league of its own. And I agree that every performance made it’s Mark no matter what the character but a special mention to Hamza Ali Abbassi. We know now that this is his swan song and it was an immaculate performance. I for one will surely miss him on screen!

  • I saw the drama Alif for Sajal ali,but it was somme otherway spiritually, every character was a strong one in itself, special ally father of Momin and Ibrahim,