AllahYar and The Legend Of Markhor Second Teaser Out!

AllahYar and The Legend Of Markhor is an upcoming Pakistani animated film. The film will focus on conservation of nature and will show AllahYar’s adventures. The animation is out of this world and the movie looks of very high standards. The first teaser looked interesting and the second one is no less. This one shows the kind of dangers AllahYar and his friends will face. The movie seems to have a comic touch to it too. Here watch the second teaser of the movie:

Teaser 2

And the wait ends! The 2nd Teaser is here! Watch it in HD!#AYATLOM #PurelyPakistani #3rdWorldStudios #AnimatedFilm #Comingthiswinter #3dAnimation #PakistaniCinema #PakistaniMovie #Allahyar #Hero #Filmmmaking #Markhor #Conservation

Публикувахте от Gluco, Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor в Петък, 27 октомври 2017 г.

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Pakeeza Dar