Khamoshi Episode 4 Review- Don’t Let Atif Slip Away!

The name of this play matches the main theme extremely well. It has shown how after getting betrayed and hurt by the ones you love most in the world, the only thing left behind is silence. Arsala has accepted her fate as she knows her family wants money more than they want her. She has submitted to all the ill-doings of Haseena because she knows there will be no one to look out for her. Amber Khan has really played the part of Haseena well. She looks really spiteful and makes a viewer hate her, which is what this character is meant to do. Mudassir chacha is a weak character and has accepted defeat from his wife’s hot-headedness since long. In today’s episode when he finally tried to show some backbone by sending Arsala back, she was not willing to do so as she has realized that it is her fate to suffer in silence for her family.

Atif finally talked to Arsala but the scene was more like that of some Indian soap where you don’t listen to the other person and keep pressing your own thoughts. Though he didn’t trust Arsala’s story he still didn’t give her any reassurance either which shows that his character is determined but not strong. Naima, on the other hand, succeeded to get her mother think of her objectives finally. With Atif getting a job, she made her mom realize that they should not let the acha larka slip away. So what Arsala has become an ATM, we will marry off our other daughter to Atif. The best scene of tonight’s episode was where Atif explained Shehnaz’s nature to his mother. He thoroughly explained that she is selfish and greedy and the income has blinded her from her daughter’s well-being.

Shehnaz will now try to impress her sister with the ghareloo skills of Naima since they are not willing to marry Arsala. Naima as always was trying to drill ugly stuff about Arsala in Atif’s head and though he insulted Naima, the guy is falling to all these confusions. The only objective of the family seems to keep a hold on Atif now because he has his own house, a job and just a mother at home. Shehnaz didn’t even think about Arsala’s feelings who has been betrothed to the same man since childhood. She does not want to let him slip away and will try that her sister takes Naima’s proposal in Arsala’s replacement. Sabir is the only super happy person in the drama right now. He was glad to hear what Arsala told Atif and to decrease the bojh of the household, he is ready to marry Naima to Atif despite hating Atif to his core.

This episode also focused on the ill-treatment of house helps in our society. We see these people getting beaten on mere things and find it normal ke ye aise hi chalte hain. We also crush their self-respects the same way Haseena did to Arsala like they are our slaves as we are paying them to help with the housework. This episode focused on how people even do not forgive their own children for material gains.

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Pakeeza Dar

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