O Rangreza Episode 14 Review – Interesting!

Ohkay so, if we watch this drama as it unfolds without expecting the story to be clear on its purpose, then it surely is enjoyable to watch. Even though the message that the writer is trying to convey has now become a bit too repetitive, I still had a good time watching this episode.

It was interesting to see how Khayyam & Sassi were both struggling to be who they were as they both were falling short of the confidence they had on themselves only because they gave too much power to others to have over them. Sassi & Khayyam’s dispute hasn’t subsided but it has settled for now but it was noteworthy that the father-daughter duo was faced with the similar sort of situation. For the first time Khayyam was unsure of himself because of Sonia & similarly, Sassi was unsure of herself because of Wajih.

I must say, I liked how it was shown that the source which was an inspiration to Khayyam for his writing & the source whose love made Khayyam feel self-assure was now also the reason behind him feeling like a failure. Where Khayyam’s love for Sonia Jahan gave him this confidence, it also shattered his confidence this time around. This was something that I enjoyed watching when I analyzed it. Similarly, even though Sassi’s sudden love for Wajih has no justification at the moment, even she felt like a nobody due to how Wajih was treating her by not accepting her or her feelings.

To be honest, as much as I like Qasim’s character, I felt disapponted even more when I saw him settling for such meaningless life whereas he could’ve done so well for himself if he had chosen to stay out of this messy situation. I don’t get why Qasim had to personally come to be all ears to Sassi & her feelings, because he could’ve listened to her & advised her over letters too. Qasim chose to come back so that he could play the role of Sassi’s chauffeur & settle for a beating from Tipu? Like really? Even though as much as their scenes together are enjoyable, I so wanted to see Qasim doing something to make his presence felt in this family. I totally found Wajih’s question apt where he asked Qasim ‘kya tum sab pagal ho’, even I am finding it hard to take them all seriously too because like Wajih said, they don’t seem normal!

I am still annoyed with Tipu’s character but for the first time I saw the reason why he was a part of the story. Sassi thinks just by supporting Tipu’s love for Meena, she will be able to get the support back when she will need it in regards to her love for Wajih, but I am sure she is gravely mistaken. Sassi is repeating her mistake where she blindly supported Khayyam’s love for Sonia thinking he will let her choose the path that she wanted but that didn’t happen, so I believe she will go through that again when Tipu will refuse to support her. Once again Sassi’s trust will be shattered & once again out of all the people she will have Qasim by her side!

Meena & Mumtaz’s scene was sweet. It was like Meena could see the pain in Mumtaz’s eyes & may be because she herself has seen someone dear to her going through the same experiences, she can not only feel but relate to that pain as well. I think after Qasim, may be Meena will feel for Mumtaz.

So Sassi chose to let Wajih know what she is made of & that riled Wajih up so much that he ended up meeting Khayyam to give him a piece of his mind. Well, this was something that I said in my earlier reviews when Khayyam took Sassi to see Sonia’s shooting that Khayyam Sani is a coward who uses ladies of the family as a sheild. So, Wajih Kamal used the exact same words for Khayyam & what he said was spot on. Khayyam is someone who needs a supportive punching bag by his side every single time, that is why now that Sonia is gone he is being dependant on Mumtaz for his selfish reasons whereas she is being sincere in extending support to her husband!

Anyways, overall this episode was quite interesting & I had a great time watching it. The acting of Sajal Ali is a treat to watch & I love her as Sassi. I am sure no other actor could’ve done a better job at portraying Sassi the way Sajal has done. The preview of the next episode suggested that Tipu will finally unleash his conservative side, though I am not interested in Tipu, I am keen to see Sassi’s reaction. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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