Yaar e Bewafa Episode 17 Review – Flashbacks!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yaar e Bewafa tried to stir some sympathy for a negative character but I am not sure showing it after 16 weeks was a good idea because it is a long time for the viewers to form a definite opinion about a character so not sure why did the writer & director think this was a good idea or if it was going to work!

This episode was all about Saleem & his guilt which surfaced after Zaid had a conversation with him & tried to knock some sense into him & finally it worked but still I wasn’t a fan of all the flashbacks or how good Saleem used to be.

So Amna was an orphan living with her relatives when Saleem’s mother saw her & chose her for her son. It was good to see that Saleem & Amna did have a good marital life when things were working for Saleem, but then again, I want to have an insight into Amna’s character a bit more. Yes, we do get it that just because Saleem did so much for her in the beginning, she is returning it back to him but still I need to know what’s more behind that too good to be true facade.

Saleem got the news that he is terminally ill & no medication, nothing can save him, which further forced him to do something good for his family, even if it meant allowing his son to meet Zaid. I will say I teard up when I saw Saleem put shoes on Omar’s small feet. That child deserves all the happiness in the world & it was good to see Saleem doing at least something for him. Amna’s cluelessness was once again odd, like why couldn’t she put two & two together that after Zaid’s visit, Saleem was behaving differently so Zaid must’ve been the reason behind this change in Saleem?

Zaid & his friend’s conversations about Amna have become a bit too repetitive, it’s like they have nothing else to talk about & even when they do talk about Amna, it is all related to how Zaid is creating troubles for her! Anyways, looks like the story is going to move forward with Saleem’s exit & then it will be all about Zaid convincing Amna to accept his proposal, which I want to see happening. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yaar e Bewafa.

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