Alvida – Episode 14

I must say that Shehzad Kashmiri’s direction has given this drama the edge it needed to stand out in the crowd. The beautifully shot scenes which are perfectly timed actually help understand the characters even better when they don’t say much. The fact that the camera focuses on a character only for as long as it is needed really helps because I have watched many dramas in which a scene loses its significance and does not hold your attention only because the camera stays on a certain character for much longer than needed. Short but significant scenes like the one in which Haya is sitting on the stairs waiting for Haadi but runs to her room when he comes and peeps out of her door to take one look at him, Haadi’s body language and expressions after Farisa asks him to sleep in the other room and so many more went to show that sometimes less is more! The way the actual feelings of the characters were shown in this manner and the feelings which they were faking were conveyed through dialogues was a very nice mix. The essence of those hidden feelings would have been lost if the scenes showing them were not shot the way they had been shot.

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It was quite evident in tonight’s episode that Haadi too knows only too well that He and Haya are meant to be together but the odds are against them. Haadi is married and Haya is about to get married – non of that makes sense because Haadi does not love Farisa and Haya has no such feelings for Rameez either but since both of them know that there is no way that both of them can be together therefore they need to move on. Haadi does not even want to admit that he has feelings for Haya because he is married and has a child. Unlike the last episode in this episode we saw Haadi convincing Haya to go ahead with the marriage which meant that Rameez’s hard work was paying off! Haadi is finally convinced that Rameez will keep Haya happy therefore he no longer has a problem with Haya marrying him. Farisa and Saim are getting close to the point that Farisa does not feel the need to work on her relationship with her husband any more. Haadi and Farisa are constantly finding ways to hurt each other.

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Haya’s room was beautifully decorated, very esthetically pleasing as usual! It was weird though that someone as liberal as Haya’s Tayee was confining her to a room like that. I wouldn’t have expected someone like Haya to go along with such an idea but apparently she did not have a problem with being a traditional bride.

The highlight of this episode had to be the way Haya and Haadi’s feelings for each other were shown; they found it impossible to let go of each other. Also the manner in which Rameez’s insecurities were highlighted in this episode went to show that he had the sort of connection with Haya that he could understand that all was not good yet he was willing to take the risk. Haya’s conversation with her Tayee showed what she was really feeling but she would never admit her true feelings in front of anyone else except Haadi.



Sanam Jung looked very pretty and acted exceptionally well all through tonight’s episode. Imran Abbas made me feel for Haadi’s character which is actually shaping out to be good! Sara Khan and Zahid Ahmed are performing their roles really well. The scene in which the Khala was checking out how heavy the gold set was made me laugh! Where was Haya’s Taya in this episode?



The preview of the next episode showed that Haya will soon find out that she made a huge mistake by getting married to someone she did not love. Moving on is not that simple and getting married does not solve any problems but it creates more problems. Rameez expects Haya to love him…will she be able to do that when she still has feelings for Haadi?

Overall, this episode of Alvida yet again made it very easy for me to relate to all the characters and I can’t wait to find out how the story unfolds in the upcoming episode. Thank you Samira Fazal, Shehzad Kashmiri and all the actors who are part of this show for keeping us hooked to Alvida till now.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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