Alvida – Episode 15

I must say that I am no longer on the fence about this drama but on the contrary I am completely sold! There are some developments in the play which most of us were anticipating because of the twists and turns which the promos of the play had already revealed but the way the story is being taken forward is definitely not easy to predict. I wasn’t expecting Rameez’s character to be this sneaky; I was expecting him to take his anger out on Haya instantly and I was most definitely not expecting him to give Haya and Haadi an opportunity to be alone just so that he could confirm his suspicions and that too after the marriage. Rameez’s reaction however is not difficult to relate to at all, the man has some serious issues and I must say that Samira Fazal is good at crafting such characters. Rameez obviously knew already that Haya and Haadi had feelings for each other that is why he made an excuse to go away and then spy on them. Rameez’s character definitely has my attention now even more than ever because after watching tonight’s episode I am quite sure that we are in for a ride we won’t forget! The fact that Rameez took pictures of Haya and Haadi when they were holding hands went to show that he intends to hold on that moment! He has no intentions of forgetting what his wife was upto behind his back which would mean that he is someone who can harbour a lot of grudge in his heart without letting any of it show. Rameez is clingy and annoying and that ought to be punishment enough for Haya!!

The best part of this episode was that Farisa had absolutely nothing to do with what is about to go wrong with Haya’s life. It is really good to see Farisa not obsessing with Haya but digging a trap for her own self. Saim’s re-entry had to be one of the most intelligent twists in the story otherwise watching Farisa fret over Haadi and Haya for rest of the drama wouldn’t have been appealing at all. Farisa and Saim intend to meet more often now and something big is bound to happen before Saim returns to the US.

I wasn’t expecting Haya to put up with abuse in the given situation therefore I am very happy that Rameez did not reveal anything just yet. Things however changed a great deal in tonight’s episode. The way Haadi pushed Haya away once again will definitely bruise her ego. Haya had just started trusting Haadi once again with her true feelings for him only because Haadi gave her that confidence but now that Haadi has asked her to leave him alone because he knows that there is no point of making Haya feel like he even wants her around Haya will make sure that she stays away from him. Tayee’s advice to Haadi was the primary reason why he decided to tell Haya off, he realized that he could not continue leading Haya on because that would ruin her marriage. Haadi definitely feels a lot more for Haya than he shows but he is a realistic man who puts practical aspects of situations ahead of anything else. Haadi is also convinced that Rameez will keep Haya happy therefore he has absolutely no reason to make Haya feel like he has any kind of feelings for her.

Farisa and Haadi did not have a relationship to begin with but whatever chances there were of these two ever getting closer to one another are completely dead and buried now. Farisa is clearly in love with Saim all over again perhaps because she is getting all the luxuries she needs by being Haadi’s wife and all she needs now is love! Otherwise Farisa is not the kind of woman who would compromise on her lifestyle! Haadi is in the process of falling in and out of love with Haya therefore his priorities lie somewhere else too. This drama truly depicts how a wrong decision regarding marriage made in haste and for all the wrong reasons can ruin so many lives.

Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung stole the show yet again; every expression and every gesture was spot on! Zahid Ahmed is brilliant as a man who hides more than he reveals about his personality. I love the way every single scene in this episode was shot with perfection. Haya looked like she had seen a ghost when Rameez entered the room dressed up like a groom. Haadi looked terrified at his latest “discovery” as he sat beside Haya in the hospital. I must give the director full marks for ensuring that Haya wore her wedding dress even in the hospital because a change of clothing would have appeared strange.

Taya Abu came to pick Haya from her house and was also there at the hospital but we did not see him again in this episode, it would have been better if we were told that he had to go abroad since it is quite obvious that for some reason Mahmood Aslam could not be there when these episodes were being shot therefore making a good excuse for his character’s disappearance would have been much better than making the viewers feel like he is around but we can’t seem him! Haya’s suitcase when she was leaving for her Taya’s house was a little too big but these little things don’t change the fact that overall this was a very engaging episode which made it very easy for me to relate to the recent developments.

Even though the preview of the next episode suggested something entirely different but I am not expecting Rameez to show his true colors this soon. I really don’t want to witness excessive abuse on screen and I am quite sure too that Shehzad Kashmiri will not put us through that torture. He has kept things very subtle and decent till now and I expect nothing different from him in the future too.

Thank you team Alvida for another entertaining episode which kept me hooked to the TV screen and gave me something to look forward to.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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