Why was Amber Khan Slapped by her ex-husband?

Domestic violence is one of the greatest things that can crack or totally shatter a marital relationship. After all this relationship is supposed to be built on love, care and respect. If your partner says or does something horrible enough, are you justified in issuing a slap across the face? According to me, no. There can be many reasons that may cause a rise in your temper but taking it out on another person by physically abusing them is not the way. We have been blessed with a tongue, a functional mind, so why not use it and lay out your arguments than causing any physical harm? However, condemning physical abuse doesn’t change the fact that thousands of women and men are involved in such a relationship in our country. It is, in fact, a great concern that we can’t sort out our arguments in a civilized manner and rather prefer to voice them in the form of hurting someone physically. Amber Khan who once hosted a very popular morning show, shared her experience regarding the matter in an interview on ARY Zindagi. She explained her ex-husband’s reason for slapping her but what’s appreciable here is her stand after the incident:


Arsala Khalid