Juggan Kazim With Her Husband in France!

Juggan is famous Pakistani actress, model and morning show host. She is one of the most hardworking actress and host of our Entertainment Industry.Her hard work hasn’t been in vain and she has become a very well recognized celebrity of our Industry. The famous host hasn’t had a very smooth marital life, though. She returned to Pakistan from Canada in 2004 and got married to Adnan Ghafoor but the couple got divorced after a year of marriage as according to Juggan, her husband used to physically abuse her. The wedding bells again rang for our star on 27th July, 2013 when she got married to Feisal H Naqvi. The couple seems to be living a happy married life and even share a baby boy. Juggan has put her bad past behind her and is enjoying what life has to offer her now. Here are some pictures of her and her husband while they were in Paris, France:

Arsala Khalid