Reema Khan’s Pictures with her Family !

Reema Khan is the queen of Pakistan Film Industry, no doubt about her. She’s not only a pretty face but also an intelligent and elegant woman. She has managed to avoid scandals damaging her reputation so well that every person in the Entertainment Industry respects and acknowledges her talents. She’s not only an amazing actress but also a successful director and producer. Reema has has acted in over 200 films since 1992.Of course the head turner got noticed by Bollywood but rejected all offers saying that she wants to be in an Industry where respect for her lasts. In India, if the Hindu Extremist Parties gain the upper hand she’ll have to come back with nothing but lost dignity. This Pakistani beauty remained single till 2011 when she got married to Pakistani-American cardiologis S. Tariq Shahab and gave birth to her first child Ali Shahab in 2015. Here are some pictures of Reema with her family:

Arsala Khalid