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Amir Bhai is Back

Entertainment Media has objectified religion by making it a tool they occasionally use for their benefit which clearly is to get better ratings. Each Ramzan we see ramzan transmissions most of which focus on entertainment more than on the blessings of the holy month which eventually becomes secondary. Religion clearly forbids us from being judgmental about others since its between individuals and Allah (SWT), however there are certain situations where voice should be raised. I am simply stating my observations based on facts, I am not being judgmental, and my observations can be flawed and might differ from yours.

I haven’t seen a person more bashed on social media than Amir Liaquat (except our former president :P) yet he is donned with garlands of praise and appreciation for getting highest TRPS. I would not go into discussing the reasons of people watching or attending his shows, but now that Geo Tv has made the lives of viewers hell by narrating his achievements every five minutes it has become unbearable more than ever. There are some other of his achievements that Geo Tv is not very proud about revealing.

Firstly his achievement of Doctorate; few years ago Mubashir Luqman conducted a program on the unauthenticity of Amir Liaquat’s degrees. He managed to get hold of Amir Liaquat’s degrees which he showed as a proof. Not only there were doubts about the institution of doctorate, the chronology of the preceding degrees was also ambiguous.

Second achievement is the conduction of his Ramzan transmission; a religious transmission where inappropriate language, topics and behavior are predominant, for example “tumhara chakar chal raha hai”, inquiring about girlfriend and insulting behavior with Taher Shah respectively. Apart from insulting Taher Shah, inviting a singer was inappropriate in the first place and that too for singing purpose. The scandal of Amir Liaquat of few years ago which became viral for the inappropriate language and reference of Indian movie and song shouldn’t be forgotten either. Amir Liaqaut’s dressing somehow gives it the aura of a fancy dress show through which he publicizes his own boutique.


Last but not the least; I would refer to Amir Liaquat Hussain’s column titled “Kuttay” regarding Mubashir Luqman published in November 2013. I understand they had some sort of clash going on, but was the kind of language used by Amir Liaquat appropriate and justified for a religious scholar? Is this how a sane being, a scholar well versed in religious literature should defend himself instead of answering the objections and queries? On the other hand Dr. Ziauddin’s series of columns entitled “Madari” addressed to Amir Liaquat Hussain where he raised many pertinent points regarding Aman Ramzan transmission says all.
Despite all these flaws and contradictions the show highest rating and popularity is a point worth pondering. At the end of the day this fault lies more on part of the viewers than the makers of such programs who are needlessly glued to such programs, hence making them a HIT. I wouldn’t have any problems with the program only if it is purely entertainment; I hope they stop using crutches of religion to support their programs which of course is beyond imagination since after all the popularity and success Amir Liaquat jald araha hai!

P.S. I refrained from addressing him as DR because I have my doubts about his degree; I will gladly recant if proved otherwise!

Faiza Cheema

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