Amir Liaqat And Adnan Sami Exchange Ugly Twitter Fight

Amir Liaqat has recently got involved in twitter exchange along with Adnan Sami khan. Adnan Sami khan retweeted a random tweet of a pakistani guy who said that ask from Abhinandan how was the tea and in reply to that Adnan Sami tweeted that.

“Yes..He went..Shot an F-16 down; Had a cup of tea..came back..Got a ‘Vir Chakra’- Cool!👍😉

To this false fact stating Amir liaqat took a jab at him and tweeted

“Yes.. He went… shot his identity and spit on the graves of his forefathers had a betrayal drink.. got hatred from Pakistan .., Fool”

And it didn’t stop when Adnan Sami replied again and tweeted that

“Only a pimple of an existence like that would derive this from it’s unimaginative pedestrian molecule of a mind which is why you lead a pathetic life eating off others name in order to seek validation of your otherwise non consequential self!Enjoy!😄”

And it didn’t stop just right here and Amir liaqat replied back

” Only an abcess filled with the pus of hatred and narcissism would’ve  to write gibberish all the time to seek validation & prove his patriotism all the time, your TL is more about Pakistan than your ownself so we all know who is living a pathetic life.I know you’re undercover 🤫 ”

He again replied with another tweet

” My frustrated eunuch!Actually you’re the breaking out of a rash on mucous membrane,disease is incurable,you are suffering from Identity crisis that’s why doing weird things.I don’t know which part of your body is suffering from pimple kapadia &why she is erupting again and again? “.

Well it all started from a random tweet and the drama got worsen when Amir liaqat couldn’t bear Adnan Sami’s false statement about Abhinandan shot dead f16, obviously this fabricated story put every patriotic pakistani in rage as there is no such thing happened ever.

Amir liaqat has said he (Abhinandan) came to Pakistan and lost his identity and earned disrespect for his countrymen drank tea and went back. He also said that you have lost your identity and that is the incurable disease you are suffering from he also  said that don’t know which part of your body is suffering from pimple kapadia and it was a clear jab at Adnan Sami well it for sure shows we have many twitter defenders and are currently active.

Mehwish Hayat, Veena Malik, Faysal Quraishi Amir Liaqat and Armeena Rana khan from media fraternity are not quiet at all when it comes to Indian wrath, hatred and obnoxious propaganda.

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  • “pohunchi wahan par khaq jahan ko khameer tha”
    Adnan Sami jaysay Haram khoron say Allah hamray mulq ko bachay. ameen

  • Adnan swami 🤔 if love india no matter or b love karo buhut ziada love karo… par at least pak ko bura keh kar namak harami tho nahe karo na… weight k 7 7 aqal ko shaid swami jee ne kam kya hei….
    Watan maa jaise hoti
    Apne maa k bare mein sharam karoooo

  • Adnand Sami wrost decision was to take Indian nationality,he thought he would become big in India ,with BW association ,but what did he get,no work. Not heard any great music, from him,he should have realized that BW is a Mafia family ,they do not like outsiders,they have still not accepted the khan ,plus,Muslim artist like dilip kumar had to change his name from Yusuf khan ,so their goes secular India!The 3 puppets khans ,posters were burned,films banned when they spoke about anti Muslims activities in India. Adnand Sami khan, is living in extremist India, with not much respect!

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