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Animals you can keep as pets

Pets give companionship, entertainment, support and even guard their owners. Isn’t it amazing how well humans and animals can bond while entering into this unique relationship of love and care. Have a look at our list of animals you can keep as pets in your humble abode:


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Dogs are a man’s best friend. And rightfully so! Dogs are extremely loyal to their owners and take care of them as much as the owner does. Dogs can be kept for safety as well as companions. Not all dogs are safe around children as different breeds of dogs are suitable for different purposes. It is advisable to buy puppies for children such as Shih Tzu puppies while German Shepherds are best kept for protection purposes.


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Cats are almost every persons favorites. These feline creatures involve somewhat less care and attention than dogs. Cats are most independent animals but once attached to their owner, they require no less commitment. It is recommended to always buy a kitten so you can bond with it while helping it grow up into an adult cat. The most popular cats to keep as pets have been Persian, Siamese or Exotic Shorthair.


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Another furry fella, rabbits make for very good pets as they are social and playful and bond well with their owners. Rabbits come in many different breeds which one can adopt as a pet such as American, Belgian Hare, Blanc De Hotot and many others. They are not at all low maintenance though as they require utmost care and attention to detail. Once you have decided to adopt a rabbit as a pet, you need to play with them, train them and most importantly love them.


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Hamsters are popular rodents which you can keep as pets. These small creatures live about two years and relatively low maintenance pets. These rodents come in a variety of colours and breeds such as Chinese, Dwarf, Syrian and many others. They are fun loving and playful animals.


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Birds are a common choice to be kept as pets. These feathered creatures are highly intelligent and make great companions for people of all ages. Some birds can even learn to speak words and full sentences. Birds require minimal cleaning as they are hygienic and mostly clean themselves. Some birds even live up to a hundred years. They come in a variety of breeds to less expensive such as Canaries to more expensive like Macaw.


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A fish may be the perfect starter pet for a you, but not any fish will do. Types of fish which you can keep as pets include Gold Fish, Black Molly, Danios and many others. Fish do not require physical interaction which is why they are relatively easier to take care of. On the other hand, fish do require a proper environment in which they need to survive such as an aquarium which would remind them of their underwater home. Having a big aquarium means you can keep various different kinds of fish as pets.