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App Ke Liye – Episode 02!

Ohkay so, this episode of App Ke Liye didn’t offer much but it established the grounds for what is yet to come. May be because the characters & the situations have been there, seen that written all over them, that’s why nothing seems promising at this stage of the drama even though it is quite early to form an opinion about it, but sadly, the typicality is making it look a bit too predictable but I hope the characters give us something to look forward to in the episodes that are yet to come.

Arsalan proved that he is a wuss, that’s why like I predicted in the last review, he ended up asking Washma for help as he knew that that his decision will cause a dent in his sister’s life. He knew that Washma was the only person who could help him in this situation as she was mature enough to understand his predicament, despite being engaged to him. It was actually quite bad to see Washma facing such a situation because she was at a happy place in this relationship. I must say, all the emotions of Washma were conveyed brilliantly, like she went from being ecstatic to shocked to furious to disappointed in no time & then eventually, she bounced back in a jiffy too as she realized that what Arsalan said made sense because he wasn’t in love with her, so there was no point that this marriage would bring happiness to either of them.

Maryam continued to spew venom against Washma because like any typical bhabhi, she deems her brother as the innocent goat & sees Washma as a cunning predator. It didn’t take her a second to accept that Washma was dating someone else, whereas she should’ve been sure that Washma could never two-time her brother as she never went out with him in the first place. Washma might be adventurous & boisterous but so far she has always followed a strict routine when it comes to her daily life, so I am sure she never did something to give her brother & his wife a reason to doubt her!

Shaheer ended up divorcing his wife because his sister told him to. The conversation that followed actually seemed a bit unconvincing because Shaheer happens to be a mature & calculative person, I know he was emotionally week at that moment but like they suggested, this entire course of divorce was being stretched for an year or so, so I don’t think there was anything left in this for Shaheer to be emotionally attached to, which made him so reckless to confess that he was getting married in a week’s time only to get back at his ex-wife because she suggested that she was ready to move on in her life too.

Nishat was over the moon at the news of Shaheer’s divorce because she actually scored a win against Abeera. It is obvious that she was the one who didn’t let Abeera settle in her marital life but I am sure she doesn’t know what future has in store for her. I don’t understand why Nishat is so over-possessive about her brother, so much so that she doesn’t want to share him, even with his spouse? What good does it do to her?

Anyways, the note at which the episode ended actually was what this entire episode set the base for. Shaheer & Washma came across each other at such a time when they both hit the rock bottom & were emotionally shattered. The divorce actually took a toll on Shaheer more than expected & then Washma gave him the details of her life too, in order to let him know that there was always another way to deal with such painful things too. I like Washma’s approach on life, she is care-free yet she is emotionally so strong that she knows she can overcome any such obstacle that comes her way, which is actually refreshing to see.

Overall, this episode was decent but what I liked the most was the focus on Washma’s side of the story. Arij Fatima acted brilliantly especially in the scene where Washma gives Arsalan a piece of her mind after he tells her about Saniya, I am sure it wasn’t an easy thing to do since it was a continuous scene which had to be done in one take, at times even Asad Siddique fell flat there but Arij Fatima carried it brilliantly. I hope that the episodes that are yet to come give us something that will actually make us look forward to the entire journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of App Ke Liye!

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