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Are you excited for O21?

O21 is Pakistan’s first spy-thriller movie. directed by Jami, co-directed by Summer Nicks and produced by Zeba Bakhtiar & her son Azaan Sami Khan.  The word spy-thriller is enough to be excited for it but there are many other reasons as well:

 It is the first Pakistani film to be released in 22 countries simultaneously including the United States, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

1. Experienced actors:




The actors are experts in their fields. We have seen them setting the screen on fire before, specially Ayub Khoso and then Shaan whose Waar was a super-hit, will return to the silver-screen.


2. Shan-Shamoon duo:

This duo was at its best in Waar. Their scenes were a treat to watch and there was a really good chemistry between them. Shamoon’s Ramal was a very interesting villain different from the regular ghundas we get to see.

garr maan 3


3. The trailers:

The promos are exciting and full of thrill. They, thankfully, did not disappoint me. The promos have definitely increased my interest. The editors did a good job by giving us the complete essence of the movie.


5. The storyline:

I will not give away anything here. The story involves Afghanistan and the turmoil it is facing. There are some alliances and some discord along the thrilling action-packed path which is, Operation 21.

The CIA factor is also compelling me to watch the movie.




6.  The posters:

One word for them. Awesome! Just by looking at the posters you can realize how deep the characters are. The color combo is perfect and so is the wardrobe.


garr 5





We’ll get to see some new actors as well.





7. The promotional pictures:









Just 3 days left until O21 releases. It will be released on first day of Eid-ul-Azha.





Areeba Mohsen