Ary News Has Been Issued A Warning From Twitter For Speaking Up On Kashmir

Ary news network has received notice by Twitter on highlighting kashmir issue this has been tweeted by Chairman Ary network Salman Iqbal earlier this morning. He has raised the question about the freedom of speech as it is the west who are biggest advocate of freedom of speech but they seem to posses it only for cruel as we see a lot of indians and indian channels do war mongering. Priyanka is biggest example of spreading the terrorism through Twitter.
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Previously Zaid Hamid Zaman, Sami Khan and Nabeel Qureshi ‘s twitter accounts have been shut down only on the pro kashmir tweets, which were reopened later on but it is a shame that such big Applications are controlled by terrorists like RSS and Narendra Modi.
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They think that such tactics will supress our voice, it is not like that we will keep on raising voice for kashmiris.
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Faysal Quraishi has also retweeted the status of Salman Iqbal along with same question that where has the freedom of speech gone.


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