ARY’s Shadi ki Bahar (شادی کی بہار)

The morning shows of various channels cover a variety of subjects and one of the popular subject is the shaadi (wedding). As far my limited knowledge this trend was first started by Dr. Shaista Lodhi when she hosted the morning show of ARY Digital some six seven years ago.

But whoever started this trend it turned out to be so successful that nearly all the morning shows hosts (apart from few exceptions like Nadia Khan, Farah Saadia, Juggan Kazim) also have to follow it for the sake of high TRP.

Following the same trend in a new way (old wine in a new bottle) now two channels are collaborating to celebrate what claimed as the biggest wedding of the Pakistan. These channels are ARY Zindagi and ARY Digital. ARY Zindag’s morning show Salam Zindagi‘s team and host Faisal Qureshi will be larke wale (لڑکے والے) while ARY Digital morning show Good Morning Pakistan’s team and host Nida Yasir will be larki wale (لڑکی والے). This whole wedding will be a live telecast starting from 2nd May 2016 at 9 AM SHARP on both the channels ARY Zindagi and ARY Digital. It will be interesting to see that who are the bride and groom for this wedding.

The official facebook page of these morning shows describes it as

Shaadi ki Bahar!
Shuru hone ja rahi hai Pakistan ki Sab se Bari Shaadi 2 channels per ek saath heart emoticon Starting 2nd May 9:00 am (LIVE)

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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali