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Mor Mahal – Episode 02!

Ohkay so, it seems that they are going to take things slow & will expose the important aspects about all the characters gradually. I think we all should get used to the comparatively slow pace but I definitely don’t mind that as there’s so much more to explore & find out that it is unfolding like a puzzle that will be solved as the story will progress.

Banki has pledged her loyalty to Meher Bano, that is why she is ready to do everything that Meher Bano demands & orders. Meher Bano is definitely not ready to give up on Kabeer (Zahid Ahmed) just yet & she is hopeful that he will return & might as well rescue her from this hell hole. Meher Bano can not bring herself to a stage where she will become a wife of Asif Jahan & for that, she doesn’t even mind sacrificing Banki’s pride. Banki knows that there’s nothing that she will say will make Meher Bano give up on what she has decided for herself, therefore, the only option that she is left with is going by what Meher Bano is suggesting. I am sure when the time will arise, Meher Bano will never back Banki as much as Banki will back her because Meher Bano is quite manipulative & she will definitely make sure that she doesn’t fall in an awkward position at all & if that happens, she won’t even think for a second before putting all the blame on Banki easily.

So, Farrukh Zaad alias Wazeer Begum is the first cousin & first wife of Asif Jahan & she is a mother of Asif’s Jahan’s son & the heir of his throne Taimur as well. Farrukh Zaad seamlessly brought Asif Jahan to her & made him feel guilty for ignoring her. Farrukh Zaad definitely knows how to play with Asif Jahan’s Achilles heel, also, she knows that she is not like other wives of Asif Jahan who might be dependent on him. Farrukh Zaad owns half of what falls under the ownership of Asif Jahan & that is why she is well aware of the power she holds. The subtle threat that she threw at Asif Jahan explained that she is one of those who do not like to be defeated & will never settle for anything less than a victory. Farrukh Zaad couldn’t tolerate the idea of Asif Jahan spending some time with Meher Bano & more than that, she had a score to settle with Badshah Begum, that is why she played her cards well & succeeded effortlessly in her mission.

Badshah Begum really thought that she had everything under control & Asif Jahan abided by her orders but she was disappointed to find out that nothing went according to her plan & Farrukh Zaad earned a point this time around. Badshah Begum is well aware of the deception Farrukh Zaad is capable of, therefore she was disappointed in Asif Jahan that he couldn’t comprehend his wife’s intentions properly.

I must say I am not sure if Shola Jaan & Dilbar’s scenes are added to evoke a comic relief because I felt there was a little too much coverage given to them than required. Also, both of them look more like caricatures that is why it is hard to take them seriously thinking they have a substantial role to play in the future because till now they are only seen gossiping about the events taking place in Mor Mahal. Shahista is true to her position & Farrukh Zaad definitely has earned herself a very loyal servant who is ears to all her problems & is a wall confining all her secrets. Not sure if Shahista does it out of her duty or she is loyal because she actually feels for Farrukh Zaad. I think out of all the servants, her character has stood out the most & I am looking forward to the contribution she’ll make to the story. It was interesting that before anyone else, Akhtari could see that Badshah Begum’s wish wasn’t materialized by Asif Jahan & she was defeated by Wazeer Begum this time around. Looks like Asif Jahan will be out of Mor Mahal for a while once again & he won’t be aware of the things that will transpire behind his back in his palace.

Overall, this episode was slow paced but was definitely interesting. However, I must say that there was a lot of focus & a lot of conversations dedicated to ‘shab-e-uroosi’ as if the only motive of Asif Jahan’s being was that. I really hope that Badshah Begum is faced with some other challenges that her focus (read fixation) from Asif Jahan’s ‘shab-e-uroosi’ is deviated. I really think that more than anyone else, Jana Malik has really stood out & has done justice to her character. Even though she is playing a supporting character & I really can’t explain what makes me say that about her character but she really has done an amazing job. Umair Jaswal was convincing as Asif Jahan once again & I am glad that in such a women-centric drama, they hired such a strong male to play the lead role as his presence is definitely not going to get overshadowed by so many females around him. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mor Mahal.

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Zahra Mirza.

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