Asim Azhar’s Message to His Followers To Stop The Negativity

Asim Azhar wants people to stop being negative.

feature 8Hate and negativity towards celebrities have increased. They get bashed for anything they do whether positive or negative.

Pakistani celebrities are also the target of hatred. They get hate sometimes for no absolute reasons. Well, nobody can stop these judgemental people no matter how much you suffer from their abuse.

Asim Azhar is one of those celebrities who gets criticized for his work. He is often called as Parchi for his work in Coke Studio.

Asim azhar

Recently Asim Azhar took to Twitter to share a piece of advice for everyone.

Asim tweeted:
“Yo it’s 2019. Let’s please chill with the negativity & hatred. I don’t get how one can sleep at peace, knowing their remarks could hurt a human or possibly more.”

He also wished that people learn to ignore things which will make this world a better place to love.

We can’t agree more with Asim’s message. Let’s start working on this to make this universe a better place to live.

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