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Opening Thoughts – Reveal It Please:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb focused more on the personality of Sameer & all the emotions that he was experiencing. I feel even though this drama has had a mysterious vibe, which has worked in its favor, I feel they have prolonged it for a bit too long. Giving hints about the main character for over 14 episodes is quite a stretch & they should now reveal the full story because I am not sure how long will it be able to hold my interest if they’ll continue to talk in subliminal messages about Sameer’s character or his personality!

All About Sameer:

This episode showed how not only Gauhar but her family had a high regard for Sameer. Sameer has helped them in the most difficult times, he has helped them financially & has taken care of Gauhar at such a stage too, therefore they now feel they know all about him & that he is a saint. Gauhar has seen him & she has also started to feel that she understands him, that is why she kind of has a soft corner for him in her heart. Gauhar assumes she knows about Sameer a bit too well, going by the way she has seen him treating her, that is why she thinks she has no reason to believe the rumors about him.

Sameer has started finding himself getting a bit too concerned for Gauhar. When it comes to Gauhar, Sameer finds himself helpless & he gets restless if something happens to her. He is not ready to admit it just yet that he has fallen for Gauhar. Yes, he has a lot of respect for her & appreciates her dedication that she shows towards her job but on his own, he does like her a lot but is too scared to admit it. Sameer has a lot of inhibitions & even though he can not face Sameera, he is also scared that this secret won’t be taken well by Gauhar. Sameer fears getting exposed & this is the main reason why he is not ready to himself come to terms with the fact that he has fallen for her. What I find the most interesting thing about Sameer’s track is that they have shown him as a nice & compassionate human being but he is unfortunately a victim of circumstances & his step-mother has played a huge part in that, so now he is stuck with this personality disorder, which gets in his way all the time & hinders him from being the best version of himself as much as he wants to.

Jahangir ran away like a coward & his parents tried to do the damage control. Obviously, the last thing they want is Jahangir getting arrested by the police but finally, Gauhar’s parents have done something that parents should do, which is to take a stand for their daughter. They are not going to back out & Gauhar father plans on getting Jahangir punished, good going! Gauhar’s mother once again behaved like a silent spectator, I mean so much has happened but still she didn’t find the courage to call spade a spade? Sorry but such helpeless & hopeless women make such miserable characters & I don’t like her one bit!

Zoya’s cousin Saima is doing what she thinks is right, she not only wants to expose Sameer but she wants to get in contact with Gauhar too. Saima thinks Gauhar will be able to confirm the things Saima wants answers for, since she & her friend have picked up on the fact that Sameer is going out of the way for his employee named Gauhar. Even though it was unexpected but I liked how coincidentally, Saima was right there when Bushra was thanking Sameer for being such a big help to Gauhar & her family, this further proved Saima’s point that Sameer & Gauhar did have a strong bond

Sameer’s stepmother knows how to put up a show. She poses that she feels a lot for her son & that she has his best interests but she knows how to push all the wrong buttons. Sameer’s step mother is the main reason why I feel Sameer hasn’t been able to lead a normal life. It is unfortunate but even Sameer knows that his mother is responsible for what he is going through but because he can not get rid of her, he has come to terms with her & the relationship that they share. As much as I get to know Sameer’s step mother & learn more about her character, I feel a certain kind of sympathy for Sameer because she is one the main reasons why Sameer has had issues right from the beginning – from the moment when she walked into his life. I somehow wish they had also shown Sameer’s father in the picture too, like it is kind of a missing puzzle that the man who was responsible from bringing this woman in Sameer’s life was so detached or out of the picture that he was not concerned about his only son? Like didn’t he ever bother asking his young child Sameer whether he was getting along fine with his mother? Sameer’s step mother is evil but it is understated & it is interesting to see it that way!

The hospital scene of Gauhar & Sameer was my favorite. Gauhar has started to realize that there’s so much that Sameer wants to say, there’s so much that he has on his mind. Is Gauhar seeing Sameer differently too now, considering the fact that she has spent time with his step mother, so she kind of feels sorry for him knowing that he had to put up with a woman like her all his life? Or is it just based on the fact that she has spent enough time with him to feel something for him. Gauhar does understand that Sameer needs some emotional support, she knows he has dealt with a lot in his life & the fact that people have spread rumors about him doesn’t help him either, that is why she is trying to be nice to him, which was sweet. Gauhar has started a conversation finally, obviously it didn’t go well for the first time but there will come a time when Sameer will eventually grow comfortable enough to speak to her about what is on his mind!

Kashif & Dunia’s track was pretty much the same. Kashif is doing well in his job & it seems Dunia & Sameer have a business collaboration happening in the future, which means the chances of Kashif & Gauhar’s path crossing are highly likely. Let’s see!

Closing Thoughts – Zahid Ahmed Outdid Himself:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was nice but I do feel they should now reveal a bit more about Sameer because they have played a lot that too for a long time with the mystery quotient. All the actors are doing a great job but Zahid Ahmed surely has outdone himself yet again. I am not sure why but I found Gauhar’s mood a little off in this episode, like when she found out that her brother withdrew a huge amount of money, she was terrified to the point that she couldn’t even breathe & threw a fit,  but now when she had just dodged an acid attack, something so serious, she was smiling & chilling just so casually as if nothing big happened. Yes, it was nicely shown that Sameer made sure that she feels comfortable in a private hospital, getting proper treatment but some expression of fear or confusion was definitely needed when Sameer first walked in her room & she had just gotten treated. It looked like Gauhar was absolutely fine & the way she was behaving was as if she just stubbed her toe or something. Just a random thought that ran through my mind while watching this episode because after what had happened, they did not show Gauhar talking about it with anyone, neither Sameer nor Bushra, like no fear or anything. She behaved as if nothing happened which didn’t make sense. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • Nice review Zahra….what happened to drama jo tu chahay???main nay kahin parha hai k yeh drama band kar dia Gaya hai

  • I agree with everything stated above. I also get this feeling that the mother doesn’t really want Sameer to get normal. Maybe she’s afraid she’ll lose the bond they share coz right now she has his weakness and even then he’s not as dependent on her as she is on him. That’s why she keeps bringing things up whenever she senses he’s getting normal. If the writer here wants to convey that people around such person should treat him more normal and encourage him then I really appreciate the approach. Coz generally we do find people telling the person how miserable his life is. I like the drama overall.!
    And you’re right about Gauhar’s reaction. Too cool to believe.

  • I feel Gauhar has some other plans . She was having that flashback that her first husband will die and may be now that she knows Sameer’s weak emotional state she is thinking about using him? I know it does not go with her personality but just a thought.

  • Now a days dramas are using acid attacks to get more ratings . lashkara ,surkh chandani, hasad and now zahe naseeb , the first two highlighted the issue but in hasad and zahe naseeb they are showing acid attack as a mild event …. such a drastic social event shouldn’t be dealt like this.

  • I’m really enjoying the drama, but I too feel like by this point in the drama, the Sameer secret should be out. The suspense has been great, but now I just want the pieces of the puzzle to come together.

    Zahid Ahmed has really taken on the character of Sameer. His facial expressions are brilliant, he says something, but his mind is pre occupied with something else. And his mannerisms, well he has some female mannerisms, when he sits or stands or sometimes in his hand movements or even in the way his eyelashes slightly flutter. It really emphasizes the split personality. He has translated the character effortlessly.

    Please, just let us in on the secret!!

    I cannot make an informed decision on his step mother yet. Sometimes she seems so concerned about him and his disorder and other times she says something to disorientated him. I think its when she feels insecure but their relationship.

  • Hi Zahra, it was a wonderful and detailed review. Reminds me the whole episode in a glance. Hospital scene between Gauhar and Sameer, was also my favourite, and the reason is the way Sonya acts. She acted superbly there. She is finally concluded that Sameer is taking interest in her, but for her this feeling is not so exciting. She truly loved only one person, which is Kashif. Then Jahangir was her compromise and now Sameer is like a therapeutical approach to a person. That’s why her feeling you might find as dumb or dull. But u found a confidence in Sonya’s acting. I already shared my reservations about Zahid’s acting skill, so no comments now. But your observation about Gauhar’s cool reaction about a severe act of acid attack, was correct. No one, especially the person who got survived was not mentioning anything about the attack. Not worrying about the scars, post treatment prolong after effect or anger on the person who throw acid on her. Everything cool was the odd part.

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