Ayesha Omar’s Gorgeous Outfits From Burning Man

Ayesha Omar is spotted at Burning Man. It is an event which is held in the western United States. At Burning Man, the community explores various forms of artistic self-expression, which are created to be enjoyed by all participants.

Ayesha Omar’s attire stole the show. From her jewelry to her styling, everything was on point. She posted her pictures from Burning Man.

Her caption reads:

“Me and my Jhanda bike, everywhere on the playa… this time with #rilli print choli and #jinnahcap inspired headpiece…. was an extremely Proud Pakistani that evening… so many burners stopped to compliment my ethnic outfits and ask where I was from… big love to my fellow artists who helped me create these mobile art pieces… (they know who they are)… I had several lovely conversations describing my roots and culture… many more to come.”




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  • Please keep your consumerism out of BurningMan. The author of this article clearly doesn’t get “it” and is not a member of our community. I hope you eventually take the time to learn and understand.

  • You totally violate the decommodification principles of Burning Man. Please do NOT post photos or advertise anything from Burning Man. This is a disgrace to the ethos and this article should be removed.

  • Haha seriously sad how far off y’all are. Those outfits didn’t steal anything…way to violate the principles of )( and make yourself look silly like a manekin. #MakeShirtCockingGreatAgain

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