Ayesha Omer’s latest song “Don’t Gimme Gimme” Out!

Pakistani celebrities are no way behind when it comes to having talent and when we talk about multi-talented celebrities, Ayesha Omer is one of them. It is to noted that Pakistan is a country where almost every next singer has the ability to act, there are actors who are doing pretty good in the field of music. The model-turned-actor Ayesha Omer has been enjoying a huge fan following for her exceptional acting in a comedy sitcom “Bulbulay” and for the role of Sara in “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” and now she is again ready to gain further attention with her latest song “Dont Gimme Gimme”, which is  duet song and holds all the pop ingredient to make it a disco-favorite number.

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From the lyrics to the beats, costumes and the shoot, the video is overall glamorous enough to enjoy critics and appreciation from the audience at the same time. 

Enjoy the Video Song and share your views about it !


Nida Zaidi

  • Rose

    the song is not bad but I don't like that she's wearing those clothes and showing her legs.

    • nida_zaidi

      You have spoken my words Rose, Even I found the track interesting but her clothes….. :s

      • asad

        really ?? her clothes are fine… well the song is okay she had done good job in past!

  • hamnah

    I don't like it, the video is very vulgar. I hope Ayesha doesn't follow Veena Malik's footsteps

    • Naina

      sahy kaha.. buhat hy fuzool video hai

    • asad

      there is nothing vulgar in this video !!! u guys sucks …atleast dont compare her with veena malik she is far more better than her.

      • Talia

        oh please if you don't find this cheap and vulgar then you need to get you eyesight tested.. this is completely not what pakistani culture is all about.. duniya main to yeh sb kaam ker leti hain ye actresses but may be they have forgotten k Allah SWT k samnay bhi yehi munn le ker jana hai.. Be it Veena malik, meera or Ayesha Omer

  • King QURESHI

    yr kuch arse baad Pakistani culture PAKISTANI nhi rahe ga ……………….. agreed with hamnah & rose

  • hammad

    what the hell…… the video is totally sucks …………. paindu singer………… only the voice girl is really good

  • SBK

    The video SUCKS!! What's up with all those stupid girls?? and especially that one girl dancing stupidly!! Ayesha's voice is nice, otherwise totally idiotic video.

    • nida_zaidi


  • bilal

    totally vulgar .. shame on you Ayesha omer ..

    • alihamza

      stut up

  • Usman Zafar

    Nice song but fool video…

  • Anonymous

    Oh God… Ayesha omar i thought u were decent :/

  • momi

    ufff toooo vulgar video

  • hurriya

    again clothes issue :/
    song is gud buh video is quit disappointing

  • nadia

    vulgur video

  • zobia tabassum

    fazo00lll :/

  • Cherryblossom

    I always thought ke ayesha umer thori modern thi…………………….. BUT this is just TOO much, those shameless american women and whoever was that man, both are the reason this video is so unpolular and being criticized..
    Ayesha I DIDN"T EXPECT THIS FROM U!!!!!!!!!!

    • asad

      come on you are saying like she is nude in this video … u guys sucks really

      • aaexha

        han bs usi ki qsar thi… baqi to sb pura ho gya a is video mn :O

  • ateeq

    nice song

  • sadaf

    Sach a vulgar video AYESHA

  • Killer

    just Msic nothing else whole video Nyc editing for Music huh

  • sadaf

    Sach a Vulgar song ..Ayesha Omer ..!!!

  • Amara

    If I forget the clothes and just treat it as any music video and not pakistani. It is still really bad because the girls can't dance. It looks like they were chosen because they were just at the location and were White people. Uff the guy looks so stupid. Ayesha can sing though.

  • Hammu

    Why is she wasting her talent? I don't judge peole through their clothes But still Ayesha, what is this? And let's just not blame it all on Ayesha.That cow singer? What is wrong with him? I enjoyed Khamoshi very much and used to listen to it everytime.Her voice isn't bad at all but she isn't finding the right opportunity to express her talent.I wish she does.

  • tehmeena

    ayesha u r such gud actress plz stop following veena.ur voice is very nice u dont need any other singer in ur song.plz try to promote pakistani culture thiz is nt us.u r not showing urself u r showing us all pakistani girls.plz apne haaton apni image n apni respect mat loose karo.

  • fatima


  • wafa khan

    bekar song bekar video and anso bekar and ghatiyaaaa ayesha omer……………..

  • Asad

    ayesha omar has done better job in past this one is okay not good. she can do better and we know this . her last song khamoshi was really superb from her vocals to video. well doesnt matter we know she can do better and she will do better. bad things happens and one learn from that. wish her best of luck for her next song ,hope she will bring somrthing good.and btw this video is not vulgar !!! really

  • zoe


  • Sumayya Ayyan

    Insane Dance; Cheap Dressings; Over-acting; Totally Vulgar; Again Dressing Controversy; Nothing like Pakistani Culture; Only music and lyrics are GOOD! What the hell is wrong with our people? We are supposed to cover ourselves (talkin’ about women here) cox’ a woman is considered the Queen of the Muslim Society and we are adopting Western Culture here? Even I myself cover my whole body….It’s not that I am saying it because I’m too proud or something….It’s just that I respect my Prophet (S.A.W.W); My Religion; My Identity; My Country; My People; And everyone else in my life….And I would never want that the people of my country adopt another culture cox’ we should be proud of our Faith and we should be steadfast in our BELIEF!! I wouldn’t say anything else cox’ i’m only left with Dua for the people of our country! I pray that May Allah (S.W.T) give guidance to all the people of our country as well as the non-muslims! Really disappointed! Honestly!

  • asad

    nice clothes collecting and nice song i like that song and ayesha omer too

  • bazla khalid

    song is good but video is very bad,kuch to sharam kr lo ayesha umer

  • mani


  • ghani

    very good song
    pakistan singer making a new good song

  • furqanhabib

    One cannot possibly get any cheaper models

  • ahmad

    cheaper kurriyan wernt available guyx…wrna iss se b sasti or ghatiya models aatin…..song is nyc as well as video…but jo fazool or cheap dance tha….!!!…disguistinggg -_-

  • Saima

    ye song ga rahi hai ya mazak kar rhi hai…annie ki naqal karne ki try kar rhi hai lakin kamyiab nai o rhi

  • salman

    is it pak song??Ayesha umer ki voice achi hy..but very cheap video

  • aaexha

    video, ki koi had nai thi :/
    n ye ayesha se zada us male singer ka song lg ra tha … infact feat. lg ra ra tha… ayesha ki kuch e lines.. bqi sara to usi ne gaya a :/
    3/10 :O

  • angel_neon

    is this a pole dance or what… those semi nude models and Miss Ayesha Omer appearance uiiiiii disgusting..

  • Noman

    song to bohat lash ha lakin video bohat he cheeaaaappppp πŸ˜›

  • myre


  • omer

    Song is good…aysha is looking owsum but the men yeeeewww

  • soch bdlo

    un tamam logo k jo in tamam lrkiyeo( showbiz wali) k barey mein yeh khayal rakhty hain k yeh shareef hain….yeh sb veena malik he jaise hain bus veena malik sey control nae hota..aur baki lrkiyea chup chup kr krti hain yeh kam……..!
    aur bdnasibi yeh hy hamari shareef behany b inky footsteps pr chlny lg gae ha jo in k apny nuqsan day ho ga…

  • naima

    cheap ayesha…pta nae iss k parentx b iss ko kuch naqi kehte hnge

  • laraib

    ayesha omer never expected this frm u SERIOUSLY WOMEN u r disgustingly vulgur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just bcuz of u people pakistan is going down other states think our pak country a piece of shit. u should be ashamed of urself NAAM ITNA PYARA LEKIN HARKATEN WAAH!!

  • KiYani

    Ayesha Omer kam az kam NAm ka lehaz ka detiii !!! yeh larki Mujhey Shoroo hee se Cheap LAgtiii hey YEh kasOOR ex ka nehin ex ka maaa baap ka hey !!

    Ayesha Omer Appp chand Dollar kea layen nude movie bi kar Saktiii ho

  • mahwash

    VRY NICE SONG nd ayesha umar looking vry gud.it cn be compared to any of international song nd video.

  • Truth Bites

    Cheap Video, Cheap Song, Cheap Paindu Singer, Cheap third class sluts as background models, cheap concept and above all CHEAP ayesha omar … i hate her red indian style face and big eagle kinda nose, her voice… she is a paki slut anyway so why so shocked ? she also had sex with that fat singer when they were shooting this video abroad. now swallow that truth.

    • bakhtawarmalik

      Shut up
      beware next time

      • xyz

        how can u say all that ??? do u have any proof?? dont try to judge someone .. OKAY????

  • pure love

    agr ayesha ko western culture ki dressing krni thi tou karleti but in a decent way k kam az kam purey legs nahi dekhty, … and the background dancers were dancing like sluts. i disliked the video,and to be truthful as the fashion advances i can understand people wearing capries and sleeveless but Pakistani women showing complete bare legs is certainly shamefull, infact nowadays brands like chinyere,khadi etc, all there models shows there legs,i mean our country represents islam, and even if we are advancing doesnt mean that one day we will be walking nude?!!

  • Nash

    Ayesha is not following Veena but she is like this as her ownself……& if u say tht her parents dont say anything to her tou i think kay agar maa baap bachon ko pehli galti par nahi roktay tou phir baad main kisi bhi galti par roknay kay kaabil nahi rehtay…….good song but disappointing video….

  • Anoushayy

    You're just trying too hard to get in the music industry. While you could've just worked on your acting career instead. Am not gonna compare you with anyone. Just an opinion, no hard feelings. However, you could've chosen a simple concept, background (whatever you may call), and a simple VIDEO. I would not criticize about the clothes or the people you were in. I'll only say, make sure if you make something, if it is to be watched, it should be watched comfortably with the whole family, if ever they sat together. But anyways, I stopped watching the video before hitting 1 minute.

  • Dye

    "Tayree vargee ikk na WHORE kurray"


  • alihamza

    ayesha was nice and i love her voice but that background woman should not be there other i love ayesha omer songs

  • sumbalsawera

    ayesha ur voice is beautiful but ur clothes ur song background and girls are not good.

  • Amna

    good song but the girls are the back