Salma Agha’s Daughter, Sasha Agha Makes her Debut in Yash Raj Film “Aurangzeb”!

Salma Agha is one of those senior celebrities who still shine much brighter than the new ones if we judge the two on the basis of talent and work been done so far. How amazing is the fact that just like other celebrities, Salma Agha’s daughter is now all set to rock the entertainment industry , following the footsteps of mother and will soon be seen on screen showing her acting and singing skills like Mum. Sasha Agha, belonging to a historic family in the field of acting and Music is now making her debut as an actress in Yash Raj’s “Aurangzeb” across the border.

The movie “Aurangzeb” is directed by a debutant Director Atul Sabharwal, and the cast consists of Arjun Kapoor, Sashaa Agha, Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh and Rishi Kapoor. The movie has a song “Barbadiyan”  which is also sung by Sasha and according to the spokeman of Yash Raj Films, Sasha has done justice with the song for her voice is really melodious.

While been asked about her experience in the field of acting and singing, Sasha showed her interest and revealed that she want to be like her mum. She said:

“I have learnt singing from my mom and I don’t plan to give it up because I am very passionate about it. I want to make a career in acting and singing simultaneously.

My great grand father was Jugal Kishore Mehra, who was Raj Kapoor’s uncle and married to famous singer Anwari Begum. My grandmother Nusrin Agha was a well-known singer as well. So in a way, I am the fourth generation singer in my family,”


Barbaadiyaan – Aurangzeb by dm_51435963bc703

The team is hopeful for the success of the film which will release on May 17.




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  • Looking forward for the film and her songs.

    Sasha agha belongs to talented and educated artist family. Sasha is a filmi name, her real name is Zara. She is daughter of Salma Aghar and famous Squash coach Rehmat Khan. She is a fourth generation singer and actoress as her mother, grand mother and great grand mother were all singer and actoress as well.

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